Getting Settled In My AO

AO (Area of Operation)

This picture of me was taken when I was a FNG (f**king new guy). You were referred to as a ‘FNG’ when you were new in Country. I can tell by the newness of my jungle boots and fatigues.

Looks like it’s time for a smoke. I smoked Kool Filters back then; would you believe I paid $2.00 a carton at the Base Exchange. That’s right, $2.00 a carton.

I also had one of those flip-top Zippo cigarette lighters. While on a recon mission I lost it in the jungle. That really bummed me out because I had it so long.

One night, about six months later at an EM club, my Zippo lighter resurfaced. A guy I didn’t know sitting at our table lit his cigarette with what looked like my lighter. I asked him where he got it, and he said he found it in the jungle. I got my lucky lighter back…

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