Susan Anton

She performed with the Miss America USO Show in Phuoc Vinh

3868417319_5a363be8081 1970 Miss America (Pam Eldrid) with Her Six Runners-up Susan Anton (3rd from left) As I was reading ‘Snake Pilot” by Randy Zahn this morning, I learned something new about the Miss America USO Show that we both attended in a helicopter hanger in Phuoc Vinh. One of the six Miss America Runners-up were Susan Anton before she became famous.4034593870_442e2b7828_m Susan Ellen Anton (born on October 12, 1950 in Oak Glen, California) is an American actress, best known for her role as “Susan Williams” in the various Stop Susan Williams!-related television series and television movies. A 5 ft 11 in. beauty, Susan Anton first experienced fame by winning the Miss California contest in 1969. She was later named one of TIME magazine’s “Most Promising Faces of 1979.” She has also starred in her own variety show, Presenting Susan Anton, and acted in the films Goldengirl, Spring Fever, and Cannonball Run 2. In the early 1990s Susan Anton was well known for dating English film and TV star Dudley Moore with much being made of their height difference (he was 5 ft 2.5 in. or 1.59 m tall)…


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7 responses to “Susan Anton

  1. Roger Lemery

    I want to thank Susan Anton for her spending some of her time with us veterans in Nam. I was k9 handler assigned to secure the area when Miss America came to our base . We as returning vet were treated very poorly. Called a lot of names and some even spit at. Almost made us feel bad wearing the uniform. I was always proud even when treated with less that respectful. People that came to Nam to show they cared like Miss America made it all worth it. So I thank Them All. I was just at a reunion of dog handler from Phucat Vietnam. It has been 42 years since seeing my friends. It was one of the greatest weekends of my life. We shed tears and laughed together. It was a great healing for most of us. When we were together it was like we were 19 or 20 again. Like the world was standing still. It was awesome. Feel free to allow this message to be open for anyone who would like to read it thank you Roger K9 name BLITZ BON 00X2

    • usastruck

      Thank you for your comment. Most of us Vietnam Vets feel the same as you about the USO shows during our tours; we will never forget the sacrifices of the entertainers.
      Welcome Home Roger…

  2. Bob Andrews

    I was a Vietnam Naval Vet stationed aboard the YRBM-16. I was medivacted off to a base unit where I slept for about 24 hours. When I awoke the next day I was feeling much better. Then the Miss America gals came thru and Susan Anton wished me well. I also got her autograph with a few other of the young ladies. I share the same birth year as Susan Anton (1950). Later that night I saw the movie MASH. Probably my favorite day in Vietnam. Baltimore Bob / Righteous Robert

  3. Lisa Schroeder

    Not sure if this site is still running or will get a response but today I went to my Uncle’s funeral. One of the memories shared was that my Uncle, who was in the Army during Vietnam, never talked about it much except for his experience to drive Susan Anton around in a jeep while she was there visiting along with some other contestants. He had pictures and memorabilia but he lost it in a house fire. I just thought it would be neat to find a picture of him and one of his positive memories of Vietnam that our family could see. If anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it.

  4. Ralph Otis Clemings

    I was her escort body guard in viet nam. Would like to remember old times

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