‘Cavalier Blue’ Lt. Michael T. La Chance

Charlie Troop Blues Platoon Leader

There’s a good chance Lt. La Chance is calling the Mess Hall Sgt. in Phuoc Vinh to see what’s on the menu for the evening meal. I carried the radio (Blue India) for Lt. La Chance on many memorable missions while in the field.

He had a sense of humor, especially when it came to eating. The rest of us would be chowing down on C-Rations while he always managed to get his hands on LRP Rations, which were much tastier.

I was able to make email contact with Mike about six years ago thanks to the Charlie Troop 1/9th website. This site is dedicated to the memory of those brave men who gave the last measure of devotion to their country and comrades while serving with Troop C, First Squadron, Ninth Cavalry Regiment, First Cavalry Division (Airmobile), and was built by Jack Schwarz (whose call sign was Cavalier44). He served part of 1970 and 71 in Vietnam…

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