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Civilian Women in Vietnam

Army Special Services

Kathy Hacker, Dir.of Special Services in Phouc Vinh ’70-’71

The women who volunteered to serve with Special Services in Vietnam did so for a variety of reasons. They went for adventure, in search of exciting and rewarding opportunities, and because it presented a challenge, both professional and personal. They went out of patriotism. But mostly they went because they cared about their fellow men and women. They wanted to serve their country and help to boost the morale of soldiers far from home.

Their effectiveness in accomplishing these objectives under extremely difficult working and living conditions was underscored in 1971 when the USARV Special Services Agency was recommended for a Meritorious Unit Commendation.


Donut Dollies at Phuoc Vinh


Donut Dollies. Photo by Spartan Jon Logan, 190th AHC, 1970

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