Time for a Change

I was to meet with ‘Top’ in his office

If you are right handed, writing a letter with your left hand can be quite a chore. With my right hand in a cast, I wrote only a couple of letters in a month’s time to my family back in the ‘World’ to let them know I still existed.

While I was convalescing from my injury on the greenline the days were quite boring and uneventful. The hardest thing was watching my friends (Blues) leave on daily missions, and I had to stay back.

One day ‘Top’ (Charlie Troop First Sergeant) walked up to me and wanted to know If I was ready for a change. We both entered ‘Country’ about the same time (March 1970) so he knew how long I had been with the Blues. He wanted to meet with me in his office in thirty minutes (I was there in ten)…


Charlie Troop jeep parked next to the orderly room


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4 responses to “Time for a Change

  1. jesuspdlr

    Very good post!

    You write your memories very well (perhaps you should write a book).

    Cheers 😉

  2. jesuspdlr

    One book will travel to Spain, of course…

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