Phuoc Vinh Village

The Vietnamese People Continue their Traditional Way of Life

Phuoc Vinh firebase (Camp Gorvad) was next to the Village of Phuoc Vinh. Of course, that’s how it got its name.

When I arrived in Phuoc Vinh in March of 1970, we were allowed to go down to the village and hit the bars. My first time was with a couple of fellow Blues, and I got totally wasted on a Vietnamese beer called “33”. I remember holding a bottle of “33” up to a light, and you could see all kinds of stuff floating around in the bottle. That was my first and last encounter with “33”.

About a month later the village was off limits to GIs because of the violence…


Many of the Village People worked at our Phuoc Vinh firebase next to their village.

Oxen pulling a wooden cart was a familiar sight.

One of the few cars I saw in Vietnam.

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Photo courtesy of Ron Kidder
Ron was with the 720th Military Police attached to The 1st Infantry’s M.P. Company stationed in Phouc Vinh during Operation Junction City in 1967.

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Photo courtesy of Ron Kidder


Looking down towards the market from the main gate
Photo courtesy of Ron Kidder


Holding cell at 1st M.P. Quarters
Photo courtesy of Ron Kidder

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Main gate
Photo courtesy of Ron Kidder

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M.P.’s from the 720th M.P. Battalion TDY during Junction City
Photo courtesy of Ron Kidder

securedownload-1 copy

Market Place
Photo courtesy of Ron Kidder


The Hero Bar which sat just outside the main gate
Photo courtesy of Ron Kidder


This young lady worked at the Venus Bar
Photo courtesy of Ron Kidder


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164 responses to “Phuoc Vinh Village

  1. Ron McMillan

    Do you remember the rocket attacks that occured in mid march of 1970? I think it was the 12th or 13th.
    SSG 13th Signal Bn

    • usastruck

      I arrived in Country March 19, 1970.
      I just missed that one…

      • I think my father was with the 13th…..His name is Louis Ceccarelli. He was a crypto man…..Trying to find anybody who knew him in-country….

      • Darrel A Peaks

        I was with the 13th Signal Bn, 1st Cav. My 2nd tour in August of 1970. Crypto was just down the road. I was one of the Motor pool mechanics Sneaky Peaks aka Ratman.
        I knew some of the crypto guys, can’t say I remember your Dad, knew most guys by nicknames. Pictures of the time he was there always helps.

    • Craig

      I was in the 595th signal co in the 1st/9th aera. We used to go over to your mess hall for midnight chow. We got hit frequentley. I was transfered to Lai Khe. Returned to Phouc Vinh a few months later. Must have been just after the attacks you are refering to. I found out that the village had been made off-limits because of a problem that occured there.


      P.S. We ate at your mess hall all the time after ours burned down.

      • Fred thibodeau

        Craig I was 595 36th sig battalion.July 69 August 70

      • Wayne DeCillis

        hello, was with 595th sig, white platoon at phouc vinh from may 69 till
        nov 70. was on bunker 49 when messhall burnt, remember numerous rckrt attacks including hanger hit. being there was the most intense experience of my life, not counting the death of my youngest son in a care accident

      • Len Doty

        Hey guys i was with the 595th at Laikhe 1970-1971. I am in contact with others that was there from 68, 69, 70, 71, 72. Good to hear someone else was with 595th Sig. Welcome home.

      • Sam matias

        Hi brother, I served with the 13th Sig Bn, September 68-April 70 at phouc vinh. Yes we got hit and lost a few guys February 69. Stay safe live in Chicago more dangerous then Vietnam. Sam matias

      • Henry Clendaniel

        Sam Henry Clendaniel here was station at Phuoc Vinh From May 70 to around Oct 70 then sent to Long Binh. Had a 31S3 MOS. Welcome home Brother.

      • Len Doty

        We had a platoon there also. Did not know any of them. Just the guys at LaiKhe. We had rockets come in about once a week. Always trying to hit the Air Strip for the Helos.

    • Fred Thibodeau

      I remember because I had just gotten back from Hawaii R&R not long after.I was on duty that night at the commenter when the incoming started and we hit the bunker.We could hear the shrapnel flying into the building and over our heads,

      • Craig Stedman

        Yes, I have a 1969 595th Signal Company yearbook. I don’t know if this was something they did every year or if it was just a one-time thing. I remember one morning a Vietnamese was taking pictures of everyone and taking orders for these books. I have no idea where they were printed. It isn’t very good quality. There are pictures of everyone at Di an, Lai Khe and Phouc Vinh.
        I still have mine.


    • J David Bogue

      Oh yeah Ron. I was a pilot with Blue Max. Our hanger was hit and many buildings were affected. There was fear of a ground attack. I ran about helping with wounded.

      • Yep I am Mike Cole and I was in the Hanger a couple times when hit. Thank God for shipping containers with sand bags !! I Crewed Blood Sweat and Tears 68-15063 Welcome Home !!

    • Jim

      I remember being next to a Chopper Pad watching a movie on a bed sheet hung up on a sand bag wall. Rockets started coming in and several slicks were hit and a Rocket landed next to where we were sitting killing three and injuring 8 (I believe). Co “A” 2/7th Cav.

    • Rick Dailey

      It destroyed several of our Medevac ships. Mine was lightly shrapnel damaged

    • Eddie mcfarland

      I was with the 11GS Aviation co 01/69-01/70. I sure remember Phouc Vinh as being rocket alley. Wasn’t there for the particular attack mentioned but we sure had our share!

      • glenn e. taber

        i was with the 11th GS also apr.69 to Apr. 70 remember rocket attacks… mostly our fliteline but some near our sleeping… qts. did alot of bunker nights… my name Glenn Taber

    • Hi, on in Facebook to under samuel Matias a picture of a gorilla is my tag. So great to here from U. I resently posted a picture of my Puerto Rican friends from 13 th Signal. I always wondered about Granger after he was shot. He made it. I stayed in touch with Danny Haneys but then lost touch. I spent 24 years in the army and living in Chicago. Please come. It’s been over 50 years. God bless let’s stay in touch.

      • Darrel Peaks, Sneaky Peaks, Ratman

        Good Morning, looked you up on Facebook, went through a few before I found you, you have two, will send a Friend request or you send one this way. Do you remember John Brown, he’s on Facebook as well. Tried to locate Haynes, Shelby N. Carolina but no luck. Will let you know when I’m in Chicago next. God is Good, Have a Blessed Day Matias!

    • Samuel Matias

      Hi, I served with 13 th signal BN. 9-68 to 4-70, I spent 17 months in phouc vihn. When did you serve. I spent 24 years in the army and I’m retired in Chicago. Stay safe. Samuel

  2. Fred Thibodeau

    I too was in the 595th from July 69 to August 1970.Fred.

  3. bob stephenson

    I was there from 2/68 until 9/68 with D-Co. 2/506th Abn. Inf.- 101st Abn,
    it was our base camp, we would go out on missions for 2 to 4 weeks, come back for 2 to 3 days, pull bunker guard. In 8 months I never slept in our barracks, only the jungle and bunkers. After Phuoc Vinh we went to Camp Eagle and worked in Ashau,
    I do have some short super 8 movies I took of our base camp. I believe it used to be a rubber tree plantation owned by Michlein Tire, before we got there.
    Bob Stephenson

  4. George Bone

    I was in the 595th from 3/67 until the day big Tet started in 1/68, when i processed out at Lai Khe and went down to the 90th Replacement Co in Long Binh to head home. I was radio plt. In the 595 and spent a month in Phouc Vinh during summer ’67. We were supposed to set up a radio net with Di Anh, but that never happened. I went back to Di Anh a d then on to Lai Khe. I recall we ate in a nice chow hall, not our own, at Phouc Vinh.
    We were the only 595 personnel there at that time.

    George “Butch” Bone

  5. Wayne DeCillis

    was at phouc vinh may 69 till nov 70 with 595th signal co. worked in pcm bunker. wayne decillis

  6. Gene

    wonder if anyone on here was with me A co 1st 28th in 1966

  7. William Frazier

    Bill Frazier
    i arrived to Phuoc Vinh late October assign to the 595th signal co.white platoon, also was sent to lai khe for training. But before then in ole Phuoc Vinh where i encounter what it was all about got hit by motar aattack my first night there. went through them tet offenses met a lot of friends return the the states on novenber 7 1969

    • Wayne DeCillis

      I DID 18 MONTHS AT PHOUC VINH WITH 595th Signal Co. White Platoon. remember rockets thru hangers, mess hall burning etc. was there May 0f 69 till Thanksgiving day 70. recently have made contact with another
      guy that was there with me . Steve Dalryple. is there anyone else out there that was there at the same time. was in the Pcm bunker. like to hear from you

      • Craig Stedman

        I was in Phouc Vin in 1969. Was there a few months and then transferred to the Red Platoon at Lai Khe. Remained there till they redeployed the Big Red One. Then I was transferred back to Phouc Vinh. I remember the rockets hitting the 1/9 Cav’s maintenance hanger and the mess hall burning to the ground. I still have a 595th signal company year book from 1969. I still remember most of the faces and the names, but I have to look them up to put them together. Good to hear from you guys. Brings back a lot of memories.

      • Antonio Quidgley

        I was there with you. Antonio Quidgley



      • Welcome Home Roger…



      • Henry Clendaniel

        Ken I was with the 595 Signal from May 70 until they sent me to Long Binh. Henry Clendaniel is the name and I was a 31S30(tach crypto). was stationed with Gary Simpson, Dale Hall to name just a few. Sorry don’t remember the name but maybe could the face. Getting old sucks but it happens. LOL Welcome home and I hope all’s well.

    • I was in 595 signal in phuoc vinh in 1967 until 1968 I was 31m radio relay operator email me at

  8. Darrel Peaks

    I was there, 13th Sig Bn 1st Cav, Feb 69 Aug 70, Darrel Peaks aka Sneaky Peaks the Rat Man!

    • Darrel Peaks

      I took a Freedom Bird home in August of 70 so I missed the attack on the mess hall at the 13th Sig Bn. Glad you made it through. One of the mess hall NCO’s worked with me as a service officer assisting veteran in processing their claims to the VA. We still meet and talk. Good to here from you!

    • Louis Ceccarelli

      Hello, I am trying to find friends of my late father Louis Ceccarelli. He was a crypto man with the 13th I think but I know he was at phuoc vihn in 1970 – 71.

    • Samuel Matias

      Hi Darrel, I served with U in the motor pool, Sam Matias, remember Hines, I was with the Puerto ricans. remember Granger was accidentally shot on his side. I live in Chicago. like to hear from U.

      • Darrel Peaks

        Wow Good to hear from you Matias, I’ve got pictures of most of you guys that lived in the Crankcase 😃 was in touch with Granger a few years back, helped him get his service connected benefits increased. I’m a retired Veterans Service Officer. Remember P.R., Danny Haynes, Pillow, Brown, been in touch with Brown. I’m on Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Darrel A Peaks, Good to hear from you! My wife has Family in Chicago!

      • Louis Ceccarelli

        Hello….and thank you guys for all your service to this country….my name is Lou Ceccarelli and I am looking for someone who knew my father…his name also is Lou Ceccarelli, he might of went by “knute” or “chick”…

  9. Earl (Sam) Grimes

    2/20th Blue Max, Aug 1970 Rocket Attack hit our company hard, left lots of guys either wounded or dead. In the AM a quarter of our unit was gone. Our maintenance hangar was next to the 1st of the 9th’s hangar they were very large and lighted up at night. They were great targets for the VC and the hangar walls and roof looked like swiss cheese from all the mortars and rocket attacks. The lights also a attracted swarms of big ass flying beetles that would fill the hangar floor once they crashed (not fun walking on them).
    I served in Nam from Nov 69 to July 71 (Early Out) with my last nine months in lovely Bien Hoa as a door gunner with 229th 1st CAV.
    I hope all my bothers in harms way are doing well and God bless the fallen.

    • Craig Stedman

      I was in the 595th signal co at Phouc Vinh. As I remember, the 2/20 was behind us. They were living in field tents as they had no hooches and they used our shower. I left in April 1970 and this is the first I’ve heard about the attack in august. I would be interested in hearing more. Curious to know if any in our company were killed or wounded.

      • Earl (Sam) Grimes

        Hello Craig, You may have our Company mixed up with some other company. When I arrived to the 2/20 in Nov, 69 we had Hooches with sand bags about 8 feet high on the sides. I lived in one that was called the ZOO.
        Our Hooches were at the end of the runway to the right as aircraft departed, by the green-line. Maybe they were in tents before in got there. I’m sorry I don’t think I knew anyone from the 595th signal company. Take Care.

    • James M Broadnax

      I was there at phouc vinhfrom June 1970 to Feb 1971 I was wounded by morter on Aug

      • What unit did you serve with?


        Hello James I was with the 2/20 co B. And when they disassembled the unit I was transferred to the 229th. I was in country from 1969 to 71. While I was with the 2/20 I worked in armament with Gillmaster in the small hut on the flight. Unfortunately I can’t remember too many other names (senior citizen thing). I hope you’re doing well and welcome back. Sam

        Sent from my iPhone


      • ken winkler


    • Welcome Home Sam some names the night you speak of. Me Mike Cole, Bud Hannah, John Caldwell, Rodney Hedges, John Shortridge, Bill Kohler. I remember my Friend very well. God Bless Mike

      • Max Hosafros

        Mike, I remember all the names you listed, do you remember a guy named Deganhart ? I worked B Btry Motor Pool. Great hearing from someone from Gorvad. Take care and Welcome home, I think the two guys killed during the 11 Aug 70 rocket arrack was Ron Young from California and Warner from Iowa.

      • Max Hosafros

        The rocket attack was on 22 Aug 70 instead of 11 Aug 70. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Welcome home to all.

    • Wayne DeCillis

      remember that night well. peace wayne

  10. J David Bogue

    Earl, I was a young Blue Max pilot back then. Do you remember either Kenny Perkins or Kim Nelson?

    • Earl (Sam) Grimes

      Hello David, Nelson sounds familiar but I can’t remember. I do remember Capt. Shippy. I worked in the with Sargent Gillmaster in the armament containers next to the Big Hangar on the flight line. I was a 45J20 armament specialist. I would replace the barrels on the mini guns you pilots melted down LOL. I still stay in contact with a guy named Paul Macy who was in our unit (mechanic). I also spent some time in Loc Ninh repairing weapons and re-loading rockets on the AH-1 Cobras. Lots of red clay dirt on my face because of dust offs. Have you flown since Nam? Hope your doing well MR. or Sir David.

      • J David Bogue

        Earl, do you remember the Aircraft Maintenance Officer, a W3 named Shanks? We called him Chunker.
        Well mate we certainly brushed shoulders back then. Yes, I still fly helicopters, primarily in Australia & Papua New Guinea.

  11. looking for someone that served with me at HHC 8th Eng Battalion 1st Cav May 1970 to April 1971 I do not remember any of my Nam time Please help me

  12. Wm. Sponseller Jr.

    Tour in Phuoc Vinh September 1968 to September of 1969 with Charlie Battery of 6/27th Artillery.

  13. John Strickland

    Phu Bai 8th RRFS MACV Aug. 1967 to Aug. 68
    Tay Ninh 1st Cav., 2nd of the 20th Aug 68 to Aug 69
    Phuoc Vinh 2nd of the 20th Blue Max 31G40 commo sgt.
    I was also put in a tent in Phuoc Vinh when I arrived there. Had sand bags around the sides. I remember all the rubber trees. My last 6 months I was the greenline sgt. for our sector. I also remember a rocket attack while watching a movie outside one night. Anyone remember the date and movie?
    Ate some of the best shrimp I have ever had when I went into Phuoc Vinh.

      • John Strickland

        I had a friend with the 1st/9th there. All I remember was his name was Evan. I think he said he was from Calif. Used to hand out at his bunker.
        Don’t know if you might have known him. I had spent a year in Tay Ninh before coming to Phuoc Vinh in Aug. of 69. Left Vietnam in June of 70.

      • Darrel A Peaks

        Yes I remember the guy, he smoked a pipe, wanted to make sure he made it home.

      • John Strickland

        That’s what I’m trying to find out. He sent me a letter after I got back to the states, but I never heard from him again. I can’t remember the name of the other guy that shared the bunker. Small guy and really funny.

    • Wayne DeCillis

      hard to believe but once was watching the Green Berets outside in the 1/9th area when we got hit. took a few seconds the figure if it was the movie or reality. no idea on the date

      • John Strickland

        I just told my wife that I thought that was the movie we were watching. Like you said, took a few seconds to realize if it was the movie or reality. I thought I was watching it over at the 2nd/20th, but I did have some friends over at the 1st of the 9th…too long to remember.

      • Wayne DeCillis

        i was with 595th signal and our site was behind the hanger. signal tower, pow impound our nearest neighbors. really don’t remember the units idenity but was near the area of the guys who did the rat patrols every night and where all those guys got killed in their hootch near the new mess hall. that’s where i recalled the movie incident happening. its been so long as you said and at times now i sometimes forget my own name. i just remember trying the short period of confusion before everyone realized it was movie noise. peace wayne

      • Sam Grimes

        I remember watching the movie the Green Berets in the 2/20th outside theater and taking incoming and not being sure what was going on because the movie was loud. The projectionist was Bill Arksey, Who was also the commanding officer’s driver and ran the mail room.

      • Joe McGowan

        Wayne I was in Phuoc Vinh May 69 to April 70 as Crypto repairmen (KW-7). I lived in the 1st hooch from the road across from the POW camp. Do you remember or did you meet Cal Lewis the songwriter who was in our hooch? I have good memories of Vietnam. Have lots of pic’s.

      • Joe, if you would like to share some photos, send them my way. Welcome Home…

      • Wayne DeCillis


      • William Frazier

        William Frazier, I remember watching that movie in 69 the mess hall got hit a few of us from the 595th was there.

      • Max W. Hosafros

        I was with B Btry 2nd 20th ARA Blue Max, 1970
        I got their in Jan 1970 and remember hearing stories about the area getting a Morter / rocket attack during the showing of the movie Green Beret.
        Max W. Hosafros

      • Darrel Peaks

        Strange but the same thing happened when we were watching it at the 13th Signal Bn. Twilight Zone!

      • Bob Mayers

        Does anyone remember one of our guys being drunk or high on something and wanting to shoot a E5 or above. I had just received my spec5 and happened to be in the houch at the time. I want to thank all the other guys that talked him down or I may not be here today. As a matter of fact I am in Saigon right now visiting my son and family. They are working here. I won’t be able to get to Phuoc Vinh, it’s a 3 hour drive.
        Bob Mayers, Cryto repair 10/68 – 10/69.

    • John do you remember Mike Cole Bud Hannah? Welcome Home Brother

      • John Strickland

        Hi Mike, sorry but I don’t remember you or Hannah. I am better at remembering races than names. Maybe too long ago.
        Welcome home.
        John Strickland

      • John Brown

        No Mike I’m sorry I don’t but welcome home brother good to hear from you

  14. Wayne DeCillis

    realized it wasn’t movie noise. sorry for the misprint.

    • Darrel A Peaks

      There was a 122 that came in one Sunday morning that exploded at the far end of the motor pool, em and officers were playing volley ball near the motor pool repair shop, one of the mechanics took shrapnel in the upper left shoulder (Hyatt ). We all mechanics slept in the Crankcase, I named it, Darrel (Sneaky) Peaks, also called Rat Man. Zero Man drove the Turd Toaster.

      • John Brown

        Darrel I was in the 13th from June 69 – June 70 my name is John Brown. Was That Laval hyatt I believe from Utah. I remember the turd toaster. I am sure if I saw your picture I would remember you

      • Darrel Peaks

        I remember you Brown, as a matter of fact I’m looking at a picture of you in the Crankcase sitting on your bunk, you have a picture of your girlfriend/wife on a small shelf attached to one of the ammo cases we used to separate our living areas. . Yes it was Hyatt that took the shrapnel in the left shoulder if not mistaken when the 122 came in. It hit just past a piss tube at the opposite end of the motor pool. Some of the guys in our hooch was Hyatt, McCay, Pillow, Patterson, Hathaway, Granger, Haines, Lebron (P.R.), Matias, Old Man CO’s driver. Remember Lema Lema, Long was his last name can’t remember his first name. Volunteered to be a door gunner, was killed in action about three weeks after he left.

      • John Brown

        I remember all those names and I remember long but I can’t remember his first name now either Seems like he was from Bakersfield California I think. I do remember the 122’s played hell with us for a long time. What are you up to now Darrell

      • Darrel Peaks

        I’m a retired County Veterans Service Officer. I was retired from the Franklin County Veterans Service Commission in Columbus, Ohio after 20 years in 2012. Now living in Delaware, Ohio about 20 miles north of Columbus with my wife and an empty nest! Still assisting Veterans with their disability claims. Feel free to email me and I can send you that picture of yourself and one of me then and now. It’s Good to hear from You! I just saw one of the spoons who worked in the officers/Nco mess hall yesterday at the Columbus VA Clinic where he works as a DAV service officer, Henry Snodgrass, we shared VN photos. I’m also on Facebook.

      • John Brown

        I will reach you on facebook. I can’t tell you how excited I am to connect with someone from the 13th

      • John Brown

        Darrell I can’t tell you how exciting it is to be able to connect with someone from from that time and from our old unit I certainly would like to keep in contact with you so I will look you up on Facebook thank you so much for responding to my reply

    • John Strickland

      2nd/20th was the Blue Max Cobra unit next to the green line and hangers and ammo dump for the Cobras. I remember the ammo dump getting hit one night.

    • Craig Stedman

      I have told of this same incident several times. My memory may not be very good any more. As I remember we were watching the movie Green Berets starring John Wayne of course, next to our club, which was a quonset hut in the 1/9th Cav motor pool directly across from our hooches.
      We expierienced incoming and everyone continued watching the movie, for awhile until we realized it wasn’t part of the movie. I hope this sounds correct. There is a picture of our hooches and our club on this website. At the end of the airstrip pictures.

    • Fred thibodeau

      Was with joe McGowan sane hootch as Calvin Louis and worked at 595th.Saw Cal few years ago.

  15. John Strickland

    Sam Grimes,
    How much do you remember about that night of the movie? Do you remember anyone getting hit with shrapnel? Nothing major, just a minor injury. Do you remember the date or even the month. I left in Aug., so I know it was a couple of months before that.
    John Stickland

    • Sam Grimes

      Hey John,
      I wish I could help you with times and dates but the years haven’t been too kind my memory. I could say it was that hot night with a chance of rain but that would’ve been almost every night in Vietnam.
      Take Care & Merry Christmas.

  16. Ronald Kidder

    I was wondering if any of the 1st. I.D. M.P.s are on here. If so, I’d love to see any photos of Phouc Vinh 1967. Not only 1st,I.D., but any one who was there in 1967. Thanks….

  17. Bob Mayers

    Hi Joe McGowan and Wayne DeCillis, I was a Cryto repair in Phuoc Vinh from Oct 68 – Oct 69. Hope you are well. Have you heard from any others that were there? My bunk was next to Mike (can’t remember last name, maybe Ryan) he was an operator. I too remember Cal.

    • Joe McGowan

      Hi Bob I remember you well. You were always writing to your wife, I think it was your wife, and Calvin was always writing music. I remember you as being one of the solid and mature guys who didn’t drink much and didn’t go to town to mess around. In your post of 2-2019 you mention the possible shooting incident and I remember it well as I was a SP5. The fellows name was Wilson and he was very drunk with a clip in his M16 and finger on the trigger. He stood right in front of me but I got him to talk about himself and learned he was from Texas. I also remember him talking about the racial situation (root of his anger)in Texas and the fact that he had to drink from “Black ” only water fountains. When I returned home April 8th 1969 and after 30 days leave I was stationed at Ft. Huachuca, Az until Jan 1971. I visited with Larry Hawkins (Hawk) who lived in Casa Grande, AZ.
      The other name you mentioned was Ryan and he had a side kick, Benton. They were both funny as hell and loved to drink. Tommy McIntosh and I hung (drank) together often. I never made contact with him in the US. Tommy passed away May, 2014. Lots of good memories with some dark patches sums up my experience.
      If you are ever in Delaware look me up I would love to chat. Now that I’m retired I travel more so make contact so if I’m in you area I’ll give you a shout.

  18. Lozier (Butch) Phillips

    I don’t know if you remember me or not, spc 4 phillips, I was one of the crew chiefs in Phouc Vihn sept 70 until we stood down. I remember Bravo btry went TDY to the 101st for about a month (?) then to f79th and went from Bear Cat to Mace until I came home.

    • David Bogue

      Hello Butch, and thank you so much for remembering. So long ago, but potent memories. We share much history. Where are you now?


      Butch, I was lead of 7 bluemax cobras taken to 4/77th ARA—-other WO1s were Evarice Mire, Craig Stiff—-more that i cannot recall the names. participated in Lam Son 719 and returned Phuoc Vinh march 71 to close out B Bty 2/20th and return usa. Remainder of pilots went to F 79th as you mention I believe.

  19. Henry L Clendaniel

    Wayne Decillis I was station at Phuoc Vinch from May 1970 to Sep when i got sent to CLSU Long Binh. Was a 36S30 Crypto. Trying to place your face

  20. Rudy Titz

    I was with 2/20 Blue Max as the Mail Clerk and CO Driver. CDR was Maj Anderson and 1 Sgt Name was Poole. We had incoming while watching the movie The Green Berets. It was a total chaos…many wounded and some deaths. I was send to Hawaii to become US citizen ( I was originally from Germany) and ended my tour with 229th in Bien Hoa as Crew chief. My tour in Nam was from Aug 70 until Aug 71. Bless all of you my Brothers!
    Rudy Titz

    • Ken Winkler

      HELLO RUDY. I was a WO1 COBRA pilot—–may ’70—‘mar ’71. Went north to 101st with 7 Cobras in Feb 71. LAM SON 719 in Feb from Camp Evans and Khe Sanh—-then returned Phuoc Vinh by C130 in March and returned CONUS. Retired May ’85

      • Rudy titz

        Welcome home my brother….many could not!

      • Max Hosafros

        Rudy,I remember you very well, The Mail room was in the same hootch I lived in. Also in the same hootch was Frank Stehno, he was the Btry Orderly Room Clerk, he passed away last Spring from ALS.. he was a great guy,
        Him and I kept in touch over the years. Great touching base with you.
        Max Hosafros

  21. Gary Johnson

    Henry, good to hear from you!! Been a REALLY LONG TIME!!! HOPE ALL IS WELL !!!

    • Henry L Clendaniel Jr

      Gary saw you talking to Wayne. I remember Larry and Dale The Kid Hall and i think he was from Hagerstown MD. Do you remember a guy last name Jones can’t remember his first name but he was a teletype repairer 31J I think.

      • Gary Johnson

        Can’t remember Jones, maybe if I saw a picture. How bout Chris Ingram, crazy guy from California.


    Roger Strickland operator 8 MOS 72C20 WHITE PLATOON 595th SIGNAL COMPANY 36th SIGNAL BATTALION PHOUC VINH November 1969 to November 1970. The first night in PHOUC VINH didn’t know anyone was sitting on my cot a 122 hit and every one was running ,someone came running by my cot and yelled get in the dam bunker. I did !!!!! man was I green . It was my fist incoming . was not the last. My hutch was the second or third across the road from the pow camp. across from my hutch was our em club and where we watched movies when you had a chance , it took your mind of the war for a while , I had a friend from the 175th rangers MIKE BANA from Alaska he would come over to the em club and drink with us ,he had two weeks left to go home .
    Mike went out one more time with his team he died on that patrol . MIKE BANA would give you the shirt of his back, GOD got a good, good man. I remember the incoming. I remember the friends I remember growing up a lot and how to respect life. If you would like to contact me e mail or 19196303634 phone. welcome home brothers

    • Gary Johnson

      Roger, I remember Mike, used to have a couple beers with him in the e.m. club. He really was a nice guy. What a shame!!

      • Thanks, good to meet someone who knew and remembers Mike. He will never be for gotten by You or myself Thank you my brother you take care of yourself

      • Henry Clendaniel (Butch)

        Roger I remember Mike. In the club one night he gave a 1st Cav wooden nickel. He printed his name and then signed it. Front of nickel Company H (Ranger), 75th Infantry (ABN). Middle was 1st Cavalry Division (AM) VIETNAM. Really hit hard when heard about last mission. Kept that wooden nickel in a special place and when the wall was dedicated in Nov 83 i was at the dedication and found Mike’s name on the wall. When ever I travel back to the wall I always look him up just to say Hi. Been a long time since I have been to the wall. Need to go back. Now just trying place a name with a face. Are you on fb. Same goes out to Gary Simpson can remember the name just need a face. Been a long time. And we are not getting any younger.

      • Welcome Home Henry…

  23. Hello there my brother,Sorry it’s taken me a bit to get back to you. If you happen to see Mike before I do you can leave Mike’s wooden nickel to me It is a real treasure.
    I was on Facebook,but have not use it in over a year. You can Tex me or call anytime.nine one nine 630 three6 three4. I haven’t really wonted to until a year ago when I saw the traveling wall and found Mike’s name. I would like to go see the real wall. I think I’m ready mow . The first time I saw it ,It was a print of the wall in a art gallery in Raleigh NC. It really sent cold chill up my spine and the hair on the back of my neck stood up. I would like to meet you and your family in person.. I’m in North Carolina 46 miles from Myrle Beach SC. Take care Butch, be blessed and thank you for sharing . E4 Roger Strickland your brother forever

  24. William Frazier

    William Frazier still remember some of the happenings at Phouc Vinah

  25. Bill Russell

    I arrived at phuoc vinh in March 1970 and was also with the 13th signal. Was appointed the division Currier.

  26. Louis Ceccarelli

    I am looking for anyone who remembers my late father Louis Ceccarelli…his nickname was “chick” or “knute” he was with the 13th in 69-70 as a crypto man. Was also out of Tay Ninh for a bit

  27. Bill Russell

    I arrived in phuoc vinh something in March also. Looking for someone else to verify date’s for VA benefits.


  28. Ken Winkler

    I recognize many of the events mentioned in the above texts, but recognize only David Jeff Bogue as one of my fellow Cobra pilots with “B” 2/20th ARA. I also well recall Major Anderson as our CO and XO was a great Captain whose name Charles—– I can’t bring up now. Capt Mike Dodson was a 2nd tour Ops officer who was a real prince and top army officer. This time frame was May ’70—‘Feb 71 when as a WO1 i led 7 of our Cobras north and gave them to 4/77th ARA, GRIFFINS, TOROS, ETC. Several of us WO1s remained with the 4/77th at Evans, Eagle and perhaps Hue until completion of Lam Son 719 (Laos). Following that G—F, I returned to PHuoc Vinh by C130 and assisted in close out of “B” 2/20th which later became F Troop at another location. NOt sure, as I returned to US in March ’71. We lost several pilots while at 2/20th Phuoc Vinh—CW2 Dennis Brault (2nd tour) and WO1 Doug Vergamini, as a flight crew (COBRA), shot down over LZ Snuffy on the Cambodian Border. Other pilots 2nd/20th at Phouc Vinh were WO1 Paul Lawrence, WO1 Luthor Richardson, WO1 Evarice Mire, WO1 Paul Huckleberry, WO1 John Teetsel, WO1 Craig—–, WO1 John Goodrich (Lurch)—–this is pressing my memory somewhat and all my memorobilia was lost somehow. It will interest you all to know that Capt Dodson rose to the rank of Lt. Gen and became the Deputy of CentCom, MacDill AFB, Tampa, FL. This was during the mid to late 90’s. He contacted me there while wife and I were living in Brandon, Fl. We were going to arrange a get together which never came about. I used to drive by his quarters on MacDill AFB when visiting the PX, but would not stop without a personal invite.. Another of our WO1 Cobra pilots was Jim Gramke who was known for eating cannibal sandwiches (raw hamburger).
    I retired as W4 in May ’86 at Ft. Rucker, Al and flew another 4 yrs as a contract pilot for gov’t agency, Africa, Central America, Philippines, and West Indies. PS— I was 31 yrs old as a WO1 in VN
    Ken Winkler——-live in Victor, NY

      • Rudy Titz

        Hi Max. Good hearing from you. I hope you are doing well. You are right, my cubicle was next to the Mailroom. I remained in the service and retired in 1990. My last four years in the Army I was stationed at Ft. Wainwright, AK
        Remember our Cdr with the 2/20, Maj Anderson? I ran into him in Germany, he was a full Bird (Colonel) and remembered me Right away. He was a good Cdr and cared for his Men. I will never forget Bunker Guard at the Perimeter…Lol
        Max, thanks for writing Brother and welcome home!

      • Max Hosafros

        Hi Rudy,
        I sure do remember Maj Anderson, good guy, great Commander.
        I got out of the Army in 71, stayed out 2 years, farming with my Dad and Brother. Than in 73 I went back in the Army. Eventually retiring as a CWO-2
        Maint Warrant. I ran into Cpt Goodell, he was XO when Maj Anderson was BC. Cpt Goodell was killed in a auto accident at Ft Lewis.
        After I retired I than worked for the Army at The Tank Autmotive Command in Warren Mi, I was a Logistic Assistance Rep. I was in Germany supporting 3ID when Desert Storm started, I went to Desert Storm with 1st Amor
        I was there from 13 Jan 91 to 20 Apr 91 than back to Germany. I finally retired for good in 2004 with 31 total years service. I live in Ohio about an hour south of Toledo, we have a farm and have some horses.
        I ride my Harley Fatboy as much as I can. I will never forget my time with B Btry 2/20 ARA, we had good days and some not so good. Great hearing from you Rudy.

  29. Ruben ramos

    Hola amigo. Necesito contactar para una pregunta

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