Her Name was Veronica

Charlie Troop Monkey


Walter Maude and Veronica

I walked into my AO (my sleeping area in our hooch) one evening and found everything torn apart and upside down. Veronica the Charlie Troop monkey was up to her old tricks again! On occasion and for no apparent reason she would enter our hooch and go on a rampage.

I’m not sure if she actually had an owner. Someone apparently captured her in the jungle and brought her to our company area. She just hung out and took handouts, whenever and from whoever she could…


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4 responses to “Her Name was Veronica

  1. Walker Jones

    I remember the monkeys around the AO. One would sit on a hootch-top and … well do lewd things to himself if he thought nobody was watching. Used to have pics, but thank goodness those particular ones are lost. Regret the loss of all the others.

  2. Larry Donaldson

    It was a he! His name was Moose! (Remember the Archie and Veronica comics?) Veronica used to tease him, get him all excited, then turn around and go to where he couldn’t reach her and sit with her back to him and boy would he get pissed. I learned then that primates and ourselves were really not that far apart.

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