Phuoc Vinh UFO

1969 sighting on the Green-line

As if we didn’t have enough to worry about while in Vietnam; here’s a GI that claims he spotted a UFO while pulling guard duty on Phuoc Vinh’s perimeter.

Full Description of Event/Sighting: I was pulling Green-line duty with 3 other 1st Cav. soldiers who were sleeping. I had a star light scope, a radio and all the stuff you would expect in/on a bunker. This bunker was a big well fortified bunker. We were all on top of this bunker from my best recollection. I was pulling my stint, let the others sleep. This bunker was on the western facing perimeter. This night was a beautiful night with no overcast. Many small brilliant stars were in the night sky. No moon, as far as I remember especially facing out west. The starlight scope was working very well. I’m going into a little detail to set the stage leading up to my sighting. I know it’s not to the point Please bear with me.

As I was scanning the western night sky. and all of a sudden something to the Northwest caught my eye. It was a very brilliant whitish, silver and with a hint of blue more of a rounded shape. It was fairly far away. The main thing about this object was it would move to my left, or South in jerky movements , hover, do it again and again. It never lost the same brilliance or colors the entire time. Additionally it left a amber or reddish trail (like a tracer) as it moved only to suddenly stop on a dime. I watched this thing for several minutes.

By this time it was in the Southern Horizon. Then, all of a sudden it shot up skyward on a 45 degree angle towards the North. It was totally out of sight in seconds. I was thinking should I report this? I decided not. I would wait to see if anyone else would, then I would to. I didn’t have the presence of mine to wake the other guys. Mainly, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.


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11 responses to “Phuoc Vinh UFO

  1. jesuspdlr

    “The issue of UFOs fired at as “enemy helicopters” by both sides, in fact, was widely reported during certain periods of the war.”

  2. usastruck

    Thanks for the link Jesus; very interesting read…

  3. Jerry Chmiel

    Saw practically the same thing while on guard duty at Phouc Vinh in February of ’67. Object was observed over 30 minutes making geometric patterns, both forwards and backwards and abruptly stopping at times. No tail though.

  4. Bruce Wyrwitzke

    Funny that I should come upon this…I was stationed at Phuoc Vinh (C/227 AHB 1CAV) and, too, had a “UFO” experience. It was late 1969, I was the aircraft commander in the “target” aircraft of a Night Hawk team. We had a very bright xenon searchlight that we would use at low altitude to try to draw fire for our gun cover to roll hot on. Anyway, I get a call that we are lighting up friendly positions on Song Be Mountain…we must have been 30 kilometers away, but could see something lighting up the side of the mountain. We headed that direction to see what we could make of it…and the light disappeared, only to show up moments later at Nui Ba Den, or Black Virgin Mountain. We spent most of the night chasing this “aircraft” around the AO. It was much faster than we were (heck, a jeep is faster than a Huey!), but could get close enough to see lights on it. Interestingly, it was also observed on radar out of Bien Hoa and Tan Son Nhat. Anyway, sets were scrambled out of Vung Tau and we spent the rest of night filling out statements. Of course, we were cautioned not to talk about it, and never heard another thing about it. No bull-shit!

    • usastruck

      Bruce, I have absolutely no reason to doubt your story!
      Welcome Home…

    • Carl Buick

      I was an O-1 pilot flying mortar watch (a night mission) over Phuoc Vinh and would while away the hours BSing with the tower (there was no other night time traffic) when one night they said they had strange moving targets appearing and disappearing and moving in odd directions. The radar guy vectored me toward them, but no joy. Spent a couple hours chasing after these flitting radar targets and never saw a thing

  5. Bruce Wyrwitzke

    That was “jets” that were scrambled…not “sets”.

  6. Edward Batson, Cpt. Retired

    Saw a large brilliant object overtake a four engine transport just north of bien hoa in 69 .Not more than 1 mile directly in front of me.The entire aircraft was obscured, the object vanished and the right wing of the transport separated from the aircraft.It rotated over on to it’s back and dove into the ground. The right wing fell a short way off. As the plane fell the pilot stated on guard channel that he had engine failure and was returning to bien hoa.There is another similar story to this about 15years ago and it was a commercial jet.I was the copilot of a UH1H at the time. The command pilot turned to me and said “did you see that”

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