A Short Move

No longer with the Blues


I moved out of one of the Blues hooches on the left to the most distant one across the road.


In my new AO with Roy McDonald and Robert Porter.
Porter was with the Blues, and I could never figure out exactly what McDonald did. All I remember is he hung around Major Nelson a lot.
In front of us is a stack of 33 1/3 rpm records left behind by fellow Blues when they went back to the ‘World’.

I still have these old record albums in my closet but haven’t played them for thirty-nine years. One of these days I’m going to purchase a turntable so I can listen to some of my old favorites, among them is an album called ‘HARRY’ by Harry Nilsson. That record album was given to me by John (Mike) Cody a fellow Blue.

John is second from right in the picture below…


Our medic (?), Cadenhead, Struck, Cody & Roger
‘Cavalier Blue’ Mike La Chance is stooped down in front of Staff Sergeant David Roger perhaps studying a map to locate our position. We all look a bit lost…


Here is a picture of Roy McDonald in front of Charlie Troop Operations bunker. Maybe he was Operations Sergeant, but as I recall he was a Specialist 5.

I just spent an hour on the phone today with New York State Senator Roy McDonald. Roy was one my best friends in Vietnam and after all these years, we had plenty to talk about.
I wasn’t one bit surprised when I found out he entered politics. I had a feeling that was his calling.
Roy told me his MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) in Vietnam was an Artillery Forward Observer.
And now we know…


The Operations bunker was heavily fortified in the event of a mortar attack.

Another trip to Binh Hoa.


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3 responses to “A Short Move

  1. Mike Cody

    I remember Harry. Enjoy.

    • usastruck

      Would you believe “Rainmaker” on that “Harry” album was one of my favorite songs while in Nam.
      It took me forever to find another recording of it when I got back to the ‘World’. I finally found the one above on YouTube…

  2. Mike Cody


    I’m glad you enjoyed it. Harry Nilsson was always one of my favorites. I’m not sure why I gave it to you (a moment of complete clarity no doubt). I’m just glad you liked it

    Mike Cody

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