1st Air Cavalry in Vietnam

“First Team”


Late at night in March of 1970 our plane landed in Bien Hoa, Vietnam. From there we were bussed to 90th Replacement in Long Binh. It was there I received orders to report to C Troop, 1st Squadron, 9th Cavalry, 1st Air Cavalry Division.

If assigned to the 1st Air Cavalry Division, you were given a week of In-Country training before being sent to your new unit. This training was at the First Team Academy in Bien Hoa.

The 1st Air Cavalry Division entered the Vietnam War 50 years ago in 1965. The division’s colors and unit designations was transferred to the 11th Air Assault Division (Test), then at Ft. Benning, Georgia, in July, 1965. They began deploying to Camp Radcliffe, An Khe, Vietnam. The division perfected new tactics and doctrine for helicopter-borne assaults over the next five years in Vietnam.

The 1st Cavalry Division, popularly known as the “First Team,” was the only American division to fight in all four corps tactical zones. The bulk of the division began departing Vietnam in late April 1970, but the 3rd Brigade remained until June 1972. The 1st Cavalry Division was awarded the Presidential Unit Citation and “First Team” soldiers won 25 Medals of Honor, 120 Distinguished Service Crosses, 2,766 Silver Stars, 2,697 Distinguished Flying Crosses, and 8,408 Bronze Stars for Valor.

Charlie Troop 1st Squadron 9th Cavalry Regiment also arrived in 1965. Pat & Carol Bieneman will be hosting a Special Reunion June 30th through July 3rd in Columbus, Georgia honoring the men from Charlie Troop, Headquarters, and Headquarters Troop and Delta Troops.


The First Cavalry Division (Airmobile), 1965

1st Air Cavalry casualties in Vietnam
5,444 Killed in Action
26,592 Wounded in Action

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9 responses to “1st Air Cavalry in Vietnam

  1. WADE


    • Gary Hatfield

      I, also, was in 11th G.S.AVN CO. Phouc Vinh from Sept ’69- end of May ’70 when I was medivacqued after being crushed under an overturned duece-and-a-half. I transferred into the unit as an OJT doorgunner on a Huey, flew for three months, then was driver and a “Gook Honcho” for six months with my own female Vietnamese sand-bag crew. Wade, we may have met over there. My hoochmates and I had a real cool sign made to hang over our door. “Pot Platoon”–complete with flowers and peace sign.

      • Wade/Linda Hedges

        I was in charge of weapons for the green line perimeter, was there at night to issue m60 and m79, and returned in th a.m. when they were turned in. Where are you located now? I retired in 1988 and have been in Virginia since 1976.

      • Gary Hatfield

        I’ll never forget guard duty on that green line. Staring thru the Starlight Scope. . . imagining movement with that eerie green image. Never had to fire the 60, but I remember having my hand on the “phu-gas” switch. They had a “duster” (twin 40mm gun on a track) parked not far from my hootch. That made a real racket when it let loose. I think I was with Hqtrs Co, and I drove my duece and a half for “Top”, our company’s ranking NCO. I hauled the Sgt of the Guard and troops to the green line when on alert. I got hurt bad, ended up with a disability retirement, and I live in the San Bernardino Mtns of So Calif.

      • Welcome Home Gary…

  2. We were in the 1/26th Infantry, 1st. Infantry Division at Phouc Vinh for some time. At least during Oct. 1966 to Oct. 1967; because I was in A Company there.

  3. Kenneth R Stuber

    I was with the 1stcav 1st 77th arty out of fsb buttons 10-31-69 to 1-21-70 was one of their combat medics wounded 1-21-70

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