A Few Good Men

Squad of Blues at helipad in Phuoc Vinh


Weaver, ?, Mike Milton, Pat Cadenhead, Frank Biesel

I took this picture while waiting for a Lift bird to pick us up before being inserted on a recon mission.

Specialist 4 Mike Milton (center) carried the M-60 machine gun for the Blues. Mike’s heroic actions while on a recon mission were pointed out on page 89 of T.L.Criser’s book “The Ghost In The Orange Closet”. Tom Criser carried the radio (Blue India) for the Blues just before I arrived in Country.

Typically, two squads of Blues flew out of Phuoc Vinh on two separate birds early each morning and headed north.

In an older entry (Mortar Attacks) I wrote about a close call down at the helipad. ‘Charlie‘ pumped some mortars at the airstrip one morning while we were waiting for our choppers. One of the rounds landed just on the other side of the red barrel in this picture. Not a good way to start your day…

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