My War Trophy

Chicom Type 53 Carbine

Numerous NVA weapon caches were uncovered by US troops in Cambodia.
The Chinese made Type 53 carbine in the picture above is similar to the one I had confiscated.

I managed to get it registered as a war trophy, and hand-carried it back to the ‘World’ when my tour was complete. I recall the strange looks I got as I carried it through Los Angeles International Airport.

A few years later I was short on cash and sold it to an antique dealer for $35…


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3 responses to “My War Trophy

  1. jesuspdlr

    Oh!, the buyer was a lucky man….

  2. usastruck

    That $35 back in 1972 (when I sold the rifle) is equivilant to about $180 today.
    I just ran it through an inflation conversion table.
    That $35 back then probably bought one weeks groceries for my family…

  3. jesuspdlr

    The rifle was beautiful, and a good trophy, but always the first thing to consider is the own family.
    I understand you, friend.

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