The Scout Platoon

Light Observation Helicopters (LOH)

The Scout platoon was known as the White platoon. They used Light Observation Helicopters (LOH) to skim low over terrain, searching for any sign of enemy movement or activity.

Until 1968 these platoons used OH-13 observation helicopters. By mid-1968 these ships were being replaced by the faster, move maneuverable OA-6A.

The guys flying Scouts had nerves of steel, as their birds were easy targets for the enemy and many got shot down…

Blue-Gray (De Mailo and Jones)

Paddle Ball

Nathan “Nate” Shaffer
Scout gunner 1969-70

Nate Shaffer & Bruce Campbell in 1970

Barry Sipple (right

LOH going home


Photo courtesy of Dave Roger

Somewhere in the “Fish Hook

Photo courtesy of Richard Lamb
Crew chief C Troop early August until late October 1968.
Transferred then to HQ Troop as crew chief on the Squadron check-out LOH.
That aircraft was destroyed Christmas Day in a landing mishap and he was
transferred to B Troop Scouts. Shot down Feb 9, 1969 in LOH 16069.


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8 responses to “The Scout Platoon

  1. jesuspdlr

    I like very much your blog. It´s very interesting can read a Vietnam Veteran experiences.
    Thank you very much from Spain.

  2. usastruck

    Thanks for your comment!
    I will continue to post my entire Vietnam tour experiences…

  3. Jacqueline K. Slye-Jackso

    Thank you Mr. Struck

  4. Annette

    Did you happen to fly with a Ron Jasinski who flew CH 47’s?

  5. Dennis Grose

    My brother Sgt. Thomas Neil Grose (RA18808100) from Helena, Montana transferred his Crew Chief duties from the Huey to the Loach in January ’69. His pilot was Capt. Frank Bryan of Kansas City, Missouri. Capt. Bryan was serving his third tour in Vietnam. My brother arrived in September 1968. Flying for the 9th Infantry Division – 5th Air Cav, they had been shot down three times previous and survived. Unfortunately they both died in action on February 25, 1969 near Bien Tre, as I understand it to be in a region known as the Plain of Reeds in the Mekong Delta when their Loach – “BOO” – was shot down and burned My brother had just turned 20 years old and loved doing what he was trained for. I miss him so very much. He was my big brother and always my hero.

    Respectfully Submitted,
    Dennis Grose

  6. Michael Griffin

    Good afternoon,

    Did you know a Captain Charles Perry Hood Jr? Capt Hood was a LOH pilot in 1st Cav and was shot down near Phouc Vinh, on October 22nd 1969. He was a Texas Christian University Alumni and I want to do a biography on him for my class, to honor his service. I am a Marine, and now attending TCU and majoring in History. Capt Hood is among the names of the fallen heroes on our KIA Veitnam alumni statue. If you have any information on him or know of anyone who has some information about his life and his service I would love to talk about you or them. Thank you for your time and your service! Please feel free to reach me via email. or

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