Charlie Troop 1/9th

1st Air Cavalry Division

Charlie Troop, First Squadron, 9th Cavalry was 100% mobile and made up of three platoons, aero scout platoon (White), aero weapons platoon (Red) and aero rifle platoon (Blue).

Charlie Troop jeep next to orderly room

1/9th headquarters, Phuoc Vinh (Camp Gorvad)

Sign painted by Jim Delp (HQ Troop 1/9th, 1969)

1/9th Commanding Officers, 1970
Major Galen Rosher (Charlie Troop CO) front row far right

Charlie Troop CO, Col. Rosher, XO Tietenburg and crew

MAJ Galen Rosher ‘Cavalier 6′ was C Troop 1/9th Commanding Officer 12/10/69- 06/24/70.


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3 responses to “Charlie Troop 1/9th

  1. My name is Frank D Ezzo I am the combat engineer who was dumb enough to be on a d-5 dozer and flatten the top of Nui Ba Ra mountain to make LZ Thomas in Jan 1970

  2. Josh Durran

    Hi does anyone have anymore information/ pictures on the jeep me and my dad have just got one 🙂
    All the best

    Josh Durran
    United Kingdom

  3. bob walker

    Don’t see any pics of me burning shit mixed with diesel in half-55-gallon drums. When me and every other grunt were in our base camp we were assigned duties stirring and breathing this mixture as it burned. Even when it wasn’t your turn, the smoke drifted into everyone’s hooch or tent. I’m happy Iraq and LeJune vets are due compensation beyond any VA disability benefit they may receive. How about us viet nam shit burning vets for our rashes, HBP, and breathing and related blood problems?

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