Stolen Valor

Fake Warriors


Whenever I see someone wearing a Vietnam Veteran cap I ask them who they served with in Vietnam. Nine times out of ten I get an answer that is legit and we welcome each other home.

It’s rare to come across a wannabe, but it happens. Some time ago, I walked up to a guy in a grocery store with a cap displaying Vietnam Veteran. As usual, I asked the guy who he was with. After some small talk, he confessed that he was on a ship heading to Vietnam, but for some reason, never made it’s destination. I turned my back for just a second and he was gone.


On June 03, 2013, President Obama signed into law the latest version of the Stolen Valor Act, which makes it a federal crime for people to pass themselves off as war heroes by wearing medals they didn’t rightfully earn.
The legislation passed both houses of Congress with overwhelming majorities.

An earlier version, passed in 2005, was struck down in June 2012 when the Supreme Court ruled that lying about military heroics was constitutionally protected speech unless there was intent to gain some benefit or something of value by fraud.


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10 responses to “Stolen Valor

  1. Dennis Junger

    I find it somewhat amusing that there seems to be more door gunners than

    • I wear a hat like that with my actual medals (6) on it that my daughter gave me for Christmas in 2013. You guys know- the usual “I was there” stuff and my one combat medal. I ran into a guy in (yep) the supermarket with one on. I ask where too and he said “Be-in Ho-ah with 4 syllables, Rocket City was never pronounced that way. We chatted some more and now I wished I’d called him out. The guy thought it was “way south of TSN”. If you’re going to say you were there, it pays to learn some geography. How about this chucklehead who hangs out with his Wounded Warrior Project buddies.
      That’s pretty good above w/ the “airman” wearing command pilot wings and a CIB. He sure gets around.

    • Robert Lyons

      The last time I remember in 71 through 73 with the first Cav we had a lot of rotations and body bags I was five seven short and I was lucky maybe that could be the reason not sure man

  2. Pat C.

    My trick is to ask them what size magazine they loaded their P-38 with. USARV, Long Binh, RVN 69-70

  3. Jerry Hassler

    Love the P-38’s 30-round magazine capacity! Use to shoot all my C-rations to open them! Most common fakes to run into were with SOG and can’t talk about it. Most of these guys believe it stands for Special Operations. Guess it is what goes around comes around as so many fled the draft and now so many want to say they fought.

    • David Young

      I can’t count how many times those guys were called special operations by someone. I would always correct them Studies and Observations. Being with combat engineers we would sometimes be on a bridge project. We got to interact with them and SEALs quite often. I quite wearing any hats or tee’s saying I’m a Nam vet so I don’t have to discuss it anymore. Got an Illinois Vietnam veteran license plate on my truck and most don’t pay attention to it.

  4. J. Jeffery

    How about calling out Senator Blumenthal (CT) for lying about his service in Vietnam. He is hammering Trump and others about integrity. He is not “Above the Rest” because he is a Senator. Visit his FACEBOOK page and leave a comment or write to CNN/MSNBC. I bet a number of real Vets voted for him because of his lies about his Vietnam service.

    I am a 1 hitch E-5 Navy Vet. ’65 to ’69. I did not go to Vietnam but I remember that painful time well. I served Honorably and supported all my brothers, especially Combat Vets and I still do. God Bless all who served.

    Don’t allow Stolen Valor criminals off the hook too easily, especially elected government officals, it is Federal Crime and a shameful act. Speak out.

  5. Garry Owen

    I earned 6 Air Medals and the Army Aviation Badge (Crew Wings) operating sniffer missions in the 1st Cav, 1970. I received 1Air Medal. My immediate superior, a cowardly Captain, flew one mission and drew ground fire. Asked me to fly the rest. He awarded himself 3 Air Medals and my wings!

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