John Hlavacek

Globe-Trotting Foreign Correspondent

Baby boomers that lived in the Midwest in the 70’s may remember John Hlavacek. He was a reporter/foreign correspondent for KMTV-TV in Omaha, Nebraska and traveled around the world covering many history changing events.

I got a surprise phone call from him this morning, and we had a very interesting conversation. Lisa Pelto, a friend of his left a comment on my blog and that’s how we were able to connect. Thanks Lisa! I’ve been trying to locate him for quite some time.

The last time I spoke with John was over 40-years ago in Phuoc Vinh, Vietnam. He was on assignment filming a story for a Christmas Special to be viewed on KCAU-TV. I was one of a handfull of soldiers from that TV viewing area that he interviewed for the program. He said he would try to locate the complete audio/video for that show which he has stored in archives at Texas Tech.

What a remarkable man! At 93 years young he is going strong and he’s working on another book soon to be released.

John was inducted into Journalist’s Excellence Hall of Fame on April 24, 2010…


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5 responses to “John Hlavacek

  1. Patrick McIntyre

    I see Phuoc Vinh and also Phouc Vinh used. Which is correct?
    I was with E Battery, 82nd Artillery, 1st Air cav (Airmoble) from May of 69 to July 69. We mainly flew observation missions for different Artliery Units. We had fixed wing and rotary aircraft. The 0-1 Bird Dog (fixed wing) was a great obsevation aircraft since it could stay up for a long time. The VC hated seeing them., because they knew they had a very little time to crawl back into their spider holes before the 155’s started raining on them.

  2. Kevin Perrier E-2/7 Recon 1970-71

    Do you have a copy of the Hlavacek’s film? I know another guy who was interviewed by him in Bien Hoa on Dec 15 1970. His family was living in Fremont NE at the time.

  3. I am looking for a video of John Hlavachek interviewing my Father in Cam Rahn Bay vietnam for A Christmas greeting from my dad to his Family in Bellevue Ne. It showed on either CBS or NBC oct., nov., or dec. 1969 or 1970. I hope someone can find this for me. His name was Joseph J. Novak sr. Thank you

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