“Dear John” Letters

Record numbers during Vietnam War


A “Dear John” letter is one in which a fiancee or wife tells a soldier she is finished with him, often because she has met another man.

The final months of my Vietnam tour I was Charlie Troop 1/9th mail clerk. While performing those duties I recall delivering at least two “Dear John” letters; I’m sure there were many more…

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5 responses to ““Dear John” Letters

  1. Not many more, plenty more! It was the scourge of the war. It was the non-combatant wound that was hard to heal!

  2. usastruck

    Dennis, I take it you are referring to a personal experience…

  3. Glen

    I can remember a couple of guy’s in my outfit receiving a dear John..pretty sad…

  4. sam smith

    In 1968 I was a engineer on CH47 coming into a fire base, some guy got a Dear John and started going nuts and we were called off because he started shooting at everything. Dakto area 4th inf. div. She must have been some Liberal *itch.

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