The Village People

Somewhat Primitive Way of life

Farmers Market at Phuoc Vinh Village

Many of the Villagers worked as hoochmaids and other odd jobs at Phuoc Vinh Firebase.

Hoochmaids were paid by the GIs on a monthly basis to do a number of chores. These included doing laundry, making beds, sewing patches on uniforms, cleaning hooches (our sleeping quarters) and a number of odds and ends.

I often wondered what Papasan hauled in his barrels.


Main Street Phuoc Vinh

Common means of transportation
Photo courtesy of Chris Bussells, 31st HHC

Photo courtesy of Jordan Green


A Vietnamese village somewhere along the road from Phuoc Vinh to Long Binh
Photo courtesy of Chris Bussells

Either Bien Hoa or Saigon, in one of those Lambrettas
Photo courtesy of Stan Edington

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  1. Ron Brown

    One of the guys in my hooch in the rubber trees of Phuoc Vinh had a puppy that keep peeing in the hooch. He related this to the hooch maid who went outside, found a stick, broke it off the size of the puppies tail, shook it at the puppy and promptly stated the puppy will no longer pee in the hooch. Did it work? What do you think?

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