Phuoc Vinh Airfield

Largely a Support Airstrip

Phuoc Vinh
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Phuoc Vinh Firebase


Photo courtesy of Jordan Green

Photo by Terry A. Moon
1st Cav Photographer 1968-1969

Photo by Terry A. Moon


NW Approach

Photo courtesy of Richard Lamb, crew chief C Troop early August until late October 1968. Transferred then to HQ Troop as crew chief on the Squadron check-out LOH.

This is a Walker Jones aerial photo of Phuoc Vinh firebase provided to me by Frank McKinnon (HQ Troop 1/9th). Charlie Troop and HQ areas are top/center. Click on photo to enlarge…

Sunset over Phuoc Vinh
Photo courtesy of Peter Guthrie (1LT Blue Plt Ldr 1968-69 ‘Cavalier Blue’)

Photo courtesy of Stan Edington


AH-1G Huey Cobra ‘Snake’

Cobra on the refuel pad
Photo courtesy of Chris Bussells

Photo courtesy of Staff Sgt Dave Roger

Photo courtesy of Dave Roger

Photo by Mike Thompson (crew chief) 228th Assault Support Helicopter Battalion, 1st Cavalry Division, 1970-71
Courtesy of Jordan Green


Control Tower

Looking down from the control tower (generator in the center)
Photo courtesy of Stan Edington

Some of our high tech communication systems in the tower

Stan Edington (air traffic controller from December 69-November 70)

Control tower in dubious weather conditions
Photo courtesy of Chris Bussells

Photo courtesy of Jordan Green

Photo courtesy of Chris Bussells

Photo courtesy of Stan Edington


Photo courtesy of Dennis Junger

Photo courtesy of Chris Bussells

Photo courtesy of Chris Bussells

Each morning the Blues picked up ammo for their daily mission from a conex in this area.


Photo taken as we departed from Phuoc Vinh heading to Fire Support Base Buttons early one morning.


UH-1 ‘Huey’

Tom Stokesberry (Charlie Troop crew chief, 1969)
Photo courtesy of Jim Delp

Helicopter Maintenance Hanger

Spec 5 Dennis Junger

Photo courtesy of Jordan Green (Charlie Troop Maintenance, 1969-70)


Light Observation Helicopter ‘Loach’


Photo courtesy of Dennis Junger


C-130 Cargo Planes


C-123 Caribou
Photo courtesy of Mike Logson (1969)

Photo courtesy of Jim Delp

CH-47 Chinook

Photo by Mike Thompson (crew chief) 228th Assault Support Helicopter Battalion, 1st Cavalry Division, 1970-71
Courtesy of Jordan Green

Part of the HHC 31st Eng Bn company area taken from top of the radar tower.
Photo courtesy of Chris Bussells, 31st HHC

Photo courtesy of Chris Bussells

Photo courtesy of Jordan Green

Photo courtesy of Jordan Green

Volleyball game in the rubber trees at Quan Loi
Photo courtesy of Chris Bushels

Captured VC flamethrower
Photo courtesy of Chris Bussells

Radar unit on the wooden tower was used to pinpoint the origin of incoming rounds for retaliation purposes.
Photo courtesy of Chris Bussells

What a mortar round does to a sandbagged roof
Photo courtesy of Chris Bussells

Howitzer near Phuoc Vinh perimeter
Photo courtesy of Chris Bussells

31st HHC main street
Photo courtesy Chris Bussells

Sky Crane

Photo courtesy of Jordan Green


Photo courtesy of Dennis Junger

SCAN0001-2 copy 2

1st Lt Ralph Diaz
C company 31 Engr. Bn. 79 GP 20th Eng. Bde.

Ralph was the project engineer for the Phouc Vinh airfield up grade, ran the soil cement soil stabilization plant, and also did the asphalt cap on the runway.

SCAN0003-2 copy

Photo courtesy of Ralph Diaz

SCAN0001 copy

Photo courtesy of Ralph Diaz


Photo courtesy of Ralph Diaz


Photo courtesy of Ralph Diaz


Photo courtesy of Ralph Diaz

SCAN0002 copy

Photo courtesy of Ralph Diaz

SCAN0001-2 copy

Photo courtesy of Ralph Diaz


Photo courtesy of Ken Piotter (31st Engineer Battalion HHC)
Ken was a construction surveyor on the main airfield from January to April 1969 putting down the pierced metal run way.


Photo courtesy of Ken Piotter

Late 60’s aerial photo of Phuoc Vinh

Photo taken as we departed from Phuoc Vinh heading to Fire Support Base Buttons early one morning.

Photo courtesy of Bob Powers (HHC 31st from April 69 to March 70)


Photo courtesy of Dennis Junger

Photo courtesy of Bob Powers

Photo courtesy of Bob Powers

Photo courtesy of Bob Powers

Photo courtesy of Jordan Green

Photo courtesy of Bob Powers


Puff the Magic Dragon was a WW2 Cargo plane (C-47) adapted with M-60 Gatling guns.
Photo courtesy of Mike Logson (1969)

Frank McKinnon (HQ Troop 1/9th) was Col Booth’s crew chief
Photo courtesy of Frank McKinnon

Photo courtesy of Frank McKinnon

Photo courtesy of Frank McKinnon

Ted Hall, unknown & Frank McKinnon
Photo courtesy of Frank McKinnon

Photo courtesy of Frank McKinnon

James Herder
Photo courtesy of Frank McKinnon

Back side of maintenance hanger
Photo courtesy of Jim Delp

Mess hall in flames (1969)
Photo courtesy of Jim Delp

New mess hall (right)
Photo courtesy of Jim Delp

Double Whammy
Photo courtesy of Jim Delp


Photo courtesy of Ralph Diaz
1st Lt, C company 31 Engr. Bn. 79 GP 20th Eng. Bde.

Enemy rocket lands on Phuoc Vinh Airfield
Photo courtesy of Jim Delp

Aftermath of rocket attack on Phuoc Vinh air strip
Photo courtesy of Jim Delp

Photo courtesy of Jim Delp

Jim Delp (HQ Troop 1/9th, 1969)

Jim holding remnants of 122 mm rocket.

Hand signals were frequently used by the troops.

Jim Delp holding tiger brought in by the ‘Blues’

Photo courtesy of Jim Delp

‘Charlie’ scores a couple direct hits on HQ hoochs.
Photo courtesy of Jim Delp

Photo courtesy of Jim Delp

Photo courtesy of Jim Delp

Photo by Richard Lamb (Crew chief) C Troop early August until late October 1968. Transferred then to HQ Troop as crew chief on the Squadron check-out LOH.

Photo courtesy of Richard Lamb

‘Asian Girls gone Wild’
Photo courtesy of Dennis Junger

Working girl of Phuoc Vinh
Photo courtesy of Dennis Junger

Photo courtesy of Chris Bussells

Co. H (Ranger) 75th Infantry


Photo courtesy Craig Stedman
595th Signal Co


Photo courtesy Craig Stedman


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  1. I don’t know If I said it already but …Hey good stuff…keep up the good work! 🙂 I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I’m glad I found your blog. Thanks,)

    A definite great read..Jim Bean

    • usastruck

      Thank you for the compliment…

      • just had the best time in a long time . Two of my friends who were in vietnam with me and company B 3/187 101. came to my home, buffalo ny from california and the other from new mexico on their motor cycles. What a great day and a half we had together. The war has brought some of us lasting friendships. I love this site, it sure brings back memories, good and bad.Live life and drive on

      • I found this website and it is really cool The stories are about us and also about the good duty some lucky officer’s were able to walk into. I love the story John Butt tells he was a winner, and he would have made the ultimate
        sacrifice if he was in a hot combat situation. John I’m jealous as heck I think your story is a great story, we all wanted the South Vietnam folks to win, John you laid it out perfect.

    • Hey BROTHERS,I was with the 1engr, bn 1st Inf div,in Quan LOI 1967-68 Went through tet 68,so glad I made it home.I’m 64 years old now,but at 18 it didn’t matter much,it became a way of life.I was a heavy equiptment operator in “ALPHA CO>” We were right along the air strip next to the ammo and POL area. I remember the 114th gunships “THE GHOST RIDERS>BUNCH of good guys.Used to fly with them once in a while.I would like to say good job and welcome BROTHERS!!!!

  2. I enjoy this site, it is worth me coming back

  3. C. Kindler

    I was stationed at Phouc Vinh 66_67 the place wasn’t near that big . I was in the 6/ 27 arty 8”/175s Thanks for the pictures. C.

    • usastruck

      Yes, lots of growth in the following three years…

    • Gary Woods

      I was stationed at Phouc Vinh dec 3, 65 to dec 5,66.1/26 inf Big Red 1

    • I was there 10-67 to 10-68 in artillery survey with the 6/27th in hhb would like to hear if you keep in touch with anyone

      • Tom

        I was there 11/19/67 to 12/14 / 68, grunt with the 101st abn div, CIB two Purple Hearts-Silver Star-Air Medal. I was a Sniper w/m-14.
        I will never forget the area of the the rubber trees . And all the French buildings. I lost alot of good friends there. I was 19 then.
        Take Care & welcome home. Tom

      • Darryl Dunkelberger

        Hey Tim,
        I was an arty surveyor with the 1/30th artillery stationed at Phouc Vinh September 69 to September 70. We were a 155 towed unit.
        We would fly out by helicopter. Mostly Chinooks and the battalion loach do a sun shot. Then they would bring in the guns by flying crane and set them up from there.
        We also registered the guns.

      • Welcome Home Darryi…

      • Vanessa Cordova

        Thank you for your service, Mr. Brozovich. My father, David Cordova (SP5), served from October 1966 to October 1968, and was assigned to the 6/27th S&S battalion. He kept his deployment a secret from me until this year. He said he didn’t want my imagination of war to ruin my innocence. He passed away a few weeks ago, and I’m learning all about him from his DD214. He was such a marvelous father and apparently a great soldier. I’m so glad he made it back to raise me. He was the best.

      • Marvin Saka

        i was there in HHB 6/27th head quarters company ,mostly laterine duty , concrete detail to build cement pads for barracks etc.. Big Red One was there at the time .. Dec 66 for 6 months then transferred to A battery at Quan Loi left VN 11/14/1967 .

    • Jim Kuertz

      C. Kindler,
      Do you have any pictures when you were there that you could share? When I was there we only had the 175s. That was 1965-66. I failed to mention that this is a great sight!

      • Craig C.

        My wife’s uncle was killed in the area in 1966. Through medical work, I am travelling to the area and am making a side trip to Phuoc Vinh. I am interested in any information and/or websites about the area before I go so that I can understand the area better. Any help is appreciated.

      • usastruck

        The area north of what was once the Phuoc Vinh airstrip is now a NVA base and perhaps of limits.

      • Have some pictures of Ist Inf. at Phuc Vihn 1965 to 1966.

      • Ronald Mogensen

        Welcome home Jim, I have a few pics from 65-66

    • frank mckinnon

      C…. I was stationed at phuoc vinh feb ’69- feb ’70, 1st/9th air cav. HQ troop. I remember when the psp ( i think that is right ) air field was constructed. Often times I wonder what the base looked like before I arrived? Who built what, and when? Would you have any photos of the period you were there, if not maybe you know someone who has? Especially aerial photos. Thank you. Frank McKinnon.

      • Col. Ralph Diaz, (Ret.)

        I was a 1st LT. combat engr. I was ptroject manager for the airfield up grade ran a soil cement stabilavion plant and an asphalt plant to up grade from PSP to 3000’aspahlt runway for C 130’s

      • Stan Edington

        Ralph, what years were you at PV? I was an air traffic controller from Dec. ’69 to Nov. ’70.

      • Thank you for answering, Do you remember about what date this was? If you google earth Phouc Vinh, you will see this is the only thing left. There is not ONE structure still standing. This really bothers me for some reason. Do you have any phots you can share we us? Frank McKinnon.

      • Linda Kremer

        Did you know Tom Kremer? he was there the same time you were. He was 9th air cav too. I am trying to find some info from guys who knew him then. I am his wife, he passed away. Thankyou guys for your service and bravery and welcome home!

      • Glad you’re home dude. I got there in DEC 68 and they were still laying out the PCP but that was away from me. I was with HHC 227th, other side of
        Phouc Vinh. We used to watch the the Incoming on the strip everyday.
        Unfortunately I lost a shitload of pictures on the way home. I lost a bag at
        the Seattle airport?

      • Anthony H Lorenzi

        //C-227 AHB 7/4/69 to7/7/70

    • Jerry Chmiel

      I was with HHC, 1/28, 1st ID early in ’67. Quite a few of those “freight train” 8″ round of yours flew right over our heads towards the NW while on LP one night.

      • Gene

        Jerry, you got there shortly after your headquarters co com officer Euripedes Rubio took over my co (co A 1st 28th inf) after my CO was KIA on Nov 8th 66 and then Rubio was KIA a little while later and was awarded the CMH….

    • Gene

      I was there from jan 1 66 to feb 67 your right wasn t nearly that big..Helped lay the mine field at A co. 1st of the 28th….

      • Gene

        I wonder how many of you remember Rubio winning his CMH 11/8//66 When he took over my company (A COMPANY) 1st 28th 1st Inf Div.???““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““

      • Gene I helped lay, that, mine field w/ A Co. I remember when the person in charge ask me to go and get some more TNT from the jeep and I walked across and thru the mine field to get it. Nearly passed out when he told me. Send me an e mail Tom Joseph WELCOME HOME!

    • b

      I was in the same place as you in 1969 B.Mills

    • marvin saka

      I know its 10 yrs too late Iwas in same outfit .got there Dec 66 , six moths later transfered to Quan Loi . jet home Nov 14 , 1967

    • LeRoy Blank

      I was stationed at Phuoc Vinh 4/69-6/70. Was in Fire Direction Center (FDC) at C Battery 6/27 Arty 8″/175mm. Great pics. Thx for sharing

  4. Ken Piotter

    I was stationed at Phuoc Vinh from January 1969 to January 1970 with the 31st Engineer Battalion HHC. I worked as a construction surveyor on the main airfield from January to April 1969 putting down the pierced metal run way. I have a good aerial photo of the airfield if you would like posted and other airfield construction photos..

    • usastruck

      Yes, by all means I would like to see your pictures…

      • Donald Rusbult

        working in the minefield when Bill Keeler was killed. Several of us were injured

      • ken piotter

        Donald …I remember that incident and recall walking thru the minefield for what ever reason prior to the incident mentioned..

    • Donald Rusbult

      I would be interested in seeing construction pics as I was one of the 31st who laid the airstrip. Lots of very heavy metal. I got there in December of 68 and got the million dollar wound in March of 69.
      Good pics

    • Donald Rusbult

      Ken, have you seen the 20th engr bde reunion web site or the 31st reunion site? Also did you know about the reunion this year at Ft. Leonardwood?
      Do you have any pics of us working on the airstrip? If so would like to figure a way to be able to see then.

    • frank mckinnon

      Ken… I was also stationed at phuoc vinh 1st of the 9th during the time the air field was being built. We would get stoned and watch you guys work on those big machines that had the head light that made them look like some kind of moster out there running around. I’d sure buddy like to see those photos you are talking about.

    • Hi Ken:
      Served at the Control Tower 1969-70
      Could you send me an unreduce-size set of any pix
      Dave Mullins @

      • CMSgt Morris Arnett, USAF, Retired

        1969-70, I was an USAF cargo handler with the 8th Aerial Port Sq OLAP,. We on/off loaded the Air Force transports and live hooch under the new tower, Got hit a lot after they built the tower in our back yard. One night they got our shower, two choppers next to us and peppered the old hooch.

      • usastruck

        Welcome Home Morris…

      • jolly

        hey dave how goes it……i was at phouch vinh after getting out of the field. was with the 11th avn gp at the base camp. knew a lot of you controllers. buddah, kim, and was wonderin if you knew gary jackson and where he may be…..we were in the tower late nite and watched mortors walk down the air field….quite a sight……….welcome home brother…….jolly…..

      • Jim Barbour

        Also worked the Tower 09/’69 to 04/’71. Remember the old tower, PSP runway before asphalt, and the ritual lighting of the flare pot runway lights from a jeep right at dusk. Great picture of the new tower and our high tech consoles. So glad to have found this site.
        Jim Barbour

      • dave…….jolly here again……….I was with the 2/8 co. c before being sent to phouch vinh…….do you ever hear from gary Jackson or kim herfert, or bhudda…..I remember a lot of you guys…….I was with the 11th avn. group at phouch vinh….I remember one xmas day where we set up a table and had food and most anything of your pleasure…….as in thai soldiers………jolly of Montana……….69 to 71…..I had a month to go when the cav pulled out and made it over to your lz for a spell til it was time to dts…..jolly……….

    • Tom Fredrickson

      I was also there Jan 69 – Jan 70 … 371st Radio Research … across from the MP motor pool … Feb 23rd was a hell of a night … estimated 50 rockets came in!

      • usastruck

        Welcome Home Tom…

      • eddie mcfarland

        Tom I was also there jan 69- jan 70 with the 11th G.S.Aviation bttn.

      • fred thibodeau

        I remember that night.Just got back from R&R that day. In coming all around.Scary time

      • Gary Hatfield

        I was with 11th Gen Av, Hdqtrs Co from Sept, 69 till I got med-evaqued on May 23, 1970 (crushed under an overturned duece-and-a-half on the Green Line perimeter road). I was a clerk-typist in Awards and Decorations up in PhuBai with XXIV Corps, got bored, transferred to be a door gunner, ended up in PV. Flew in the right door for three months, then became the Co Sgt’s truck driver and a “Gook Hancho”, supervising local women on a permanent sandbag detail–loved it! We were called “California Hippies”, so we made a sign saying “Pot Platoon” for our hooch. Ended up with a Disability Retirement This site brings the memories, though rarely a day goes by without thoughts of Nam. I’ve forgotten so much. Killed so many brain cells trying to forget the hospital in Japan, I guess.

      • Grant Shaw

        I’m pretty sure I witnessed your accident with the duece-and-a-half. I was on perimeter guard duty at the time…maybe about 100 yards east of where it happened. I immediately called in and reported it. Hopefully, you got some quick help. I never heard anything more about it, so always wondered.

      • Gary Hatfield

        My truck was still loaded with sandbags on that fateful ride. I didn’t want to go. I was pretty fucked up with three days left in country and my ETS. I had “Short-timers Syndrom”…bad. Duke was driving, a couple other guys were in the back with the load. I was “shotgun”. I knew he was entering a turn too fast–the truck wheels in deep ruts. I wanted to yell “Slow down!”, but I kept my mouth shut, ’cause he got upset when I told him how to drive. Next thing I know I’m pinned against the ground beneath the passenger door. I don’t know how long I was stuck under that horrible weight, unable to move. I was in shock, in and out of concienceness, afraid the truck would catch fire. Duke was thrown clear and managed to reach into the cab and shut off the ignition. I was told they had to get a crane to lift the truck off me. I remember being put on a stretcher, my right arm kept falling off the side– a (very) bumpy jeep ride to a waiting helicopter and airlift out. I blacked out for good on the chopper and woke up later with a cast from my armpits to my ankle on one side. I think I was in an evacuation hospital in Da Nang. My right arm was paralized. Tubes running in, tubes running out. I remember worrying about the other guys. “Woody, where’s Woody?” The next memory was of a chaplain, the CO and Top coming through the ward giving out Purple Hearts. Top said to the chaplain, “Don’t give one to Hatfield, he’s a fuck-up!” I’ll remember that to the day I die. Fortunately the other guys were not hurt as bad as me. I spent three weeks in a hospital in Japan with a lot of the 1st Cav men that got hit in Cambodia–horrible wounds, lots of pain and screams. Finally, my condition improved enough for the freedom flight on a C141 with all us wounded on stretchers. A short flight thanks to the drugs. Then I spent three months in traction recovering from my broken femur and pelvis and back and nerve-damaged arm and stuff at the US Navy Hospital in Long Beach, Calif. Ended up with a Disability Retirement. I am lucky to be alive. I remember living for the moment in Phouc Vinh. Never knowing for sure if there would be tomorrow. Such a long time ago, but I have relived that accident a thousand times. Strangely, one of my biggest regrets is that I never got to say goodbye to my sandbag crew. Old “No Nose” and the baby- sons who worked so hard filling those bags all day. Bags that Duke and I would throw onto the back of the truck. My heart breaks for what those poor peasant women had to go through. Hope the bunkers we built saved a few lives.
        Remember anything else about the wreck? Too bad about that truck. I took real good care of it. Remember washing it in the river. I actually waxed that truck. Top sent me on many “convoys” tp Bien Hoa, Long Binh, and Saigon. Had much “short time love” at the roadside “Howard Johnsons”. Had a few girlfriends in Saigon . Remember them saying, “GI, I love you too much. You Number One. I love you too much–no can sleep, no can eat…” That’s what $5 to $20 could get you back then. Then, there was, of course, the Clap!
        In spite of being kind of a fuck-up (drafted, of course) I did do my duty. Some of my best memories were smoking dope with my brothers and watching the beautiful sunsets from the roof atop our “Pot Platoon” hooch.
        Also, some pretty intense moments pulling guard duty in the bunkers on the Green Line at night. Remember peering through the starlight scope, straining to see the phantom sappers, and hearing the muffled burst of parachute flares, tracking their lilting flights to the ground out in the wire.
        .Welcome Home!

  5. Rick Hershman

    I was attached to the 31st for a short time at Phuoc Vinh from the 34th Engineers. Great photographs, I spent many hours repairing that airfield in 1968. Thanks for the memories.

    • usastruck

      I hope your memories were good ones…

    • Bob Schlimmer

      I was in Charlie Company 34th Engrs Mar ’68 – Mar 69. Our Company Area was on the edge of the airstrip. Were you there then?

    • Danny H. Rchardson

      Hello Rick,
      My name is Danny Richardson/Spec 5, I was with the 557th Light Equip. Co. attached to the 31 Engineers from May 1969 to April of 1970 and I guess I got the job after you and I also spent many hours in the dark repairing that airfield. Was it made of PSP Steel plate then, I always felt like a sitting duck, working out there in the dark, welding the patches that the heavier planes tore up during the day. So many memories, for 47 years I have felt as though I was responsible for the deaths of those that died from rocket and mortar attacks on the nights I was out there welding on the runway. I didn’t want to remember or look at anything from that time, but God is gracious and has shown me that I was only doing my job. Thousands of us did the same no matter what the circumstances were and we all, as I am now, should hold our heads up with pride.
      Welcome home Rick and job well done.

  6. It looks like you are a real professional. Did you study about the issue? lawl

  7. art matonti

    station phuoc vinh from 2/67 thru 2/68. finish up chief of section fdc 6th/27th art. been trying to find someone from the old unit. not having much luck.

  8. charles Kindler

    I also would like to hear from any one who was in Phuoc Vinh in 66/67. Thanks

    • Norb Langys

      I was there (Phuc Vinh) with co B 1st bn 28th inf attached to 1st inf div
      in May 65 to Apr-66, before we knew we weren’t supposed to win
      mortar squad, I have some pictures of our bunkers but have to find them
      the camp was fresh and muddy, we did not spend much time there
      the airstrip was just a dirt patch with a little steel here & there

    • Tom Joseph

      Charles- Tom Joseph 66/67 Blue spaders 1st of the 26th Inf.




        Tom I was in A Co 1966-67, send me an email to regards, Jim Charland

      • Hey there! Just found a photograph of my Pappap, Alvin Jones, that states that he was in this area in Aug ’68. Specifically on the Song Be River is where the photograph was taken. He was in the 1/26 Infantry. Would have been about 48/49 in ’68, so not sure what rank he was then. Just – wondering if any of you remembered him. ❤ He passed away yesterday and saw the photo and started researching.

      • Joe Dirvin Lima Plt., A Co., 1/26th Inf., 1st ID Oct. 1, 1966-Oct. 1, 1967 Phouc Vinh in Tents to Tents with wood sides.

      • Tom Joseph

        It was pretty rough back in those days.

    • Gene

      Charles I was with the 1st of the 28th 1/66 to 1/67 A co…drop me a line..Gene

    • Gene

      Charles, I was in A co 1st 28th 1/1/66 till 2/1/67

    • David

      I was there 66-67 A Co. 1/26 with pappy sperry as plt. sgt.

      • Thomas Joseph

        David, Tom Joseph here, was stationed there at same time w/Sgt. Sperry 2nd Plt. A Co. I hung out a lot w/ Art Montez. Hope everything is well on your end and to see your still kickin, a lot of our comrades are gone. God Bless and Welcome Home.

  9. Lynn Titus

    I was stationed at Phouc Vinh from November 1968 until November 1969. I was with HHC, 8th Engineer Battalion of the 1st Cavalry Division. We moved down here from Camp Evans in I Corps in late October of 1968 where I spent my first two months of a 14 month stay in Vietnam. Enjoyed the pictures.

    • usastruck

      Thank you for the comment…

    • ken piotter

      Lynn … I did OJT with two 8th Eng surveyors in Jan ’69 for one month in PV. Then took the role of a construction surveyor with the 31st Eng Bn at PV.

      • dave pettengill

        I did some surveying with the 8th engineers. I was with HHC. Did some drafting. 1970 – 1971. Dave Pedttengill

    • SSGT John Moloney

      Hi Lynn,
      I was an NCO with HHC 227th Aviation and your unit was located right behind us at Phouc Vinh. We too moved down from Camp Evans where I went to “Charm School”. They were laying down PSP when I got there and then they commenced rocketing the shit out us. Happy to see you home and I’m still looking for guys in my unit after all these years. I remember taking a “stolen” Navy Jeep to the 8th Engineers and asking those guys to repaint it for my CO…Pretty funny stuff.

  10. Steve Nance

    After an initial stint as the Provost Marshal, Bien Hoa Army Base in the fall of 1970, I was transferred to PV as the MP Operations Officer for the Div Provost Marshal Office until the Div stood down the following spring 1971. Vivid memories of weekly mortar attacks (usually around 1700 hrs on Friday, targeting the airfield) until a Blue Team captured a VC husband/wife farmer team with a makeshift mortar tube a klik or so out.

  11. usastruck

    The mortar attacks were even more frequent in the early 70’s and I’m sure the VC husband/wife farmer team were not acting alone…

    • I was in PV 69 and 70 you are right the rocket and mortar attacks were very frequent in the early 70s. i was with the 11 avn group door gunner for a while. then worked on the perimeter issuing weapons for the guards at night.

      • usastruck

        Welcome Home Charles!
        I’m always looking for more photos of Phuoc Vinh. If you want to share some of yours, shoot them my way…

      • I remeber a guy named Hedges,,,,,,,, My nickname was Moose loach platoon 11 grp… had the airfield hooch by the dog trackers

      • BillyMills

        I was on the 8” Howitzer &175 Howitzer 1969 -1970 P.V. B.Mills

      • jolly

        hey billy…….I was with the second of the eighth cav til I got outta the field….when at phouch vinh with the 11th avn. gp. I was hanging with a lot of the air traffic controllers that worked the tower for the landing air craft…..I was there from jan. 70 til april 71 when the cav left country and I had a month left on my second tour……….jolly…….in boise…..

  12. I was with the 31st Eng started in Long Bien for 2 months, and spent my last 8 months at Phuoc Vinh. I came into a replacement camp Bien Hoa march of 1969 and left march of 1970. At phouc Vinh I was assigned to delta co not fare from the perimeter by tower kilo. I started out as a combat Eng and my last six months I ended up as the supply guy. My MOS was 76 something but you went where you were needed. We had a great outfit everyone got along. I remember some last names Tyler, Tucker, Rozelle, McLamb, Sarge from chester Pa. my nickname was working on it Mill.

    • usastruck

      There were more from the 31st Engineers that have left comments. You may know some of them…

    • Mike schwartz

      You are correct, Delta Co was stationed in Long Binh prior to May ’69 when it was relocated to Phouc Vinh to join the rest of the battalion (HHC, A & C Companies- B company was and continued to be stationed in Song Be) You might not know that delta company was actually in the 168th Engr prior to this but transferred to the 31st eventually with the move of the 1st Cav to 3 core in Nov ’68. Delta company was a unique airmobile combat engr company with light equipment that could be airlifted to remote FSB for clearing and building operations. With the Cav’s much larger 8th engr and similar equipment, it became obsolete. We had 3/4 ton wreckers, dump trucks and an armored vehicle with a 50 in the bed. The 8th used us as a boneyard for parts. Eventually, Delta co was reequipped with land based construction equipment same as brother companies and was pivotal in assisting the 11th Armored Cav river crossing into Cambodia in 1970. I have promotion orders and unit citations under both the 168th and 31st banner. An aside, I believe the the tower designation was foxtrot in our perm responsibility, I could be wrong. Totally agree, great group of guys except for a certain “can do” capt who took over the company my last 3 months.

      • Craig Millison


        I was at my first reunion for the 31Combat Eng. in Vegas 10/2013, was the name of the captain Christopher A Dovas. I was in Delta company from May 69 too March 1970. I remember that sign I ended up working under SGt Macklamb in supply my last six months. Our unit had a brand new three quarter ton truck and when myself and Mack went to Saigon for a layover.
        The truck was stolen by the bad guys. Myself and Mack hitchhiked our way to Long Bien, and caught a chopper ride back to PV. Im pretty sure it was The same Captain that ordered me to type up a report of survey on Mack, and charged him 2500 for the truck. Mack was a lifer, and I felt so pissed off that Mack was treated so poorly. Mack worked for a four star in Saigon in 68, and we really went too see his old buddies. I’m pretty sure it was Cris Dovas who eventually went too Song Bea, but I’m not positive. If this was the same guy, he was not liked by many of the troops. I have a difficult time remembering names, but the next officer was a great guy.

      • Ken

        I was in Song Be attached to B company from late Nov 69 to late Dec 69 building under ground bunkers for MACV. Capt. Divas was there and I saw his fragged jeep a twisted mess parked in the B co. area about Dec 5 or so.

        Ken Piotter Sp4 HHC S3

      • Mike Schwartz

        Dovas it was. You might refer to 2 or 3 history articles I posted on the 31st website ( some years ago. I frequently traveled from PV to Song Be area, buttons, martin to check on our equipment there. I’ve got some pictures, not many, of the earth berm surrounding the airstrip and a picture of the “can do” gazebo outside the OR in PV. To say some didn’t care for the guy is way to lenient. I haven’t a clue how or why I wound up driving Dovas around in a jeep one day at buttons but I managed to jettison his ass out of the jeep when I drove into a rocket crater unseen due to dust kicked up from other vehicles. Shortly after that, he kicked my ass out of the jeep to join one of our platoons building cobra protection revetments. Never thought I could smile with a shovel in my hands in the hot sun, but I did.
        Trips to Saigon? Took several, twice to drop off court marshaled troopers at LBJ, then a night in Cholon district, Hotel Tai, before returning to basecamp. Had a business card for the Tai for many years until the wife found it, I don’t have that anymore. Another time, I was riding in the back of a 3/4 ton(no canvass canopy) through Saigon, my M16 leaning against me when a kid jumps out of nowhere and grabs my rifle, ever alert, I yanked the 16 out of his hands and wack’d his forehead with the rifle butt (as trained). I can still see that punk falling backwards to the street in slow motion.
        I have a request to all 31st veterans as it seems many follow this site, does anybody have a picture of the (spent) 107 rocket remains that found its way to the delta company OR in 1969. I saw it there. Origin was PV daytime mortar/rocket attack mainly our motor pool and adjacent 105/175 artillery units. Thanks

    • sgt.Larry Morris

      sgt.. Morris: i think i was there with you until April 1970. Jerry Rozelle worked for me in the commo section, if it is the same person. We use to set on lawn chairs and read books and tan at times.

      • Larry Morris

        Mike: I just started reading these posts. If I am correct Rozelle was in my commo section and Tucker was in supply. I have pictures of myself and Tucker and I do have a picture of that 107 MM rocket. I am holding a large piece of it. you can contact me 816 519 1233. I have not contacted anyone before so this is a first for me. Dovas was the Capt. while I was there too. I heard he got threatened and vacated the area. Not sure about that.

  13. I had been looking for some photos of phuoc vinh to be placed on my web site. I was stationed at papa victor in 1967 with the 3/187 rakkasans B Company 101st Abn Div. Our unit did not stay long in one place because we were desiqinated to be a reactionary force in 3 corps. We took over from the big red 1 and continued to operate with a number of units during TET. Thanks for everything you have done and welcome home.

    • usastruck


      I checked out your website and it looks great!
      Feel free to grab any Phuoc Vinh photos of mine that you want.

      Welcome Home…

    • Bob Sharpe

      Roland, what platoon were you with? I was with 2nd platoon, Donald Bear was our platoon sgt.

  14. It gives me great pleasure in knowing that we as veterans have and still believe in eachother , no matter when where or how are jobs placed us in harms way we completed the mission. All I can say is AIRBORNE and DRIVE ON

  15. Would like to hear from anyone who was in the 1/28th Co. A. Do any of you remember Robert Dale Erickson or Ronald J. Downs? Operation Cedar Falls?

  16. Hey, I just hopped over to your site via StumbleUpon. Not somthing I would normally read, but I liked your thoughts none the less. Thanks for making something worth reading.

  17. Bob Mantell

    I remember this place well. I arrived in country in Jan 70 and after stops at Tay Ninh and Song Be, worked on the Cavalair here until moved to Saigon office of Stars & Stripes shortly after the Cambodia incursion wrapped up.

  18. Awesome pics!!! I am currently in Saigon and head to Di An, Phuoc Vinh, and Tay Ninh tomorrow. I’m the daughter of a Vet and am curious about where my father was stationed…. I can’t help much with the past but besides pics, is there anything I can search out for you?? I head out for my adventure in about 11-hours… Sorry for the late notice but just came across your blog.

    • usastruck

      When and with what unit did your dad serve with in Vietnam?
      Make sure you take plenty of pics of Phuoc Vinh and send some my way. I would love to see what it looks like 40-years later.
      Have a safe trip and report back…

      • My pops was with the 1st Platoon, Company B, 11th RRU, 1st Brigade, 1st Infantry from Sept 1965 to Oct 1966. So it sounds like he was there a bit before you and doing a very different job… although he mentions picking up gunner slots when he got bored.

        Yesterday was an adventure… 12hours almost continuous on the back of a motorcycle. I think I’ll be feeling that one for a few weeks. I got some pics of a vegetable market…. but was unsuccessful at locating the places of interest on my list…. Mostly due to a language barrier… I got to see and take pics of Di An which has been swallowed by Saigon. From there we drove out to Tay Ninh and visited this temple thingy but I was asking him to take me out closer to Cambodia…. but I got some great pics in the temple… And from there we headed back to Phuoc Vinh…. He got lost and I stopped counting after literally the 38th person he asked for directions, and there were many more people we asked afterwards…. There is a main road that cruses through the town and I just happened to be looking up and read a sign with Phuoc Vinh on it…. In particular I was looking for an orphanage that my dad helped build and the air strip…. but by the time we reached PV my toosh was on fire and we still had 100km (or something…his numbers were never correct) to go to get back into Saigon… My driver still was unsuccessful at locating any info on either destination so I pulled the plug to head back. The town itself is big. Many tall buildings and the town is surrounded by fields.

        The long and the short of it, I’m disappointed in not getting to see everything on my itinerary… But it was a wicked ride through the country on the back of a motorcycle and I am happy to have gotten back in one piece 🙂 I will share the pics I did get. I head home on the 15th unless I can hook something sooner and will post some on my blog. Also, I will email you what I have and you can use what you like.

        I intend to come back next year and will do better research before hand. I was here for R&R when the idea came to me. I hope this finds you well.

  19. ****** Michaela , How did you proceed to Phuoc Vinh (?) Was it due north from Phu Cuong or on Hwy 13 and right at Ben Cat up onto a savannah.

    ****** Reason I ask is that in Dec. 1968 I was in that area for one month – then called Chanh Lu – now Thum Thap(??) and some of the roads via Google Earth are still recognizeable.

    The Hard Right turn off just before you came to a place once called Bandit Hill is still there, and I spent a lot of time in that vicinity. Also there are (was once) some old French RR tracks running basically North . Supposedly the Vietnamese are considering redoing that old Rubber Railroad up to Loc Ninh even.

    • To be honest am not so sure… I was holding on to the back of a motorbike attempting not to get bucked off by the potholes that the driver kept hitting at high speeds, for potholes…. We headed to Phuoc Vinh from Tay Ninh and took a lot of back roads…

      After returning on Sat night I found a travel agent in Saigon that specializes in Vet return trips and has a day, day 4 on the itinerary, specifically in Phuoc Vinh region… Sun the office was closed and I arrived this morning at their opening spending an hour and a half attempting to put something together last min for today… but no such luck… If I had another day I’d be fine but I fly out in the am.

      Here is the URL:

      I hope to be back within the next 2 years or so and will be better prepared. It was more of a last min adventure really on this trip.

  20. ***** Do you have to register to leave a comment on this board (???) Mine disapeared.

  21. This has been quite a year so far, I have had two more grandchildern borne. one boy and one girl. Sorry about the delay in keeping in contact with you. I have made contact with an australian cav unit that passed through one of our positions during tet 68. The net is a beautiful thing it can a does bring people closer together even though seperated by miles and years. Keep in touch and drive on. Phuoc Vinh is still on my mind.

  22. usastruck

    Congrats on the grandchildren addition.
    Good to hear from you again…

  23. Danny Miller

    I was in Phuoc Vinh in 70/71. My hooch was right below that airfield tower. I was with the 504th Signal Detachment. Pics of the tower and the cobras
    brought back memories. Graves Registration was across from me.

  24. During my stay at papa victor, there was a place at the end of the runway that was used as a truck and jeep washing spot. This watering hole also attreacted young women. This place we called water hole number 10 because of all of the high cases of the clap that was contracted. Well one day a person who will not be named was haveing a time with one of the ladies in the bushes when a helicopter flew over head and hovered over the young couple. It stayed in place for a minute and then flew on. It was later found out that in the chopper was the battlion commander who in his infinite wisdom put the hole off limits. Doing this dropped the clap count down to almost nothing. The troops were upset but it made the medics happy because it cut down on working with assholes all day. Water Hole numba teen Phouc Vinh still on my mind, or should I say on my behind. Heres hopeing all had a great 4th. Drive On

  25. Mike Cody

    Just stumbled upon this sight. Hope everything is alright. I kept touch with a couple of you guys like Ron Cepek ,Gene Vanasse, and Dick (Geofge) Burns when I and they got home. Ron is the only one I’m still semi in touch with. WELCOME HOME, BROTHER.

    • usastruck

      And ‘Welcome Home’ to you Mike.
      Glad you found my blog. Hopefully we will stumble upon more ‘Blues’ via the magic of the internet…

  26. When ever my unit came back to Phouc Vinh from missions, the nva/vc would rocket us. This happend like clock work and we knew it would happen. Well after a long hard mission that kept us in the field for weeks coming back to P. V. was like coming home. So to celabrate my home coming in one piece, I decited to get plastered. so I did. During the night we got hit with a number of 122mm rockets.After all was said and done a head count was taken and I was missing in action. There had been a number of wounded and my platoon sgt could not find me. when the morning arrived I awoke from my drunkin stuper, and to my amaizement I was wedged between sand bags and the outside wall of my sleeping quarters. As I grathered my pounding head together and put myself in a sitting position on the sandbags, my platoon sgt saw me. The sgt had a look on his face on seeing of stark suprise.The sgt yelled and said hayes your alive, we thought you were dead. I asked the nco what are you talking about. He told me about the rocket attack and pointed to a large crater some fifty feet from where I slept. On seeing the hole in the ground and the bldg wall full of holes, I almost crapped on myself. Never again would I drink myself into a stuper while at papa victor. Lesson learned? you are not at home, so don`t act like it stay aleart and live. Phouc Vinh on my mind. Stay cool and drive on.

  27. Bob Marley

    Ken, I was battalion surveyor from July 1966 until I left Nam in Dec. 1968. Did you work with George Ingramin S3? Would like to hear from you.

    • ken

      Yes I worked with George in S3 from Jan 1969 until April 1969 when George left the HHC 31st Eng. Bn. I believe George was from New jersey and he came over to Vietnam on the boat from Ft. Bliss.

      • Bob Marley

        Ken, Good to hear from you. How about Larry Mcgee and Sgt. Plachetka. They both went by boat. Larry came to the 31st about 2 weeks after I did in 1966.

        I flew over on a C-141 with the advanced party.

  28. ken

    Hello Bob Marley …

    Look me up on Facebook and send me a message. We can talk more offline about HHC 31st Eng.


  29. Jim

    I was a member of HHC at Phouc Vinh in 1969-70. I was in a small field hospital, recovering from dysentary around 1 Feb 1970. The hospital was hit
    by a VC mortar or rocket attack. I woke up about
    5 days later at an evacuation hospital on the coast.
    I never returned to HHC at Phouc Vinh and really
    heard what happened that night. I spent most of the next 12 months in military hospitals, in Japan
    and the U.S. If anyone can fill in some blanks for me relative to that night…thank you!

  30. Tim DuBois

    Was in Phouc Vinh Nov 67- June 68. 101st Airborne, 3/187th Charlie Co. Was there doing Tet Offensive. Lots of memories some good and some bad. Unfortunately the bad ones seem to be taken over at times. People keep telling me it’s PTSD. Haven’t had a good night’s sleep in soooo long and when I do it’s not restful. I’m sure there are others with the same problem.
    Anyone remember me???

    • Tim: I don`t remember meeting you in the nam, but welcome home. I have been in contact with your old company commander, CPT Bond. We the 3/187 have a reunion every year in ardmore OK. Next year it will be held in the month of OCT. this is to cut down on the heat(107 degrees+) so that we as comrads in arms can enjoy eachothers company. Jim Reedy was in your company and he is a naiehbor who lives in the city of buffalo. I did not know of him until he and his wife came to the reunions. With the use of the net we will get you on board with someone that will know you. I was with company B 3/187 67-68 so our paths have crossed. B and C companys worked close together while in the nam. Chu Chi, Trang Bang, Hobo woods, iron triangle, war zone C, D Tay Ningh, 2 corps, I Corps. We as a unit did it all. Welcome Home Brother. AIRBORNE Roland Hayes SGT company B

      • Tim DuBois

        Hey Roland,
        Thanks for the response. Wasn’t sure if anyone was out there and would read it, let alone respond.
        I read your story on good old P.V. and your drunken stupor. I was there than and remember “it” (or one just like it). I had been drinking again myself that night, (suprise, suprise), anyway, I remember hearing a whistling sound. I kiss the dirt and my ass at the same time and than remembered that if you hear the whistling than the mortar has passed and your okay. Well, it’s true. That was the night that our ammo dump up the road a little way got hit……KABOOOOM!!!!!!
        Anyway, I had another reason to hae a beer (or 2).
        I was with C company, but was attached to Headquarters, so most of my time was spent in base camp Phouc Vinh. Tended bar at the NCO club along with Sgt E-6 Troutman (he was our re-enlistment NCO). I delivered and picked up mail between base and field.
        Several other jobs that I didn’t care for also.
        Like having to identify and tag the bodies of my comrades when they were brought in. That’s one of the memories that I’m having problems with.
        Better leav it at that for now.
        Thanks again and welcome home to you!!!
        Airborne All the Way!!!!
        Tim (SGT)

  31. Bob Gach

    Wow. Great site. I was with the 2nd Civil Affairs Company, 19th AA Platoon in Phuoc Vinh. We operated out of an old French Villa in a compound near the District Chief’s compound. The tower at his location made a great aiming site We were on the receiving end of 122’s and mortars on numerous occasions. I haven’t had any luck locating any of my unit buddies. Maybe your site will bring us together.

  32. I was there in phouc vinh with 6/27 artillery in hhb in survey section from 10-67 to 10-68 would love to hear from anyone.

  33. Tim, Got in touch with your old C O from Charley company. He has you listed on his roster. James also told me to give you his email address so here it is brother. I hope that you can get some helpful info. Keep in touch, and DRIVE ON AIRBORNE Roland

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  35. spec5

    I was company clerk for HHC and Co. B, 227th AHB, 8/69 to 4/70. Was originally headed for Alpha, 227 in Lai Khe to work on Hueys, but got de-railed in Phuoc Vinh when the S2 found out I could type (lie). Got to fly and loved it. Hated typing! Apologies to anyone who got screwed because of my errors. Will post some pics of the AO later.

    • usastruck

      Welcome home!
      Pictures are welcome along with your name…

    • kevin mooney

      I was with co b 227th 69/70 crew chief for a/c 590 Mr lenny was my pilot

    • SSGT John Moloney

      I was also in HHC 227th from 10/68 to 12/69. My first Sgt was SFC Church and the CO was Capt Waters. Do you know these guys? Do you know Nelson Scmaltz or Karl Vonderhey? I was Sgt John Moloney, while there I got a Bronze Star and the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry. I remember the ceremony but I have no memory of “why”? My ex through out all my shit so all I have is my DD214 and the medals on my wall. As the Company Clerk I am hoping you can tell me. I was also the Motor Sargent for a time during that time. Hope you can help? Glad you’re home.


    • Michael Fangerow

      Funny! I was C/227 with revetments next to yours. Jun 69-Dec 70. Crew chief. When I was processing in at 11th Avn Gp, I was origionally on orders for B/227. The Co of C/227 was in the orderly room and overheard I was a 67N10 (helicopter mech). He came over, took my orders, scratched out B co and put C co, and said to me “there you go”. I worked with Randy Watkins B/227 (remember him?) for many years after.

  36. Hi Vets and friends,
    My first duty station was Phuoc Vinh (Dec,1969). I was with the 1st Cav 5\7 recon. I was in and out of PV for around 3 or 4 months before going to Tay Ninh. I have been back to PV 7 or 8 times since the war and have many friends there and know it fairly well.
    They use the old air strip for drying roots now, I’ve been told it’s Tapioca. Several families have a section they maintain and they live in lean-to’s.
    Nice to hear there’s someone else interested….. good luck to you all. Any questions, send me an email.

    • usastruck

      Welcome home Lloyd!

      Let me guess, you Googled Phuoc Vinh and my website showed up on the first page. That’s how many end up here. Amazing technology!!!
      I checked out your website and was much impressed by your efforts to return to Vietnam and help the people.

      I recently watched “Shakey’s Hill” on the Military Channel. Was your Company involved in the same operation as Bravo Company 5/7th during the Cambodia Incursion? Norman Lloyd did a great job with that documentary.

      • Yes, if you watch the movie 5\7 recon came in to help out. I had friends wounded. A few days earlier I was wounded at firebase Wood, always thought I got lucky. I joined my friends on Shakeys Hill, have photos need to learn how to post them.

  37. usastruck

    Bu Dop was our staging area on May 6, 1970 prior to crossing the border into Cambodia. When I watched the “Shakey’s Hill,” I noticed that was the same date the 5/7th made their assault into Cambodia. Do you know if their staging area was also Bu Dop? In my blog entry “Cambodia Incursion,” I thought we were there with the 2/7th, and maybe it was the 5/7th instead.

  38. I don’t usually reply to posts but I will in this case. WoW 🙂

  39. Served on 8 inch, Ammo Section. and 175 Gun for Charlie Battery 6/27th Arty inPhuoc Vinh from 9/68 to 9/69. Check out for more info/pictures.

  40. Thanks for the great pictures. I especially like the picture of the tower I worked in 69 and 70. I was in ATC at HHC. Got out in the field too often and even went into the fish hook in Cambodia with the Pathfinders. Again Thanks for the great pictures. My handle was “blue nuttin”

  41. I must be getting old. Just finished haveing surgery to remove scar tissue from my bladder so that I pee. I had cancer, from exposure to agent orange. Man it feels good to feel good again.
    I have received a lot of emails from Holland. My site was selected to be put on a dutch site. The comments are great. I have now been in contact with military personall who have spent time in vietnam and afganistan.the net is a good conduit for more contact with other brothers in arms. Have a great holiday and drive On. Another grandson on the way

  42. Tim DuBois

    Congrats on the new grandson ……kids and grandkids are great to have.
    Dealing with some “left-over” from Vietnam. Some are part of the aging process, BUT Agent Orange has help push it ahead 10 -15 years for many of us. I’m dealing with COPD;

  43. Tim DuBois

    Congrats on the new grandson ……kids and grandkids are great to have.
    Dealing with some “left-over” from Vietnam. Some are part of the aging process, BUT Agent Orange has help push it ahead 10 -15 years for many of us. I’m dealing with COPD; Ischemic Heart; abdominal tumor; hadprostate surgery and am now being treated for PTSD. Oh the memories. BUT I am greatful for the life I had and looking forward to the life ahead!! Have a Merry Christmas ALL!!!!! Tim from C/3187th

  44. J. Dennis Jack

    Phuoc Vinh Sept 66-67 1 st Infantry div. HHC 1/26 Inf. attached 1/5 Arty. Heavy Mortar Platoon ( Destroyer Charlie 5-2 ) on the radio
    I am still living in NY and have a place in Maine. Always wanted to return to PV but I understood it is now a military base and wouldn’t recognize anything. I guess I was told bad info. Nice to hear from some of my ” home boys” I think of you guys every time I hear a veh. backfire or a firecracker. Welcome home to all Merry Christmas

  45. Larry Frostman

    HHC 31st Engr. Bn. Nov. ’68-Dec. ’69. I wonder if anyone ever made a count of the rockets and mortars that landed on Phouc Vinh ? Too many as I remember. Working with a non profit organization called Dryhootch. org based out of Milwaukee and am in the process of opening up one similar here in central Wisconsin. Look them up on the web at Great program for all Vets and I am sure this organization will be growing. Thank You and WELCOME HOME !

    • ernesto solis

      I was with the 31st combat engineers from dec 68 to dec 69. Larry i remenber the many times we got hit at night and day. I just found this site. most of the guys say they were with the 31st engineers, I was wondering if they mean combat engineers? I was the weapons especialist for the first 3 months and then became the truck driver. Is there anybody out there with the 31st combat engineers from DEC 68 TO Dec 69? next to us was the 1st cav Infantry. Would appriciate a response..thank you….esnesto solis

    • Harry D Worley

      I don’t remember names very well, but I was at HHC 31stEngr Bn. Nov68 to late April 69. I went to vietnam with a MOS of 11B/C,,,wound up assigned as a Company Clerk at HHC. I didn’t stay in the orderly room much. I volunteered for everything I could…especiall shotgun on convoys. Late April 69 got reassigned to HHC 20th Bde and worned at Long Binh at 90th Repl. Assigning all personnel under 20th Bde. I remember once after a night of rocket and morater attacks, someone said they counted 96. I remember one evening we were watching a movie and a round hit the movie screen. Fun times at Phouc Vinh.

      • David Armstrong

        Harry I got there just after you left. I was a crane operator and the company did not have any. So I stayed in PV for a week before I was told by top I was going to BuDop to be motor pool clerk. We loaded on a chopper and off to Phovc Binh. Top got off the chopper to get mail and then we headed up to BD. When I got there no one would talk to me of show me anything. For 5-6 months this went on as well as my vehicle being shot at, clothes stolen claymores turned on me, mail stolen, vehicles rigged, everything. Finally, someone told me that a new “clerk” had turned in 2 guys for smoking pot, in Phovc Binh. They sent him back to PV (company clerk) and me to BD as the motor pool “clerk’. It was hell for that time. The only one that was civil to me was a black man named Charlie Knight. He was also the motor pool parts clerk and we worked together. After I found out the platoon had been trying to kill me “accidentally” for that time I put in for a transfer to the 557th. Finally got a crane and was attached back to the 31st and sent out on my own for 3-4 months with B company. Finally met my LT one day and got all of my back pay and mail. The first few months weren’t easy.

  46. Frank Riggio

    phuoc vinh 1967 B-battery 1/5 arty #6 gun across from the old charcoal factory. Took down old fire base and rebuild it for the 101st. Miss all the guys on the gun.

  47. Jim Kuertz

    I was in Phouc Vinh November 1965-66 in C Battery 6th/27th Artillery. assistant guner

  48. Jim Kuertz

    I have a few pictures of C Battery 6th/27th Artillery from the time that we as a company picked up and moved from the Siagon harbor our guns, trucks, jeeps, men etc. to Phouc Vinh November 1965. We set up our temporary compound right next to the air strip. Later after Christmas we cleared a large area I believe to be East and north of the airstrip. The First Calv. was across the airstrip from that temporary camp. I’d be glad to share the pictures I have with anyone. I would also like to see any pictures of C battery from close to the same time that I was there in 65 and 66.

  49. I remember that arial view of Phuc Vinh very well. Headed to FSB Buttons also. Served with 1/30 Arty, 1st Cav. I think I still have some red dust in my ears.

  50. Bob Powers

    Nice web site, Rob! I was with HHC 31st from April ’69 to March ’70. Rob posted five pix of the airfield — they were Ektachrome, which does not age well. The second is the entrance from the airfield to HHC 31st, with the battalion crest on top, and the 20th Brigade patch on the mat. The Cobras refueled just to the side. The third is a C-123 taking off.

  51. Richard Schunk

    Many thanks for the great photos of Phuoc Vinh, particularly the one of the 31st Engineer Battalion with the “Demonstratus” arch next to the Black Spade landing pad. I served as CO of HHC and S-1 Officer of the Battalion from May 1970 to May 1971. Best wishes to all who served with the 31st.

    Richard Schunk

    • Chris Bussells

      Greetings Richard. I also was with the 31st, from about March ’70 to January ’71, and worked as a draftsman in HHC. I don’t remember your name, but it’s been a long time, and I was only a Spec 4. My best buddy there was a guy named Lee Luce, from Boston. I still have a ton of photos of the company area and people in the unit- maybe you are among them! I would love to contact some people I knew there, especially Lee, but I have searched the internet in vain for him for the last couple of years.


      • ken piotter

        Hello Chris …

        I was with the 31st HHC in S3 at PV in 1969 as a construction surveyor. I would like to get a photo or two of the EM Club inside since I spent a number of hours there.

      • ken piotter

        Chris …
        I have some info on digitizing Kodachrome and Ektachrome slides that do not involve the use of a scanner or sending out to a photo replication shop. A lot cheaper and relatively fast. Also careful with clearing/dusting off slides. Check me out on Facebook under my name and I can give you a detail message about my repro slide to digital method and some dos and don’ts with your valuable slides.

        Ken Piotter

  52. usastruck

    Thank you for subscribing to my blog, and welcome home…

  53. marvin gehrke


    • usastruck

      And Welcome Home to you Marvin. Got pics, send them my way and I’ll enter them in the appropriate post…



    • Larry Frostman

      Marvin, Yes, I remember you and Mike Blackburn . Google 31st Engineer Reunion and try to attend this fall in Branson Mo. Not sure where Blackburn is at but I thought He was from here in Wisconsin. Where do you live ?

    • Larry Frostman

      Marvin, Your name is on the list of those who the Battalion Association hasn’t been able to locate.

    • James tasker

      Yes. Mike is. In charleston wva. Went to see him.i also was a heavy equip. Mechanic. May 69-april 70 name is TASKER. 301-501-6455 FROM MARYLAND.

      • Dick Hopkins

        Yo Tasker. Dick (Hoppy) Hopkins here. I was there with you from June 69 to June70. Live in Australia since 1972 so have lost contact with everyone. Let Mike know if you are in contact with him. Would be good to get back in touch. Hoppy

      • James Tasker

        Hoppy just found your reply,glad to here from you, I live in MD, if you ever want to chat call me 301-501-6455


        Were you with the 8th Engineers?

    • Tom Giese

      Was also assigned to HHC 31st Eng, was a Heavy Equipment Mechanic. Was there for 22 months left Nov 69. Went on R&R with Blackburn to Tiawan. Good to hear from former members.

      • Larry frostman

        Hey tom, we met lat year in cable wi. Good to see you on here. I have tried to find Blackburn myself, mostly social media. Try the 31st Facebook page, you will like it and should know some of the members.

      • Alex Hernandez

        Hey Tom, Been following everyone’s comments. Been interesting t learn about your activities before go there. I was with A Btry, 2/20 AR. Got there on Christmas eve 1970. Spent it and Christmas day at the enlisted club before being assigned to A Bty.

      • Chuck Korn

        Chuck Korn… I was assigned to HHC 31st Eng …. Apr 69-Apr 70. From Pittsburgh PA now living in Galax VA.

  54. Craig

    I was able to visit the town and old base a couple of weeks ago and have several pics. Who can I send them to to post (if people are interested).

  55. Harold Stiffler

    Thanks for the memories. I was at Phuoc Vinh, July 68 to Jan 69, 27th Support Group.

  56. ken piotter

    I would like to see photos of the 31st Eng Bn EM Club at phouc vinh. I have two photos but both are poor quality.
    sp4 ken piotter
    HHC 31st Eng Bn

    • Larry Frostman

      Massive amounts of Falstaff served by Jim Millar ! Get a hangover thinking about those nights .

      • James Smith 450th si g. Det. 5/67 5/68

        Falstaff in steel cans with rusty tops, had to carry sand paper in back pocket. Sand too b4 opening. Wow things we rember

  57. Dan Fadgen

    With C 228th Avn. Bn., 1st Cav at Phouc Vinh from Mar 69 to Feb 70. In an odd way, I miss the place – will always remember the steam baths in the village.

    • usastruck

      Welcome Home Dan! They made Phuoc Vinh village off-limits to us shortly after I arrived in March of 70…

      • Dan

        I left Phuoc Vinh March of 70. I remember the situation why they closed the village down. It was a fight that broke out with three friendly’s, and the two who ended up dead were from the South Viet’s Army. I do remember a big stink about how UN safe the town was becoming. I heard some guys would sneak in over night. I personally did not know anyone who would admit it. I can’t remember exactly what happened after that fire fight, but it put an end to the steam baths business. PS Anyone from HO at 31st at Phouch Vinh 1969 to march 70 contact me please I am hoping you might have some records about delta company I was in with.

    • paul

      Dan, the Steam n Creams?
      yikes did we really do that stuff?

    • Tim Coragliotti

      Hay Dan… where you with the CH-47s ??

      Tim (cat)

      • Bowman Olds

        We just had our 5/7 Cav reunion this past weekend in Washington, DC and we talked about the outstanding job you all did for us grunts during combat assaults and log missions.

  58. I response to the steam house. As I recall the steam house was full of more than just steam. I wounder if mama son with no teeth was still there after I left. I know of a lot of GIs who would classify her as one of the natural wouders of the world, me included. Drive On Roland

    • Chris Bussells

      Yup, the old steamjob and a blowbath. I never went, since I arrived in March ’70, and as others have said, the town was made off limits around that time, but I sure heard a lot about the place.


  59. Great pics. I was there from Dec 1969- Nov. 1970 as an air traffic controller. That was the old tower BTW.

    • usastruck

      Welcome Home Stan…

    • buck joe leaf

      hey stan…….i was a bud of a lot of the air traffic controllers with the 11th avn. grp………i was with the 2/8 before landing in phouch vinh….became close to a lot of the controllers in the tower…….let me throw a few names at you…..gary jackson, who i have been trying to find, kim herfert, bhudda, and a slug of others i cant recall… nick was jolly….was there beginning of 70 and left a month after the cav pulled out…..felt like a bastard child……… last month was interesting…..i escaped my last month in bien wah and spent it on an lz with my air traffic control buds…….jolly

      • usastruck

        Welcome Home Buck…

      • Stan Edington

        Hey Joe
        Yes, I remember Gary and Kim. Do you remember the pilot called Dirty Dick? How about Batman and Robin? I was good friends with Steve Shiano, Doc Clover and Ron Cutcomp. I had a reunion with Doc and Ron a couple of months ago.

  60. Paul Limandri

    I couldn’t believe it when I found this site.Scrolling thru the pics and saw the ATC tower.I worked air traffic from that tower approx. Jan 68-Nov 68.I was assigned to the 338th Airfield Service Detachment/1st Aviation Brigade.I certainly remember all the incoming.Part of my job was too call Arty with approx locations of the incoming since the flashes were easy to see from the tower at night.The vc used the old abandonded French church for reference point.The only guys I remember are Steve Duhamel,John Leineke(sp) and Jay.If you’re out there get in touch.

    • usastruck

      Welcome home Paul…

    • Terry Maxton

      Hi Paul,
      I was @ PV from Dec ’68 to Dec ’69… Tower & GCA. If I’m not mistaken, the pic of the tower is the new tower which was almost complete when I went back to the world. The old tower was a trip working in… one guy handled everything, with the aid of a couple spotters to keep track of the bee-hive… you know what I mean.

      • Welcome Home Terry…

      • Terry Maxton

        Gotta tell you, since discovering your blog it’s brought back so many memories and thoughts I haven’t had for many, many years.
        All my best to you & all my brothers in the Cav!


        I feel like I’ve been a lepper on the wrong web site for at least a year. I was a ce door gunner with C co, 227 on the other side of PV with the helicopters from Jun 69 to Dec 70. The only time I was over on your side of PV was when we came in for POL or went to the px.

        —————————————–From: “My Vietnam Experience” To: Cc: Sent: Sat, 23 May 2015 14:00:02 +0000 Subject: [New comment] Phuoc Vinh Airfield

        Terry Maxton commented: “Hi Paul, I was @ PV from Dec ’68 to Dec ’69… Tower & GCA. If I’m not mistaken, the pic of the tower is the new tower which was almost complete when I went back to the world. The old tower was a trip working in… one guy handled everything, with t”

  61. Ron Brown

    I was with the 191st MI Detachment, 1st Cav from 3/69 – 3/70 in a tent under the rubber trees. I remember all the incoming with the 122mm’s exploding in the trees sending shrapnel everywhere. One night we had setup a portable generator and were watching “The Good, Bad, and The Ugly.” There was a scene where the camera pans down a main street and an artillery round whistles in and explodes. By the time that round hit in the movie everyone had stampeded to the bunker trampling chairs and bodies alike. It was pretty funny when we realized it was only only in the movie.

    • Ron, just saw this message. I was a member of the 191st MI Det from Aug 69 to Sep 70. I remember you and have a couple of pictures with you in them. So good to hear of another member of the 191st. Contacts have been few and far between

  62. From Oct 1970 until after the invasion of Laos, I was a crew chief for B Battery, 2/20 ARA (Blue Max) and my ship was named Canned Heat. Back in the mid ’80s I found a calendar called Warbirds of Vietnam, and Canned Heat was on the cover. Weird coincidence.

    I have pics of the place from 1970-71, and would be happy to share. There are a few on my website.

    After the badly-planned Laotian invasion, I was at PV until it it was handed over to the ARVNs. By the time I left, you couldn’t find a piece of PSP anywhere, the ARVN General in charge of the place had it all torn up and sold as scrap. I was one of the last 5 US troops on the base, and was on the last truck to leave the place. I went to Bearcat then, but was excess personal and did gate security most of the time until I came home.

    While with Blue Max, I was often out on FB Buttons and, if I remember right, FB Snuffy. Our ships would fly out to the FBs every morning and then stay on alert to do a 2-minute jump (Alert to takeoff in 2 mins or less. We pretty much always made it.)

    Our ships also flew ‘Pink Teams’ with Loaches from 1/9 Cav. I have pics of one Loach that went down after hovering over a VC bunker. 3 KIAs. I had been promised a ride in that ship that day, but a newbee 2nd Lt. bumped me out of the seat. Good luck for me, bad luck for him.

    Glad to find the site, even though I seem to be the first B 2/20th ARA guy to come along and find it.

    I’ve had Agent Orange-related cancer and had surgery one year ago. Has anyone else noticed that the VA barely gives a damn about us? At least that’s how it is in Alaska.

    Go First Cav!


  63. frank mckinnon

    I looking for photos of HQ troop, and the flight line, 1st of the 9th at phuoc vinh. Also, I have photos to share if anyone is interested. Frank.


    OUT OF PHUOC VINH 1969 TO 1970

  65. This website looks amazing and I am so happy to be a part of it. I just became a new member of the community.
    Virginia Beach Roofing

  66. Joe Leatham

    Just finished reading these blogs. Like others, I more or less absent-mindedly googled Phuoc Vinh and then 1970 which is when I was there, and now I’m glad I did. I was at Phuoc Vinh in Base Defense attached to HHB Divarty of the 1st Cav from March ’70 to Feb ’71. I too miss that place in a strange way. There are lots of memories from that time, and I probably left something of myself there. I hope lots of others will see this website and drop a few lines. Welcome back to all you guys.

  67. frank mckinnon

    The helicopter maint. building is a great photo addition. I have a tape recorder that is full of holes by that very same rocket. Keep up the good work guys. Lets get more photos like those. Frank McKinnon.

  68. usastruck

    The added photos (including the maintenance building) were by Jim Delp (HQ Troop 1/9th, 1969. I met Jim at a PTSD group picnic just recently, and I’m using many of his photos for my blog. Thanks Jim…

    • frank mckinnon

      Thank you again for the photos of HQ troop. I have more of that area. I’ll send them to you if you like. I tried to figure out where Jim’s hooch is located by his photo, but I can not. Maybe Jim can help. Did Jim send in the photos of the mess hall? My hooch was right beside that mess hall while it burned and it never woke it while it burned. Is there anyway you can get me Jim’s e-mail address? Thanks. Frank McKinnon. HQ Troop. 1st/9th.

      • Walker White

        Hi Frank, my names Walker White SP5,Marion Wi.HHQ 1/9 CAV 2-69 to 2-70.I’m looking for date information on when the mess hall burned down.I have the same pictures as posted. I was working in the HHQ motor pool when there was an explosion very close.A claymore had accidantly went off.I don’t remember the LRP .unit there or the date this happened.
        I remember the rocket hit on the officers barracks, our sleeping quarters and bunker weren’t far away. I believe C-Company 1/9 was on the other side of the LRP’s.I pulled guard duty behind the chopper hanger, green line duty on tower lema,and bunker 39. You look familiar but I can’t place you. Maybe Basic,A.I.T. or someone who looks the same. I going to dig up some of my old books. If you can help me out with any of this I appreciate it very much. Thank you. WELCOME HOME TO U AND ALL VETS PAST AND PRESENT.

      • usastruck

        Welcome Home Walker…

      • Rob… I need to respond to Walter, something is wrong…. I CAN’T! HELP. Frank.

      • Hi Walter… Walter, my computer is giving me a little trouble tonight. So, this week end I promiss you I will answer you again. In addition, I will send you some photos if you like. I have photos of the bunker, and tower. And if you have any photos you think I might like to see, please send them to I will send your photos to Rob for his review, in your name. Some I feel he will post on this blog. I will first refurr you to the Walker Jones aerial photo of the 1/9 HQ, and C troop areas in this blog. That wonderful photo sent to me by Walker Jones, clearly shows the placement of everybuilding, that was built at that time. My hooch was the next building north of the mess hall. Jim’s hooch was south east of the mess hall…. I THINK! When the mess hall burned I didn’t even wake-up. But I remember being told that LTC Booth was out there. So, he was in charge when it happened, so I believe I can get you a date on this. I was his crew chief on his UH-1H. LTC Booth also has a B model gun ship, but I didn’t crew that bird. That B model was the same bird that LTC Covington was WIA in. Many thanks to Jim because his hooch was very close, and he remembers the dates. So I’ll get up with him and he too will help you. It was very nice hearing from you. Thank you. Frank McKinmnon. Hickory, n.c.


  70. ken piotter

    I actually worked on the new mess hall which I think was in Sept/Oct 1969. I as a surveyor set the points for the bolts to fasten the “A” frame members in place. This structure is known as a Butler Building and is used as a quick way to build a fairly large building in a short period of time and not spend a large amount of money on the project.

  71. frank mckinnon

    Great! Thank you. I had forgotten all about that new mess hall until the photos were posted. Do you have anymore photos showing just to the right. That was my hooch. Inside or out! I pulled some KP in the burned mess hall, but I was ED when the new one was built. I guess you don’t have anymore photos of the new or the old do you? You have been a big help, thanks a lot. Frank McKinnon.

  72. Dave here. was with 1st Cav 4Aug 69 to Aug 70.and PV was our back area. flew as a doorgunner for the 15th Medevac airambulance platoon. as with others on this blog I miss that place a little also. not sure why just do. the weather station was close to our hootch and we use to shot down the balloons. they didn’t like us very well. which I just don’t understand. think our set up was on the s.w.corner of the LZ.

    later Dave.

    • usastruck

      Welcome Home Dave…

    • frank mckinnon

      Hi Dave… If you look at all of the aerial photos at this web site of PV fire base, you may see the area you were in. Click on the archives, then click on ” read more ”. And photos can be seen. I was in the 1st/9th HQ troop next to C troop. By the way, if you have any photos I sure would like to see them. Even if they are across the post from where I was stationed. Also contact Rob at this site and post them for everyone to see. Thank you. Frank. ps… I miss the place too. But I have been told by several troopers who returned to the fire base that nothing is there that was there.

  73. Gary Butler

    I was in Phuoc Vinh from Nov. ’70 with the 31st Engrs until we were relocated to Long Binh in, I believe, Feb ’71. Found your blog tonight and frankly was surprised that I had not run across it before. I have looked for guys that were there at the same time as me without much luck (found my best friend there and as it turns out he didn’t really want to be found. Would love to hear from anyone from my time (Fred Whitten, Garry Camp). I have pix from our side of the airstrip somewhere if I can get my hands on them again. My wife doesn’t like me to look at them. I guess I get a little spacey afterward.

    • usastruck

      Welcome Home Gary!
      If you sort through the comments on this post, you may find others that served with the 31st Engrs in Phuoc Vinh…

    • Chris Bussells

      Hey Gary. I was also in the 31st (HHC) from around March ’70 to January ’71, and also have lots of photos, mostly on Kodachrome slides. Did you by any chance know Lee Luce?


    • Grant Shaw

      Fred Whitten (Louisiana) and Gary Camp (Missouri) were from the Personnel unit, right? I remember those guys. I also worked in Personnel – Mar 1970 to Jan 1971. I’m having a little trouble placing you, but by the time you arrived I’m sure I was focused on going home.

    • Gary Camp

      Gary- It’s Gary Camp! I’ve been looking for you. Would love to hear from you. I’m still living in Missouri. Hope you’re doing well!

      • Gary Butler

        Been doing periodic searches for you and Fred Whitten for years. Never had any luck. So happy to hear from you I can’t tell you. Email me so we can exchange info and get in touch.

    • Gary Camp

      gary butler its gary camp I just found this site it april 12 2017 email me I would love to here from you I have stayed in touch with fred whitten he lives in Monroe louisana I remember you well

  74. frank mckinnon

    Hi Gary… I Just went to my first ever 1st/9th cav mini reunion with C troop at Phuoc Vinh. And I am glad I did. I ran across the http://www.bullwhipsquadron on the net. It turns out that is was my unit. Check them out even if they are not your unit. You’ll be glad you did. Some troopers have moved on Gary, and I know that was not a good experience for you. But you keep trying to locate your buddies. Again, you’ll be glad you did. They are out there, and some of them can’t wait to hear from you, trust me. And as for your photos, old buddy, if I may call you this…. I’D LOVE TO SEE THEM IF YOU DO NOT MIND. Sincerely, Frank McKinnon.

    • Gary Butler

      Was very good to read your post and I thank you for it. If Mama will let me know where my pix are, I would be honored if you want to see them. As soon as I get my hands on them I’ll make that happen. Thanx again.


    Was in phouc vinh with the 27th Maint det, 1st Cav 1/69-11/69, then 27th maint in bien Hoa 11/69-3/70. I know a great story about the steam baths.
    Anybody remember Sandy?

  76. frank mckinnon

    Well thank you very much Gary. That is very kind of you my friend. I look forward to hearing from you when ever you can. My X has some of my Vietnam photos. And I’m thinking they are now BROWN in color, ha, ha, lol! And will never ever been seen again, ESPECIALLY BY ME, Frank.

  77. I really liked the article, and the very cool blog

  78. Really a nice website! Just entered it today and will going to look for updates.

  79. frank mckinnon

    Chris…. I sure would like to see your photos of phuoc vinh, and the fire base there, as would thousands of troopers. Maybe you would have time to get up with Rob. He posted my photos for me on this site. Or maybe you could do it youself. This is a great blog, and is getting better because of guys like you. Frank.

    • Chris Bussells

      See my reply to Rob. I would be glad to share anything I have on our days in RVN. I’ve been telling my wife for years that I need to find a way to get these photos out- someone must be interested! I believe I finally found that path. This stuff is personally interesting to us as participants, but it’s also history, and it would be a shame if it’s all thrown out when I leave this world. If anyone knows of an RVN photo archive that would be interested in the original Kodachromes, I would love to know about it.

      All the best to you and yours;


  80. usastruck

    Chris, if you have photos of Phuoc Vinh and would like to share, email them to me and I’ll look them over. I can’t promise they will get posted, but if I like them, they will…


    • Chris Bussells

      Rob; Most of my best photos are on Kodachrome slides- after I posted yesterday I pulled them out and spent the rest of the afternoon looking at them- what a trip down memory lane! Last night I ordered a slide scanner so that I can convert them to digital and send them to you. As soon as I get the scanner I’ll send you a sampling- there are 15 boxes, some are 36 exposure but most are 24. Now I understand why Paul Simon wrote that song “Kodachrome”. These things are still gorgeous after more than 40 years in storage, and I hope the scans will do them justice. I do have some B&W scans of prints of a Bailey bridge project the 31st did that I will send you today- I don’t remember where the project was, up north of PV somewhere. Most of my photos were taken around the 31st HHC area, with a few from Quan Loi taken when we moved there temporarily during the Cambodia incursion.

      It was great to find this site- as others have said, I looked around before, but found nothing. I think some of us are just now coming to terms with our time in RVN, and I hope more of us will be coming out of the woodwork.


      P.S. I noticed that your reply was sent at 4:55 AM- glad to see that I’m not the only old guy who wakes up early!

  81. frank mckinnon

    Chris… This is great news. Yes, I saw your response to Rob. Thank you for letting me know. I’m sure Rob will make the best of what you have, but this will to be up to him. I’m hoping you will get a high resolution scanner, with a TMA adpter ( transparent materials adpter ), and with at least 4000 DRI. If you need some help buying this let me know, all I ask is that you share these photos with everyone. Sincerely, Frank.

  82. Chris Bussells

    Here’s the scanner I bought:
    It’s a specialized slide/negative scanner, but not the most expensive. If it doesn’t do a good enough job, I’ll have it done professionally- at least I can sort through the around 500 Kodachrome slides (with a smattering of Ektachrome, which have faded considerably when compared to the K’s), and decide which ones are worth showing. I took a lot of photographs, both B&W & color, and the B&W negatives (shot mostly with PlusX) will produce some great 8×10 prints. Many of my shots are portraits of my pals and coworkers- the faces haunt me still. I sent those B&W Bailey bridge shots to Rob this morning- maybe he will share them with you.


    • frank mckinnon

      Chris… Lets hope that scanner will do well. Jim told me that Rob is very busy now. Maybe you could send those photos to me as well if you do not mind? I’d like that very much. I get to see troopers that I haven’t ever seen before, and I can see other parts of the post I haven’t ever seen. Close-ups, and distance photos all have their place with me. Anyway, good luck with all of this, and I’d like to say thanks again. Sincerely, Frank. ps… if you’re not satisfied with the scanner let me know.

      • Chris Bussells

        I’d be happy to share those Bailey bridge photos with you- all I need is an email address to send them to. The scanner is out for delivery today, so let’s keep our fingers crossed.


  83. Chris Bussells

    Hey Ken;
    I don’t have any photos of the inside of the EM club, but I may have some of the streetfront side. These photos are mostly color slides, and I am going to scan them to digital. If I run across any that show the EM club, I’ll let you know.

    Stay well

  84. frank mckinnon

    Chris… I’m not very good at understanding exactly how blogs work. I thought I sent you that e-mail address, but after looking I could find it either so I guess I did not. Sorry! But here it is… Thank you very much. I always injoy looking at troopers photos. It helps us all to remember back in the day. Sometimes I just can’t believe it has been as long ago as it really has. Frank.

  85. Wm. P. (Bill) Fisher

    Dear Sir: 2nd Sept. 2011
    I have a book in draft at this time. In it I discuss tigers in RVN as well as the magnificent job done by 1/9th Cavalry, (of which incidentally my dad Paul M Fisher now deceased but then a a Major, was once XO of). I would like to have your permission to include the pictures of your tiger in that book if possible.
    Wm. P. (Bill) Fisher
    524 Spring Street
    Rogers AR. 72756
    formerly Plt Ldr 2nd Platoon 2/17th Cavalry 101st Abn.

  86. tony molina

    I was in phouc vinh 67-68-I was looking for pictures of our radio tower for the 595th signal company and looking for an e5 from The BRO him and i went up on the tower to call in incoming mortar attacks

    • Sp-5 Dennis Jack, Fire direction Computer, Heavy Mortars

      I was up that tower in 66 with a compass and a PRC25 doing same. LaiKe got hit that night and there perimeter opened up. Monsoon rain came, you couldn’t see your hand in front of your face. I called the rest of my sit reps in from the base of the tower wrapped in a poncho. I was with 1/26 infantry ,heavy mortars, attached to A battery 1/5 arty Big Red One. Wish I had a waterproof camera with me that night. Very slippery climbing down that son of a bitch. What a trip.

    • Chris Bussells

      I have some photos that have the tower in them, if you’re talking about the tall metal one. They are on slides, and I’m in the process of scanning them to digital. When I come across one with the tower I’ll try to let you know.


  87. Jim Delp

    Dear Sir, 2nd Sept. 2011
    My name is Jim Delp, Yes you have permission to use my pictures of the tiger in your book. Also would you say that I took the pictures at Phuoc Vinh in 1969.
    But also I would like a copy of your book for my book case. I’ll pay for it,
    Thank you
    Jim Delp
    97701 Michelle Drive
    Kennewick, Washington 99338

    • Mace

      I remember well when that tiger was brought in, what a beautiful animal.

      • Wade/Linda Hedges

        I was in PV from april 1969 through april 1970 I was with 11 g.s. aviation company. I was in charge of the perimeter green line issuing weapons. I would like a copy of your book also would gladly pay.

        RET: SFC Charles W. Hedges 7588 Walnut rd. Gloucester Va. 23061

  88. frank mckinnon

    Yeap…. YOU CAME THROUGH as you said you would. I can’t believe they are as clear as they are. I’m looking forward to seeing more when you get time. Hay, thank you Chris. I love the aerials, because they are all better than I thought they would be. Time for bed…..

  89. Dave here from 15th med. looked for some pictures of PV but can’t seem to find any. just as well cuz I miss them guys something terrible. they have a reunion every year but can’t make em all.

    you all have a good time. or as best as you can.

  90. frank mckinnon

    Hi Dave…. Well Dave…. you came to the right place buddy. The number one blog.. If you’ll send me your e-mail address I’ll see to it you have many photos of Phuoc Vinh fire base as well as the town. Many photos are in this blog already. Sincerely, Frank McKinnon, 1st of the 9th air cav HQ troop. feb 1969- feb 1970.

  91. It’s a shame you don’t have a donate button! I’d without a doubt donate to this excellent blog! I guess for now i’ll settle for bookmarking and adding your RSS feed to my Google account. I look forward to brand new updates and will talk about this site with my Facebook group. Chat soon!

  92. RadioMan

    I was with B/227AHB from June 1969 to May 1970. What a flashback! I wish I still had some photos to send for you to post, but everything was lost years ago. Thank you for the step back in time…

    • usastruck

      Welcome Home RadioMan…

      • I am still kicking but not as high. loseing friends and comrads from RVN through illness or mishaps. I just love the comments on this site, it takes me back to when I was there, doeing guard duty in both the bunker and that exposed position and rpg magnet the guard towers. While pulling tower guard, I received the fright of my life when I heard my first Fxxk lizard. I thought charlie was comming through the wire. The fellows sure got a laugh at me as I tried to hide the fact I almost shitted on myself. Oh the memories. To all welcome home

  93. Larry Frostman

    Great read for those who served at Phouc Vinh.

  94. Charles E. Nobles

    Charles E. Nobles; I was a sqd ldr in 2nd Plt A Co 31st Engr Bn in 1970. I have Pics of the maint hanger project where we disassembled it after a storm damaged it. Also have Pics of the Chopper refueling area we build 3 large storage tanks, pump stations and filter system plus about a mile of 4 inch gal. pipe we put together and placed concrete pads , taxi way with peniprime to keep down the dust. Left Phuc Vinh for Loc Ninh when the Camboidan operation begain to support that operation. Would love to make contact with anyone that served with me. I had a very good squad, great guys that would do anything I ask the to do, we were a good team!!!! My email address is

    • frank mckinnon

      Hi Charles… It’s nice to hear from you, especially someone that was stationed at Phuoc Vinh fire base. I was in HQ troop 1st/9th cav.. It just so happens that all of us together are listing our photos of Phuoc Vinh. I guess you have already noticed. I sure would love to see your photos. I will list these photos in your name to Rob for his review. Then he may list several in this blog. Also Charles, you can see several of my photos here. My e-mail is Thanks Charles. Frank.

    • usastruck

      Hopefully others from the 31st Engr Bn will find you here. Welcome Home…

  95. Gary Butler

    Good to hear from someone that was at least partially from my era in Phuoc Vinh. You’re right, Fred was from Monroe, LA and Garry was from Springfield, MO. Your name seems to ring a bell, but I really can’t place you. Then again, I don’t have the memory anymore to remember but very few. I was the only one in the outfit that had a army projectionist license. I showed the movies every night.

    • Bill Allen

      Gary, Did you show movies in the company area of HHC, 31st Engrs? We had covered bleachers.

      • Chris Bussells

        Bill & Gary;
        If you look at the photo above “Part of the HHC 31st Eng Bn company area…”, you can see the 31st outdoor theater on the far left. I remember watching a movie one night when mortar rounds started coming into the company area- don’t remember what the movie was, however.

      • Bill Allen

        Chris and Gary, I looked at the “Part of the HHC 31st Eng Bn company area photo” and studied it. Then wow! You can see the large screen! I remember it was large, but it is was larger than I remember. I wonder if Gary was the projector operator then? I talked with the operator after the raid and he was kicking himself for going back to turn off the projector during the raid! I remember the movie and raid well. I was at the bottom of the bleachers, left end. The movie was about the first special forces operation in Europe during WWII. They wore red berets. During a cliff scaling scene with much artillery and shooting, we started hearing the same in our company area. It was like the scene came out of the screen! I took the low crawl position and was quickly covered with a large pile of GI’s doing the same thing. I was under a large football style pileup, and clearly remember I felt safe there. LOL. It is possible Chris was one of the GI’s on top of me. That did not last long because as each mortar fell, we could time when to move before the next one would fall and find better cover. That is what I did, after I could move again when the GI pile was gone. I jumped over a revetment, next to an adjacent hootch, and heard an ear piercing detonation on the other side of the revetment. Next morning I found the tail fins of the mortar in the earth next to where the GI pile was, in front of the bleachers.

      • Gary Butler

        Yea, I was the one that showed the movies every night. Believe it or not, I had forgotten about the mortar attack you mentioned. I shut out a lot of those things I guess. Now that you mention it, I do remember doing a 180 back to the projector. It wasn’t just to shut it off, but I had it in my mind I needed to save it. I remember how stupid I felt afterward, risking my ass for a movie projector.

      • Bill Allen

        Gary, Incredible! This makes two for me, GI’s that I remember on this site. I just started working on this giant puzzle with Chris one week ago. Are you sure you started in PV in Nov? That is when I left VN. The mortar raid was a few months before Nov.

      • Gary Butler

        I’m sorry to say you must be back to one GI. I got there the 2nd week of Nov. and as I remember it I had been there just a couple of weeks (making it the end of Nov.) when we took two mortar rounds close to the theater. One landed about 20-30 meters behind the screen and the other about 40-50 meters to the right of the screen (it took out a 3/4 ton). I found some notes documenting this but for some reason did not write anything but November at the top.

      • Gary Butler

        Sure did. Every nite I was not in the field.

    • Gary Camp

      hey gary butler I do not email very well give me a call a 417 862 7587 it is april 30 2017

  96. Chris Bussells

    I remember the storm that damaged the maintenance hanger. I was actually in our HHC supply hootch at the time- the entire roof from the hanger hinged on the back wall and lifted up in the wind, crashing down on top of the hootch I was in! It was the most frightening thing that happened to me in RVN, and I still don’t care for strong winds. I was a “Combat draftsman” in headquarters company (S-3), so I probably didn’t know you. I was there from March ’70 to January ’71.

    • frank mckinnon

      Charles and Chris… I remember only one hooch behind the maintenance hanger, and that was my hooch until May of 1970. I was moved into the crewchief hooch after May of ’70 when I started crewing LTC Booth’s H model. I sure would like to have any photos you guys could send me. Check out the Walker Jones aerial photo and you can see. My e-mail address is Thanks Frank.

    • Bill Allen

      Chris, sorry Mr Luce has not shown up yet. I did not know his first name was Lee. I found this site because I simply wondered about PV and, now days, the internet lets one think of anything and 400,000 bits of info are at
      your finger tips. Luce may do the same thing.
      Quite a surprise to see your photo here! What have you been doin for 42 years? From PV I spent a year at Leonard Wood where I met our platoon Sgt. (forgot his name) and Lt McGowan. I have photos of the roof flip, and you working with your camera in our hootch. Do you have a photo of your rocket casing with the CCCP on it? Did you bring it home as a souvenir? Take care.

      • Chris Bussells

        Bill; The only souvenirs I brought home were the photos and the cameras. Sorry, but I don’t seem to remember you, but you obviously remember Lee and I. Most of us were not on a first name basis, in spite of the fact that we were together 24/7. Lee is probably the only person that I called by his first name! His full name was Leon P. Luce,- he went home on leave when his Mother died and he never returned. I was actually a bit upset that my best bud had left me there alone.
        I do have that 122mm rocket casing photo somewhere- I’ll look around for it. If you were around a lot, I probably have a photo of you too- I took a lot of portrait shots, some of which I sent to Bob Struck, the owner of this site, but he has not posted any of them yet. If you would like to see them, shoot me an email address and I’ll send them along.
        I left RVN on Jan. 19, ’71, which was my discharge date. Since then I have raised a family and worked a civil and architectural designer, and tried to forget most of 1970.
        Good to hear from you anyway.

      • Bill Allen

        Chris, if you do not guess who I am soon I will have to scan some photos and send them to you. My bed was directly across from yours. I took pictures of one of Sandy’s litters in formation, sort of. I remembered our Platoon Sgt was Burton. 3 other guys in our hootch were Hurley, a red haired guy, and the taller clerk who wore glasses, too. Do you remember their names? I used to remember everyone. I just remember Lt Hanley! They are coming back. The mail room took the mortar hit in the roof. I am glad you got a photo of it because your photo verifies I did not make up the story. Joanne and I raised one son, he served in the Army too. He spent 7 months in Bosnia, and went inactive 2 weeks prior to the trade towers going down. I am still a civil engineer, public works for a few agencies, and retired for now. I have a very hard time understanding why anyone would want to visit PV, or VN for that matter. I remember going back to PV after R&R. I know how tough that flight was, and I know it must have been for you too without Luce.

      • Bill Allen

        Chris, Sorry, I misread your description about Luce going home. You were not with him on R&R, dumb assumption on my part. Did you take R&R? Were you married then?

      • Chris Bussells

        I remember Hurley well- he was like the class clown. I also remember the tall clerk with glasses, but not his name. I have photos of him and Hurley, as well as many others in the company. I also remember the litters- I have a photo of one of them somewhere. And yes, that is the mail room roof in that photo.
        I was married when I was there- right before to be exact. We’re still together, and we also had one son, who has given us three wonderful grandchildren.
        I never took an R&R. We were trying to save money for the future, hoping that there would be one. Anyway, I was only there for 10 months, since I only had 10 months left when they sent me. That “short” tour also enabled them to deny me an early out to be home for Christmas- they made me stay until Jan. 19, my discharge date. I’m not complaining though- at least I came home relatively intact.
        Sorry Bill, but I still don’t recall you. My excuse- I’ll be 64 this month.
        Email me at and I’ll send you my portrait gallery (gallery of rogues) with the hope that you can put some names to the faces.

      • Bill Allen

        OK Chris, I shall have to do more work. Will send a few pics to your e-mail address.


      Chris … were you with the 8th engr.?
      Dave Pettengill

    • dave pettengill

      I too was a combat draftsmen for HHC 8th Engineers S3. I was there the same time you were. Were you with the First Cav.?

      Dave Pettengill 716-244-3780


        I too was a combat draftsmen for HHC 8th Engineers S3. I was there the same time you were. Were you with the First Cav.?

    • David Willis Pettengill

      I was a combat engineer draftsmen with the 8th engineers during that time. Were you with the 8th engineers?

      • Wayne Sot

        13th signal
        co A
        MAR 69 – MAR 70
        Mike Schlemer 2022 RIP

      • Charles Wade Hedges

        no I was with 11 GS aviation co, apr 69 apr 70

      • Gary Hatfield

        Charles,It’s possible we knew each other.  I was in 11th Gen Support, Hdqtrs Co from 9/69 through 5/70.  I was a door gunner for three months, then Top’s deuce and a half driver/”Gook Honcho” for the rest of my tour.  I was med-evacuated towards the end of May less than a week before my scheduled ETS.SP4 Gary Hatfield

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  99. Jim

    Does anyone out there remember the Navy aircrew and their two helicopters that was station at Phuoc Vinh from May to Aug 1970? We flew search and find missions with the First Air Cal, during the Cambodian operation. Our aircraft were outfitted with anti-submarine detection systems which lend its self useful in finding ammunition and weapons buried in the tunnels along the Cambodian border.

    • usastruck

      Jim, here is a link to a post I entered some time ago. “Dancing The Foxtrot” written by Walker Jones one of our scout pilots. Walker and crew were rescued by a Navy team operating in Vietnam after their bird was downed by enemy fire:

      Have a Great Veterans Day & Welcome Home…

    • Bill Allen

      Jim, Yes I remember them. I do not remember there were two Navy helo’s, but I remember the aircraft was strange looking and it was odd to see Naval personal inland. Thanks for the info about what they did.

    • Dave Kinsey

      Hi Jim. I was with Charlie Company, 228th from January 1970 until December 1970. I have several pictures of the navy choppers. They were parked in the 227th (hueys) reventments.

      • Jim Lewis

        I remember the Navy flying with the 1/9 during that time. I think they lost one of the sub hunter sensors while they
        were there.

      • Tim Coragliotti (Cat)

        Dave, You left about the time I arrived. Dec ’70 – I was with Charlie Company also but with the “Hooks” Only there 4 months and they decided to send the Cav home… So they Transfered us all to 1’st Aviation and sent us to Pleku where I spent the last 8 months of my tour.

      • Alex Hernandez

        Tim, You and I got to Phouc Vihn at about the same time. Only I went to A Btry 2/20 ARA. We went to the Plantation (just outside Bien Hoa).   Alex J

      • Tim Coragliotti

        I was there for FOUR months.. Mostly Maintenance (hooks) but one day the Sgt comes to me and says, “Say, you are pretty good with that wrench” so being the cocky young buck that I was I whole heartedly agreed with him. So he says, “Well, GOOD!! because we need that kind of confidence in Flight Platoon in case one of these birds breaks down in the field – Grab your gear… you are a gunner / mechanic – So I spent six weeks flying out of P.V. then they packed up the Cav & shipped them home but transferred all of us to 1st Aviation and sent us to Pleaku. Spent 8 months up there. After about 2 months they gave me a bird & made me a crew chief. Never got the official designation but did the job for six months.

      • Anthony H Lorenzi

        C CO 227 reventments

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  101. The correct name was John Butt this is a great story, and his follow up visit 40 years later makes it more interesting. We all wanted to travel back then a-lot of us needed time to heal, but I admire John for his Can Do Spirit. We all are brothers, and all of us were young and brave, and never left anyone behind. I will never forget the close friendships with soldiers from across this country.I never understood why most of us did not stay in touch I talked to other Vets, and it was pretty much the same story. I left Phouch Vinh April 70 31st company D I wounder if some of our guys went into Cambodia does anyone know. I heard nothing about the operation before I left I was in the morning reports being in supply. The only thing I remember Top was begging me to come out to a field location I said top I’m short 20 days” no way.”

    Working on it Mill Sir

    • Larry Frostman

      Parts of “B” Co. were a part of the Cambodian Incursion. I have a copy of the article from “VietNam” magazine that details this. Could mail you a copy if you want .

    • sgt.Larry Morris

      Craig: I am sure it is you now. The was our company moto: Can Do. Capt. Dovas was in charge for awhile. We had Rozele, Brady, Ken and Drac in my como unit. I use to fly out all the time and you would supply me with all the ammo I could carry.

    • Larry Morris

      Craig: I left in April 1970 also and I was in communication and I did not here a word about it. This all happened so after we left.

  102. bert davis

    I was in the 557 light equipment co. part of the 31st engineer bn in 1970. I have pictures of Phouc Vinh,QuanLoi and camp called doomsday. I left in nov as part of the troop withdrawl (Vietvamization) HUGH.FRom reading this it is hard to believe they tore the place down so soon after i left Damm what a waste the whole thing was.Good luck to every one that is still around.

    • usastruck

      Bert, I’m always looking for more photos of Phuoc Vinh. Scan them and send them my way, if you will:
      Welcome Home…

    • frank mckinnon

      Bert…. I was in HQ 1st/9th. I sure would like to see your photos of both Phuoc Vinh and Quan Lio. I visited Quan Lio each and everyday. Please send to Bert, be sure to send me your e-mail address, and I will send you photos too if you’re interested. Thank you Bert. Sincerely, Frank McKinnon.

    • Gonzalo San Miguel Jr.

      Name is San Miguel. I was with 557 in PV and Quan Loi in 1970. Run a road grader with group called Earth Eaters. Some of the other guys named Fleury and The is. Have more with pictures and slides.
      Welcome home.

      • David Armstrong

        I was in PV in June of 70 With the 31st. In Aug I transferred to the 557, I was a heavy crane operator and was all over the III Corps. Finally left in Feb. of 72.

      • I am sure I knew flurry. A Mexican guy that was a great guy. If I recall he got hurt once with shrapnel .I am sure I know you. But after 44 years I can not remember names. I still have the faces just like it was yesterday. I worked in the motor pool getting parts and driving truck. I sure you are doing well. good luck.

      • Danny Richardson

        Hi San Miguel,
        I was with the 557th in Phouc Vihn from May 1969 to April 1970. I was the welder who repaired the heavy equipment when it was damaged by the little presents that charlie would leave over night at the road construction sites. During the time I was there the runway was entirely made of (psp) pierced steel plate and one of my other duties was to repair the runway at night after the planes tore it up during the day. during the rainy season.
        Oh yes I was also pretty good at fixing the radiators in all the heavy equipment, I was a Spec 5 and worked out of a shipping container at the motor pool just off the runway. I would like to know if you have found anyone else from that time and am interested in seeing your pictures.
        I had a lot of them myself but they were lost, during a heavy rain storm just before I left in April of 70.
        God Bless you brother and welcome home.

        Danny H. Richardson

      • David Armstrong

        Danny I was with the 557 from maybe Sept. 70 to Feb of 72. (came over in June but was with the 31st) Was in almost the entire 3rd Corps as I ran a heavy crane. Glad to find someone else form the 557.

      • Danny H. Richardson

        Welcome home David,
        I also got to see a lot of the 3rd Corps. Since I was one of a very few Welders, I was at Bu Dop, Tay Ninh, the top of Nui Ba Ra Mountain, Cam Ranh Bay and an NDP-(Night Defensive Position), out in the middle of nowhere, along side one of the roads that the unit was building.
        I’m glad you made it home, and I Thank You for your service.

      • David Armstrong

        We covered much of the same ground. I was at BuDop, Tay Ninh, Phu Loi, Pace, Margaret, Phovc Vinh, Song Be, and many more, some forgotten. We lost William Gammon and William George in Tay Ninh to a IED 105 round.

  103. Wally Hobbs

    HHC 8th Engineer Jul 68-69 I worked on the runway







    • Grant Shaw

      Husker here too. Last night, New Year’s eve, reminded me of being on perimeter guard duty in Phouc Vinh, the evening of 12/31/70. The officer of the guard ranted for at least 10 minutes – warning us not to shoot off our flares at midnight – that it was an Article 15 offense. He was very passionate about it, and determined to prevent the celebration – all for naught. At midnight, flares shot out from almost every bunker. Such was Vietnam.

  107. In respect & memory of Danny Kline and those lost at Phouc Vinh 19 Dec 67
    May you all RIP.

    A Note from The Virtual Wall

    On 19 December 1967 a UH-1D Huey (tail number 65-09987) of the 162nd Assault Helicopter Company was participating in a combat assault rehearsal. The aircraft, carrying four crewmen and six infantrymen from A/1/506th Inf, lifted off from Phouc Vinh. While passing through 200 feet and above a stand of 75-foot-tall trees the aircraft suffered engine failure and descended into the trees. The tail boom separated from the cabin on impact with the trees, allowing the cabin to free-fall to the ground. The cabin struck nose-low, turned over, and burned. All ten men aboard died in the crash:
    •From the 162nd AHC: ◦CWO Larry A. Harke, Seattle, WA
    ◦CWO John F. Holz, Harrisburg, PA
    ◦SP4 Anthony V. Campaniello, Corona, NY
    ◦SP4 Robert D. Kline, Long Beach, CA

    •From A Company, 1/506th Infantry: ◦SFC Walter O. Brown, San Antonio, TX
    ◦SFC Leroy Everett, Atlantic Beach, FL
    ◦CPL Steven N. Radu, Cleveland, OH
    ◦PFC Charles Carpenter, Oakland, CA
    ◦PFC Eugene Miley, Elizabeth, NJ
    ◦PFC Jimmy L. Woolfolk, Richardson, TX

  108. usastruck

    “Slow Hand Salute” 3 seconds up and 3 seconds down…

  109. I just added this website to my rss reader, great stuff. Cannot get enough!

  110. frank mckinnon

    Merry Christmas to all. And a happy new year too. HQ troop. 1/9th.. Feb 14 1969 Feb 14 1970.

    • Don Rhoades

      Don Rhoades here, I was in 1st Air Cav in Phouc Vinh 69/70 E btry 82nd arty. I had the beer drinking monkey Coco. Most of my photos have disappeared during a move. I am sick about it. I had a lot of great shots. I’ll take all the photos I can get.

      • usastruck

        Welcome Home Don & Merry Christmas…

      • William Blevins

        I was at E 82 nd arty….69 70. I remember coco…I flew scouts,and have lots of pics….I have been in touch with Rick Hobson recently….he was there…

      • usastruck

        More photos are always welcome if you would like to see them posted on this site.
        Welcome Home Bill…

  111. Dave Armstrong

    I was there around May of 70 for a week. Left for Budop up near Cambodia. Returned for about 1 week and then went out in the field again near Phoc Binh. I stayed there for a bit and then transfered to the 557LE company. Any one remember Charlie Knight from the 31st, Talk black man wore a sharktooth around his neck?

  112. usastruck

    Dave, were you with the 31st Engineer Battalion? I noticed you mentioned the 31st in your comment.

    Bu Dop was our staging area when we made our move into Cambodia on May 6, 1970; were you there then?

    Welcome Home…

    • Dave Armstrong

      Yes I just got there. Was located in the rubber plantation at the end of the airstrip. My best high school friend Charlie Burlingame was with an artilery unit at the other end and I never knew it.

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  115. Hello there! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be okay. I’m undoubtedly enjoying your blog and look forward to new updates.

  116. Great pic of PV. I was XO of 595th Signal Co out of DiAn, we had a site in PV and supplied the 9th Cav with comunications up there. Also had a site at LiaKhe and Di An suplied the ist Inf Div Hq and Support Comd with Communications also. I was there Oct 68 to Oct 69 Myname Is Thomas Masters, I was 21-22 years old there and was a 1st Lt Signal Corp.with the 595th Signal Co 3rd Signal Brigade 1stSignal Battalion. Love to know if you have any pics of the 595th Sig Co in your collection would really appreciate it if you would send same to . Really enjoyed this post great job, was in PV several times in 68-69, I was also the Pay Officer and was always welcome there. lol. Wasn’t a camera bug but now I wish i would have taken pics. Reading some of the comments, I do remember youu could set your watch bythe incoming everynight, and i too almost met my maker there,I wasalso in a drunken stuper with CW4 John koivistobeside me. We hit the dirt, low crawled about 30 yards in about 3 seconds got up and ran for the bunker, soberas judges by then lol.

  117. Hi Thomas… Do you remember the location you were in at PV fire base? East, west, north or south of the runway, etc.. You may want to start by looking at the Walker Jones’ aerial photo, a northern view of the south east side of the runway. ( about the 5th photo from the top underneath the title, ‘phouc vinh airfield’ ) There are other aerial photos taken from different headings. Photos 39, 40, 41. Along with photos I had of my own, this is how I located my AO. Good luck. Frank.

  118. Rob… The third from the last photo is Richard Lamb’s photo of several Vietnese walking through the HQ flightline. The building in the back ground of that photo is the avionics build, and the buiding to the right of it is HQ. I sure would like to contact Richard Lamb to see if he would have anymore photos that might be of interest. Thanks Rob. Frank.

  119. Woh I enjoy your posts , saved to my bookmarks ! .

  120. Dawn

    Wow…Can I just say what great posts and pics. I was wondering if anyone could help me please. I`m sure most of you are familiar with the photograph of the young man wearing the helmet with `war is hell` written on. I`m told he was in Phuc Vihn with the 173rd airborn battalion in June 1965. I`m amazed that no one seems to know his name, I mean, his photo states an unknown soldier. Does anyone know if he survived the war? If anyone could help me I`d be most grateful, thank you! I`m from the UK and have read up in detail about The Vietnam War. I would like to take this opportunity to pay my respects to all you brave men/boys that were involved in that war. I have the upmost respect for you all. God bless you.

    • Frank Kilpatrick

      Dawn, his name was Larry Wayne Chaffin, he died at 39 from illness relating to agent orange. More Pic .of him on my Vietnam vet broad.

  121. usastruck

    Thanks, great question! I will start digging for an answer…

  122. Dawn

    Thanks so much.

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  124. Paul Adler

    Paul Adler here. I was with 15th TC Bttn from Mar 69 – Jan 70. They moved us from Cu Chi to Phouc Vinh about April or May ’69 or so as I recall. I was Avionics repairman – mainly worked on ARC-51BX. We were next door to C Trp 1/9 so decided to fly doorgunner with them for a while. What a wild experience that was. The photos on this website (or is it a blog – what the hell is a blog anyway?) are incredible. I have a couple of Phouc Vinh. Man those mortars used to roll in on us about 1am 3-5 times a week.

    • Mace

      Paul, I was also with the 15th TC in Cu Chi and made the move to PV and was assigned to Bravo 2/20. I arrived at Cu Chi in Feb 1969 just in time for the ground attack where the VC came through the wire and blew up 10 Chinooks with satchel charges.

  125. L Campagna

    I was with B Company 2/12, from March 1970- April 1971, as an 11 Bravo. We were in Cambodia for the invasion. Besides, the combat in Cambodia what has stuck in my mind, was coming across a huge pile bones stripped clean. It was a dead elephant. You could see pieces of shrapnel in the bones. Not far away was a large bomb crater. You could tell it was an old crater. Years later we found out about the “secret bombing” of Cambodia prior to our invasion.
    We operated out of Song Be. I was assigned to Phouc Vinh. It was called Palace Guard. I was a Platoon and later Company RTO. I was assigned to BN RTO which meant I now had a hooch to sleep in at Phouc Vinh. Besides worrying about the incoming, the place was infested with rats. You could hear them running around during the night.
    Some of the buildings were closed and locked up, as we were drawing down the American forces. The ARVN we were told would take the base over. The rumor at the time in early 1971 was American Troops were to avoid going into areas where there were NVA-VC to avoid American casualties. Don’t know how true that was but given the politics I can believe it.
    I looked at Phouc Vinh on a Google Map it appears the old base has been wiped clean. That odd Bell Tower building seems to have survived. We were told it was from French Era, but I don’t know.

  126. Roger Wilson

    I was at Phouc Vin with Delta Co, 1/506 101st abn Inf, Dec 67 to Dec 68th would like to hear from anyone there at that time, Thanks Roger D. Wilson , please e-mail me Roger

  127. Tom Musolf

    I was NCOIC of the Aerial Port Squadron (USAF) billeted under the control tower 70-71. About six of us guys handled all of the air freight and passenger movement in/out of the base. Had a great rapport with the Cav and the other Army troops. All the best to you and thanks for covering our backs while we were there.

  128. Gerry Conway

    I was with the 1/9 at PV 25 Apr 69 – 29Apr 70, mostly with HHT. Currently, I’m looking to contact Tom Tucker and Ron Cepek.

  129. Raymond Isaac

    This brings back a lot memories. I arrived in PV from Germany Aug. of 69 left Jan. of 70 for Cam Ranh Bay, left for home May of 70. I was with HHC, 11th AVN Group, have some pic will try to send them your way.

    • usastruck

      More photos are always welcome.
      Welcome Home Raymond…

    • Terry Maxton

      Hey Ray… I was an ATC @ PV from Dec 68 to Dec 69… I’d really dig seeing your pics as all of mine were destroyed in a fire a number of years ago… my email is tmaxton(@)gmail(dot)com

      Welcome home bro…


  130. Jim Davis

    I was with the 595th Signal Co. (White Plt). I got there in Dec 67 and left Nov 68. We had all of the base camp and long line communications. We took a direct hit with a 42 mm mortor in our nco hooch, one kia and six of us were wounded. We also ran the MARS station and the am radio station. I can account for 152 mortot and rocket attacks while I was there.

    Jim Davis

  131. Some really excellent posts on this website , thankyou for contribution.

  132. Yes I remember them. I do not remember there were two Navy helo’s, but I remember the aircraft was strange looking and it was odd to see Naval personal inland Thanks for the info about what they did.

  133. Bill Allen

    Mr Struck, thank you for this blog site. I began letting go of all the memories because I did not think it possible to connect with this history of my life. You have performed a great service. I pray the others involved find it also. You must have been sent buy gods hand. Thanks again!

  134. Sgt Ed Ellard

    Didn’t look like phuoc vinh when I was their Dec 1967

  135. Gary Butler

    BTW I am almost positive the movie I was showing that night was Tora Tora Tora. With the bombs in the movie and me being a newbie, it took a couple of moments to click as to what was going on. What I find really wierd is that another projectionist went back to the projector as I did in a similar situation. I believe the Chaplains Asst. was the projectionist before me and he DEROS’d before I got there. I know I used to know his name but can’t remember it.

    • Bill Allen

      Gary, 40 year old memories and where they fit in time is difficult. This is definitely a giant puzzle effort for those who have the will to put the facts together. Detectives have the same problems, and persistence is the only answer. Chris has been doing this for so long that I feel like a newbie after only one week at this site. I do not recall Tora Tora Tora at any of my VN movies theaters. I ran one myself for a month at Cu Chi, and visited 3 others in VN. I have enough personal memory of the movie I described at HHC 31 that I shall try to find the name and let you and Chris know. Perhaps our HHC 31 projectionist was a chaplains assistant. I think I remember our chaplains assistant, he may have run some movies. You sparked a memory in me just now. Maybe Chris remembers him? I shall investigate, look at my slides and Chris’s when they arrive at my home. Bill

  136. hello,men! This is richard “rick’ turner. I was at phuoc vinh from october 1970 to march 1971. I was with the 545th mp co.( hated being an mp, but I guess you gotta go where the army wants you). When I first arrived in country I was at long binh b.m.b. with the 152nd mp co. Which was part of the 199th l.I.b.. I was in what was called ‘ the rat patrol’. I stood up in the back of a jeep with an m60 and we went out with the convoys. I was wounded in action and received in addition to the purple heart the arcom for valor and the bronze star for valor. Not long after that the 199th went home and then I went to phuoc vinh. I still remember how those rockets used to come in. You could set your watch by them. I remember one night when a rocket hit the Arvn compound and one went through the roof of a hooch and hit a woman who was in bed asleep. What a way to go! This is really a great blog site, I’m glad I found it. Great photos, now I remember how the place looked. Great aerial photos too. Does anybody remember Capt. K or top sgt.bird of the 545th? Welcome home,men and happy memorial day. Please don’t drink and drive, we lost to many good men already.

    • usastruck

      Thanks Richard and Welcome Home…

    • Hi Richard….. Do you have any photos you can share with us? Frank McKinnon.

      • Chris Bussells

        Frank, you are such a photo hound. Did I offer you a CD with all 15 boxes of my slides in jpeg format? If not, let me know and I’ll be glad to send you one. Give me a street address- I think you have my email address.

      • Hi Chris… I’m sorry, but you’re so right. I am a photo hound! We can best keep our effort in Viet nam alive with photos. I do not remember your offer, but I think that would be most kind of you to send me the CD. Thank you very much. I’ll send you a e-mail tomorrow. Frank McKinnon.

      • Frank did you ever get the photo dvd from Chris and if so may I get a copy please.

    • Msgt (Ret) HOANH

      Dear Rich,
      You might not know or remember me neither do I about you at that time.
      But I was an ARVN SFC Interpreter for PMO, CID and 545th MP Co from
      9/65 to 6/72. I was at PV at the time you were there. CPT K. and myself with about a squad MP was the last convoy left PV for BienHoa Army base 6/71
      after everybody are gone. CPT K is a member of You
      can join this assn. at anytime and free You may find more of your friends there . Sorry I could not remember 1SGT Bird.
      Thank for your services and take care.

      • Nguyen Tien Hiep

        Dear Mr Hoanh,
        Maybe you know my father ? He was also interpreter in Phuoc Vinh, at 1st CAV, G5 , from 1969-1972. His name: NGUYEN The Hung. He passed away in 2013. I’m looking for memories of my father.
        Thank you and take care

      • Ng van Hoanh

        My deeply sorrow to hear that your father passed away. RIP old soldier.
        I think I remember your father. Is he come from North VN 1954 and your family is living in Khanh Hoi (Quan 4) Saigon before 1975. At that time 1972 i think your father told me he is study law in Saigon University.
        You can get in touch with me by my Email : in either in Vietnamese or English I would love to hear about your father, because when we departed from 1 CAV 06/72 I never run into your father again. I respected your father he was very hard working soldier. Hope to hear from you soon,
        Ng van Hoanh

  137. James tasker

    Good pitures i was there may 69-70 31enginers. Mobile heavy equipment mechanic .would love to here from any of my 301-501-6455. Tasker

  138. Rick

    I was in the Nam over in Cu Chi from 70-71 with the 242nd Aviation Company. I have a question. Was anyone there at Phouc Vinh in March of 68 who knew the 101st MP’s and to anyone’s knowledge was there any MP’s awarded a Bronze Star for being hit by incoming flak? I know a purple heart was awarded but how about a bronze star!

  139. Was in Phouc Vinh 66/67 126th Inf, anyone from that period have any photos all of mine were destoryed. Welcome Home everyone!

    • Tom…. I did get Chris’ photos. And he has some very good ones too. I will be happy to send these to you. But, I’m not very good with computers. So, you may have to wait until this week end when my step son gets home. In the mean time, send me your e-mail address. And I will start tonight with what ever I can. My address.
      Thanks. Frank McKinnon.

  140. Bowman Olds

    Nice job with the photos. I was in Quan Loi & Song Be at LZs Buttons, Thomas, and Judy in 69-70 with D, 5/7 and later E, 5/7. Also served as Gen Shoemakers aide and for a short time Gen Casey’s aide. Nothing compares to the courage and absolute dedication of our Cav troops.

  141. Chester Robinson

    We got 3 mortors or sometimes rockets at supper time every evening, the tried to hit the helicopters or air field but generally fell short and hit company area of C co 31st engr.

  142. Hey! useful post you have there. Thank you;)

  143. Bowman Olds

    And while we never had a chance to say it while in Vietnam, my sincere thanks go out to all those 1/9th troopers on the ground and in the air who helped me both as a rifle platoon leader and recon platoon leader for D, 5/7 during some very serious fire fights. When the “stuff hit the fan” you were always there with your firepower.

  144. Patricia Elena

    This is a gret site, sent it to my boss who was with 1st Cav, 2nd of the 5th in Cambodia 70-71. He saved 5 lives in his Platoon before he left.
    I am tring to find a documentary for him, please help me to find it.
    The name is “Shakeys Hill”, can’t find it anywhere. Please if you know where I can find this. Thank you all

  145. I think this is among the most significant information for me. And i’m glad reading your article. But should remark on some general things, The website style is wonderful, the articles is really excellent : D. Good job, cheers

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  147. July 26-28th,2013 New Orleans La. 20th Engineer Brigade Reunion, I live in Central Wi. and am planning on doing a self-supported bicycle trip to the party. Will leave here (Stevens Point) on July 5th and plan on 65-75 miles per day and camping the entire way. I will get on the Mississippi River Trail in Iowa and follow it into New Orleans. Any one out there up for an adventure/bicycle convoy ? Larry Frostman 715 347 6115

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    it, you’re a great author. I will make sure to bookmark your blog and may come back from now on. I want to encourage you to ultimately continue your great posts, have a nice morning!

  149. Bowman Olds

    Thanks for the comments and photos. Having been a weapons and rifle platoon leader in D, 5/7 and recon plt ldr for the Bn, I am grateful for the tremendous support from the aviation crews at Phouc Vinh and our 1/9 crews who bailed me out many times. Your firepower made all the difference in the world.

  150. Bill Clemons

    Thanks for putting this site up. I was at Puouc Vinh in ’70 with B227 AHB as crewchief on UH1D 452. I have a few pictures of the area if you’re interested.

  151. Tim Coragliotti

    Thanks for this site. I was in Phouc Vinh from Dec ’70 to April or so of ’71. with the Chinooks CH-47’s 1st Cav 228th C company — then they moved us to 1st Aviation in Plleiku where I stayed till Dec ’71. Some of the names I recall from Phouc Vinh are Chuck Walla, Dale Riggs, Micky Eveland, Dave D’albro (not sure of that spelling) Dan Forcel, Dave (the bear) Carte, Craig Morton, Chris Christianson, Eugene Falsone — are a few that I can recall. a couple of the pilogs were Mr. Derring (not sure of that spelling either) Cpt. Player…
    Wish I could remember more but that’s it for now.

  152. Tim Coragliotti

    Oh yea, Tom Spoo & I got to do a 3 day in country R&R to Da Nang and swim in the South China Sea. I have some photos that I will try to post here in the near future.

  153. Tim Coragliotti

    Don’t know his first name but our C. O. was a Major Parks.

  154. i enjoyed and flashed back to my time in pv 70-71 co c 2/7 cav tom in wva god bless all vets///

  155. jb jeffers

    i was in pv 1968-1969 forward air support with the small doubletail plane called ov 10 Bronco, i came in to assist with flight line bunker operations until other members trained and moved in, with my unit forward air support fix wing came morters and rockets every day and night for 1st month or two, i wore 1st calv, patch and airforce insignia. i have bad memory loss and ptsd and cant remember names of the ones i served with, 69 our tent in af section got blown away alone with officers tent getting hit, i assisted in saving unit and got the bronze star with “V” hope this helps someone remember me, i have no contacts from that era.

  156. Dick woodward

    Great memories from this site; thank you.
    I was CO, HHC 11th Aviation 2/69-8/69

    • usastruck

      Welcome Home Dick…

    • Hi Dick: My name is David Mullins. I was an Air Tower Controller while you were there. I’d like to get in touch with you if I can. Please respond to

      • Terry Maxton

        Hey David…
        I was a Tower & GCA controller @ PV (Dec ’68 – Dec ’69). I completed my tour before the new tower was finished being built… when were you there?

        Bill Johnson… if you read this drop me an e-mail!

      • Richard Cortright

        HELLO TERRY: I saw your message. Welcome home. I was in country from May 69 to Dec. 69. My unit in PV was the 595th Signal Co. Our equipment was the first PCM based equipment deployed to Nam. PCM=Pulse Code Modulation. It was a new line of next generation the army was deploying to Nam. Most of my time was fairly routine. It’s just when Charlie wanted to keep us on our toes that things got hairy. There’s not too much you can do about incoming other than dive into a bunker and hope for the best. I now live in Bath, PA, married my sweetheart when I came home. We raised 3 boys and now have 3 grandchildren. I’m semi retired. I had owned 2 H & R Block Tax Offices for many years, then sold them to my kids. They’re doing well, but this virus is making operating any type of business difficult.
        Tell me more about you.

  157. Hey guys Donald Gray here I was in the 1st Log. Com 610 Maint Bn. LSA in 1969 . Have a lot of good & bad memioies of that place. Have lost alot of good night sleep over it to. I like your site to.

  158. Phil Edmunds

    I just Googled Phuoc Vinh and found this site. What a flood of memories as I read these messages. Thank you, brothers-in-arms for sharing your stories. I was vacationing in Phuoc Vinh from Sep 67 to Sep 68. 407th TC Detachment to 162nd Assault Hel Co. – Vultures. We built the big helicopter maintenance hangar that never got used because it was such a big target! I don’t know if anyone mentioned the man made swimming hole a Vietnamese caterpillar driver built in the middle of our compound to increase the drainage during the monsoons. Classic SNAFU.

    • usastruck

      Thank you for the Phuoc Vinh info; photos are always welcome.
      Welcome Home Phil…

    • Albert & Cynthia M Griffin

      I am trying to locate anyone who might remember my husband, Albert Griffin or the crew chiefs and maintenance crews for the 162nd Assault Helicopter – especially the water supply and the road dust control during the dry season in Phuc Vinh

      • Thomas M Joseph

        I was there in 68 door gunner, sorry can’t remember a lot of the people anymore.

      • David Armstrong

        I spent two years in PV and 21 other bases. I saw no dust control anywhere, at any time. We did spray water when building the roads but that was it. The dust was so bad that it usually took 2 steam baths to get the laterite dust out of your skin. We all had “false” golden tans.

      • David P.

        I spent the end of 69 thru March of 70 in PV with the 8th Combat Engineers. I believe we did spray roads to control some of the dust. I believe we even put down some oil. Sorry I did not know your husband. I pray that he did come home and live a blessed life. Good luck with your search, Dave

        On Sun, Apr 11, 2021 at 12:07 PM My Vietnam Experience wrote:

        > David Armstrong commented: “I spent two years in PV and 21 other bases. I > saw no dust control anywhere, at any time. We did spray water when building > the roads but that was it. The dust was so bad that it usually took 2 steam > baths to get the laterite dust out of your skin. We all” >

      • Philip Edmunds

        I was the clerk in the office for 1st Sgt. Brooks, 407th TC Attachment to the162nd. There aren’t many names I remember except Joe Ray in armament and Bob Malingo, a maintenance team leader. I was there Sep 67 to Sep 68. I was stationed with Bob in Germany in 1969 when he was killed in a car accident.

      • Terry Maxton

        Hey Albert & Cynthia…

  159. Dave Thompson

    I was in the Air Force Security Police stationed at Bien Hoa, March 1969-March 1970. We were not allowed to leave base to look around Bien Hoa City or Saigon, so when an opportunity to leave base presented it self I took it. There was a request for volunteers to go to Long Binh in an exchage program , so I held up my hand , and was off for 6 days of convoy protection with the Army. Tay Ninh , Phuc Vinh, and Quanloi. Made some really good friends, and saw way more country than I wanted, but an experience I will never forget. When I got back to Bien Hoa some of my buddies said i was an idiot for volunteering, but that’s ok I told them because we were all in this thing together. It was an honor to have spent time with the Army.
    Dave Thompson
    3rd. Combat support Group
    Bien Hoa ,Vietnam

    • usastruck

      Welcome Home Dave…

    • Rick Clements

      Dave, I was stationed in Cu Chi, 25 klicks northeast of Bien Hoa. I came in country at Bien Hoa and flew out from there as well. I served as a door gunner on our CH-47’s until I quit flying in month 8, for the 242nd Aviation Company, 269th Aviation Battalion, 25th Infantry Division from March 70 to April 71. We lost five of our ships while I was there. We supplied Phuc Vinh, Quanloi, Phu Loi,, Xuan Loc, Phu Li, and Bearcat, and made the ride every other day to the top of Nui Ba Dihn (Tay Nihn Mountain). It was home to a VC regiment that held the middle of the mountain and they shelled Tay Nihn City aka Rocket City every night or two. My ship (#011) was the first 47 Chinook to cross the Cambodian border the day Nixon sent us 25 miles inside. We pulled out 900 SKS’s. 200 RPG’s, 9 KIA NVA’s and 20 lbs of Kan Sai, true story. I miss the guys I served with and especially the guys we lost to combat that were from our Unit. It saddens me to see the way the VA is treating our brothers and sisters who served, then and now. But I am glad I went, and I am proud to have served with all those that gave a part of their lives to that country. In the end, it meant something to all of us. Especially the value of life itself. God Bless you bros.

      • Hi Rick…. 1st of the 9th Phuoc Vinh ’69-’70. If you will send me your e-mail address I’ll send you several photos of the top of that mountain. Also, if you have any photos you’d like to share please send them to Thanks. Frank McKinnon.

  160. brian fondren

    1SG William Fondren 1B/1st Cav. 13th Signal, 10 july, ’68 to 8 july ’69, if anyone here knew him I would like to get in touch with you.

  161. Dave

    Great info here, I was in Phuoc Vinh 68-69 1st Cav 8th Eng, moved from Camp Evans on Lst ships.
    Have 30-40 photos of air strip repair, have no idea of what type of planes they are. Have about 40 pics of Phouc Vinh general stuff.

    Thank you for you service

    • usastruck

      Dave, send photos my way if you would like to share.
      Welcome Home…

    • David Mullins

      Besides posting them would you be able to upload them to an iCloud or send them via Box: love to get copies! DMullins051@yahoo

    • Don Smith

      Dave – made the the rotation down from Camp Evans 1968 on LST to Phuoc Vinh – HQ 1st Cav Div (G-3) – 3/4 ton truck driver. Transferred to
      HHC 3rd Bde, 1st Cav Div (Security Platoon), Quan Loi Jan – Jul 1969
      Was at Quan Loi when we got hit in May 1969, not a good day. I thought the incoming at Phuoc Vinh was bad, Quan Loi changed that thought.

      Don “SGT Snuffy” Smith
      Recon Platoon, 1/52nd Infantry 1970-71

      • Tom Fredrickson

        Have you gotten the red dirt from Quon Loi out of your skin yet? We used to re-fuel there and it was nice just drop in and get hell out! We flew out of Phuoc Vinh.

      • Welcome Home Tom…

      • Quan Loi in 1966-67 was a relatively peaceful place; where French Rubber Plantation Mangers lived. That all changed by March-April 1967. it was a big CIA fly in and out of place as well. Mortaring and ambushes galore at that time. Red laterite dirt all over.

      • Tom Fredrickson

        I was the there ’69 – ’70 … we had a detachment there with linguists and Morse operators intercepting NVA and VC communications. We we doing the same from a Huey in the region … Phuoc Vinh to Tay Ninh to Son Bei … it got nasty when found the 9th NVA HQ.

  162. Just doing some research, how many of you Vets that served near Phouc Vinh have problems with burning dry eyes and what if anything has the VA or your doctor done for you ?

    • usastruck

      Yes, I also have that condition. Do you feel it may be linked to Agent Orange exposure. I spent thirteen months in Phuoc Vinh and I know it raised havoc on my health at the time and also later. I filed an Agent Orange claim a year ago for my skin condition; it was denied because squamous cell carcinoma is not on the (so called) Agent Orange list.

      • Bill Clemons

        I had my heart disease linked to AO finally. I did a few boom spray missions while I was there with B227AHB. I also have watery eyes but it hasn’t been linked to anything.

      • Posted the same question on my Battalion website, several are reporting the same problems . Coincidence ?

  163. Kathie Wait

    Hi, I found this site while googling PHOUC VINH. My husband was a FAC crew chief from Dec 1967 until July 1968. He speaks very little about his year over there but I think he supported the 101st. That is all I know and am looking for info on that time over there, on the Bird Dogs. I did not see any pictures on this site, I may have a couple though.

  164. Dennis Jack Phuoc Vinh 66-67 1/26 infantry

  165. James Stewart

    I found this blog by Googling Phuoc Vinh also. I was there from the beginning until about October 1966. Originally with HHC, 1st BDE, Big Red One, transferred to Charlie Co, 1/26th INF after a week or two. The 1/26th was originally north-east of the village – had the 8-inch and 175mm Long Tom self-propelleds right behind us, firing over our heads, moved to west side of the village early 1966 – had 105mm behind us there. Airstrip was just a dirt strip when I was there, no tower. I have many slides, but have never had them converted, need to work on that.

    • usastruck

      Please do share your photos.
      Welcome Home James…


      James, we have located over 1,000 blue spaders that served in vn….send me an email to so i can share the listing.

      regards, jim charland A Co 1966-67


      Took these pictures of Phuoc Vinh  from the top of the signal town near HQ while installing an antenna … somet ime mid-’69.

      I have tons of shots of Quan Loi, Tay Ninh, Saigon, Black Virgin Mt, Son Be, etc. … many from the helicopter

      Just thought I’d share …


  166. Fred Thibodeau

    I was on guard duty the night that rocket went thru the side of the hanger near the air strip.Was stationed with 595 commenter 7/69 -8/1970

    • Joe Leatham

      Fred – Did you ever work in the PX at Phuoc Vinh? I bought a Kodak Instamatic there for $14.95 because I wanted to take some pictures of the stuff that was captured during the Cambodia incursion that was on display in front of Division Headquarters. I still have the sales receipt – it’s dated 5 Jun 70 and in the space for Sales Clerk is the name Thibodeau. Might just be a coincidence but I had to ask.

      • Fred Thibodeau

        Joe I remember that weapons cache like it was yesterday.I also have pictures from that day.Never did work at the PX.Did 13 months at the commenter.Our hootch was across from the p o w compound.


    Phouc Vihn starfetch 20.pdf

  168. Alex Hernandez

    You stirred ua memory with these photos. I got there in Dec, ’70 with A btry 2/20 ARA.

  169. Thanks so much for this site. I visited Vietnam this week to research my father’s story and visited Phuoc Vinh on October 25, 2013. My dad, Gary Edwards, was a gunner on the Huey “Lady Luck” at PV from October 1968 to February 1969. He passed away a few years ago and left me dozens of photos from his time in Vietnam with the 1st Air Cav. Div. at Camp Evans and PV. They helped me find the town and former base. I have hundreds of photos and some video of Phuoc Vinh well as a great story to share of a man I met who is in one of the photos my dad’s took of him in 1968. I’d be happy to share some of his photos from 1968-69 and PV today if you’d like — it’s going to take me a few days to sort through them and pick the best ones for a memoir I’m writing about my father. I also have photos of Loc Ninh, Quan Loi, and Dau Tieng (Michelin Rubber Plantation) taken last week.

  170. Robert (R.C.) Rife AKA Grandpa

    Outstanding websight enjoyed all of the pics.Iwas in Phouc vinh 1969-1970 with C Co 228th avn served as mechanic and crew cheif, Welcome home brothers

    • Robert, just saw your message. I also was in Phouc Vinh in 69 and 70 (Sep-Sep). I was with the 191st MI Det. Welcome home, Brother.

    • Tom Fredrickson

      Was the 228th the Chinook unit next to the airstrip/flight line or the Huey’s across the creek … which might have been the 227th? I was in Phouc Vinh Jan 69 – Jan 70 … was with Project Left Bank (371st RR Co,) … a Huey based communication intercept mission to locate the NVA and VC radio transmissions. Our Huey’s were on the other side of the creek and had a 10 – 15 ft boom on the nose with a directional antenna. Do the names Jack Knepp or Bill Kohner ring a bell?

      • Bill Clemons Crewchief AC452

        I was with B/227 . We flew Hueys and were out by the wire away from the main active. Seems to me the 1/9th Cobras, the Chinooks and fixed wings were all over by the active. A/227 was (Hueys) next to us. I was there in 70/71.

      • Was 371st located in rubber trees with 191st MID?

      • Tom Fredrickson

        Yes we were in the rubber plantation … our shower was directly in front of you at the “T”/stop sign (a couple of hundred yards from the HQ and PX), our Orderly Room was on the right and the MP Motor Pool was on the left.

      • chiefjgmac

        I was with the 191st MID from first week of Sep 69 to end of Aug 70. Knew of your unit and its mission but could not recall its designation. Come a long way from then, Welcome Home Brother.

      • Tom Fredrickson

        So … you were there on Nov 29, 1970 when our ship got shot down in Song Be … all 4 crew were lost, as well as 1 loach and 2 Cobras. It was a bad day at the hands of the 9th NVA Div! Welcome home!

      • Hi Folks,
        I was there from June 69 to June 70 with C Co 31st Engr we got to take the psp off the runway and mix concrete with the dirt to make a cement treated base. I was a 20 yr old Plt. Sgt on my second tour. The 1st tour was with the 4th inf div Pleiku, that was our base camp got to see it a couple of times.
        we also opened up the road from Phuoc Vinh to song be we pulled recovery for the first convoy.
        the convoy reached song be first time since the French had used the road.
        we were located right below the refueling pad,doe’s anyone remember the three mortars at the time of the evening meal.
        welcome home guys been a long time

      • Ross Williams

        welcome home

      • No, I had already left at the end of Aug 70. I do know about the 9th NVA Div however, and I was there when we captured a VC radio operator with his radio near Camp Gorvad. Went to 371st seeking assistance with him and his equipment.

      • Tom Fredrickson

        My mistake … it was Nov 29, 1969 … not 1970. Send me an email at … if you want.

  171. Ross Williams

    Ross Williams also known Willy 1/28th co.A march 1966_march 1967 any one remember me email the web site is great thanks

  172. Tom Ferrington

    Great pictures. I was with the 31st engineer battalion mar’68-’69. We came up from Black Horse when the Cav moved down to Phouc Vinh .

  173. I’ll immediately clutch your rss feed as I can not find your email subscription link or e-newsletter service.
    Do you’ve any? Kindly permit me understand in order that I may subscribe.

  174. Tom Crosby

    I was in PV 69-70 8th eng HHC. I was the motor pool Sgt. I am trying to locate fellow service men in my platoon. By the way the pictures of PV are great. I really enjoyed them.

  175. wayne sot

    Wayne Sot
    69 -70
    13th signal battalion
    Co B , com center
    Just has a reunion with 3 guys i haven’t seen in 44 years
    Mike Schlemer , Larry Thrash , Doyle Dow
    Seems like yesterday