Charlie Troop Blues

3477965339_353e796c15 3919268218_4dbe0848f7 New guy in country (FNG) gets the radio… securedownload-2 Sgt. Gregory Lee Peffer KIA January 22, 1971

Relaxing… Our squad leader Staff Sgt Dave Roger (center), medic (right) Dave Roger, Bob Quintana Johnny Stiteler, Dave Roger, Eddie Smith, Tony Cruz, Jim Debolt, Tom Connell Dave Roger, Dave Parkhurst,  Larry Pruett SSgt. George D. Slye ‘Blue Mike’ KIA May 2, 1970 (with A Troop 1/9th) Blues in the bush 10382721_515488471913522_2709548238930144118_n

Jeff Stone, Daffy Dawson

Jeff Stone Photo 3918530943_5583644f8b Staff Sgt Dave Roger guiding chopper into LZ… 3919289498_8837ff3f74 3919317496_d0f810fba8 3918493457_aae4c8ae37 3915944340_61e7802092 ‘Just a Walk in the Park’ 3915879902_b72797a4ba Blues Arriving at Song Be (Fire Support Base Buttons) LZ Thomas on top of Nui Ba Ra Mountain

Photo courtesy of Dave Roger Photo by Mike Thompson (crew chief) 228th Assault Support Helicopter Battalion, 1st Cavalry Division, 1970-71

Courtesy of Jordan Green Photo courtesy of Jordan Green 3915888972_18bcbdb4ccTime for a smoke…
10447029_515440875251615_6733076291560441285_n C-1-9 Blues at Rang Rang Airfield

Jeff Stone Photo

3915864202_6171f714c5 What War? 3914952015_cb6ee262cc ‘Blues’ communicating with ‘Lift’ bird… 3915742012_56d0238205 One large combo with extra cheese and an order of breadsticks please… 3915746826_f4080d4e27 3915754086_db10f94328 Blues in Saigon 3956051883_bd8c1baf15_o 3799762694_7416053fdb My M-60 10487425_516071028521933_4195835191951499171_n 3846561311_c5f65ed88c Blues in the air 3854212594_88889d2f98 Walter Maude with Veronica, our Charlie Troop monkey. 3864808784_1eb9306480 Rob Struck, Tony Mizzi 3915696444_c5eff07f81 3915627092_d620283538 3915765326_5a7c4df60e ‘Peace’ 3914839923_79c9189aaa Blues Rappelling 3954946615_6077f275f8_o 3914937807_5e0ce619f5 ‘McGuire’ Rig Photo courtesy of Dave Roger (right) 3914855303_feb2664d55 3914859927_cd3dc6d506 Eddie Smith, Schumacher, Tom Connell 3915620072_80f476273d Daffy Dawson, Marv Lundervold, Dave Parkhurst 3915631758_c7881d795f Eddie Smith 3805311508_d41c4292db Staff Sgt Dave Roger, Spec 4 Rob Struck 3866858979_3cd1a69e71 Search and Destroy3958785897_a4396c1404_oHome away from home… PBR time in my AO… Dave Roger, Tom Connell,  Struck Mike Melton, Jim Debolt, Bob Porter, George Burns, Dave Parkhurst, Dave Roger 3914796347_539e021690 3914807717_9942d9f960 3915569356_ff952c0e08        Sgt. Gregory Lee Peffer (center on the ground) KIA January 22, 1971 10341542_10203853811611884_2425407652652388312_n Sgt. Gregory Lee Peffer securedownload-1 Sgt. Gregory Lee Peffer on right with unidentified Charlie Trooper

Photo courtesy of Ron Peffer 3913770011_28652dba4a ‘Cavalier Blue’ Mike La Chance carrying basket with recovered items from an abandoned VC village… 3913775697_d0ac911e79 Johnny Stiteler, Charlie Thatcher, ? Bob Porter, Gilbert Ortiz 3479101288_f54f022219 SFC Lionel DeLa Rosa ‘Blue Mike’ 3913784877_755a55e813 3913795839_20c409ded2 Marv Lundervold (Lucky Lundie), Charlie Thatcher (Thumper) & Harvey Bolejack (Boe) 3914575716_c786bf6765 4022548684_c96a573dd1 Bob Quintana 3885327645_f7c13fa3bc SFC Lionel DeLa Rosa (Blue Mike) PFC Rob Struck (Blue India)3913668715_9c02b79035 Smith, Struck, Mizzi 3913671539_6a32830c29 3914437472_9918b23c19 Eugene Vanasse George Burns, Mike Cody 3914443176_ff5137f42f Charlie Thatcher (Thumper) 4014941851_cb149e2261_o 3912620633_de10827bb3 3912627789_34fe2f80e2 Our medic (?), Cadenhead, Struck, Cody, Roger 3913399160_aaf128fdc5 ? & ‘Cavalier Blue’ Mike La Chance 3913618257_f0e90e7cb3 Struck, Eddie Smith 3914408264_c30d7e2d5b Schumacher 3477987089_539ec12f2a 3911434760_33c1706b1f M-60 by my side 3911439768_9df6f77918 Vanasse, Debolt, Struck, Johnson 3911396934_fe02d197e1 Lift Off Jeff Stone Photo

Jeff Stone Photo 3791978941_4862cdde3e Weaver 3786684779_069c3ff5c7 Lawrence 3825806819_f5f2c9879b Johnson, Ancrum (sp), Fingers (nickname), Struck, Robert (Dutch) Florez  (Saigon Mission) 3477986543_92c53ac5e4 Spc4 Pat Cadenhead 3909651844_7cc83a9a44Robert (Dutch) Florez, ? 3909646700_9c0a352b2b Spc4 Pat Cadenhead, ‘Cavalier Blue’ Lt. John Mackel, Sgt. Tom Criser 3909641038_16ee818dee 3908862001_514f5296ef Sgt. Larry Pruett, Frank Alameda, Robert (Dutch) Florez, Eugene Vanasse 3909622790_16264b9957 Weaver, ?, Mike Melton, Pat Cadenhead, Frank Biesel 3908844379_561119734c ?, Johnny Stiteler, Eddie Smith, Rob Struck Johnny Stiteler, Dave Roger 3908809679_2f548bb95f Bryant, Struck, Mizzi 3909587636_e5bcb479df Dave Roger on the left knocking down a PBR Photo by Frank Biesel 3905027039_4785e503cfCould be Sgt. Gregory Lee Peffer (KIA January 22, 1971) not confirmed3887659051_e1e0a79e52 Struck 3784556355_4b65ff80e7Schumacher, Lawrence, Porter, ?, Doc, Bryant 3959435852_bd4ce28ed5_o(Cavalier Blue) Mike La Chance, Rob Struck (Blue India) 1970 March 1966 Blues 1968-69 Blues Patrick Bieneman (front left) 71636_171494692866622_5461402_n 1970 Blues Crouch, Greg Peffer (KIA January 22, 1971), Tom Connell, Johnny Stiteler, Schumacher, Knight, Ringo 1971 Blues 1971 Blues Gary Pope (right) Fourth Squad Leader


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24 responses to “Charlie Troop Blues

  1. These are really great pictures.

  2. usastruck

    Thanks Pat…

  3. Hey just curious if you would happen to have any more pictures of Greg Peffer? He is my father’s brother.. if you had anything at all, it’d be much appreciated. Thanks! 🙂

    • usastruck

      Kara, I only have two pictures of your uncle Greg. One with him ready to jump on a lift bird to be extracted and the other where he’s in the elephant grass on a recon mission.
      This is the one where I’m not 100% sure it’s even him…

      BTW…he was a great guy!

  4. kara

    Thank you Rob! I really appreciate that, wish I could have met him.

  5. Robert Andrews

    Kara I was with your uncle Greg that day. I stopped to see your grandmother in the 90s and you were there. You can ask your dad about me Bob Andrews

  6. Sonny Boles

    Great Photos. Thanks for sharing them. These are the Blues I remember.

  7. Sonny Boles

    Robert I should have said that these were the type of Blues I would want to remember. I had a bad experience with the Blues in 1968/69.

  8. usastruck

    Sonny, were you with the Blues when Pat Bieneman was Blue India?

  9. Thank You for sharing these pictures. Dave Roger is my cousin and I could not be prouder. You guys are heroes to me.

  10. usastruck

    Dave was one of our platoon sergeants and he had respect of all of his men…

  11. robert stiteler

    curious if you have anymore pics of johnny stiteler, he is my uncle and any pics or info you can share about him would be great he never really said much about it but from what i can see i am sure you guys saw your fare share of some shit……thanks Bob Stiteler

  12. Walter Maude

    I am the guy with the monkey on his arm and I am guessing that the picture was taken in January or February ’71.

  13. George M. Carter


  14. Billy Porter

    Neat pics! You have anymore with Bob Porter as he is my dad. My boys love looking at these! Thx!

  15. Danni Randleman

    I think the picture you have in the helicopter with the 4 men (the third one from the left) I think is my dad, Robert Florez (Dutch), not Gilbert Ortiz.

  16. Robert Florez

    Any pictures of Robert Florez (Dutch) also he is trying to find those he served with Thanks

  17. JD

    Great photos and site. Thank you. Curious if anyone served with my father, Lee Dorner? I believe he served with the 1/9 Cav (C unit?) 1970-1971. I know he has photos from this time. I would be happy to pass them along.

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