Combat Engineers

Staff Sgt. David Roger guides chopper into future LZ


I was able to snap these four sequence shots of a chopper carrying Combat Engineers as they landed.


I was on the first bird in with Staff Sgt. Roger and other Blues. We were inserted to secure the area while the Combat Engineers cleared fallen trees with their chain saws after a Daisy Cutter Bomb was used to blast a helicopter landing zone (HLZ).

The HLZ would then be used as a temporary firebase for a grunt company to set up camp…


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2 responses to “Combat Engineers

  1. jesuspdlr

    Hi again, friend.

    Can you tell me why this purple smoke signal when the Huey is too near to the LZ?


    • usastruck

      Now that was a good question!
      I might have popped the smoke grenade and was a bit late in doing so.
      Maybe too busy taking pictures.
      I just can’t remember…

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