1st Squadron 9th Cavalry, 1st Air Cavalry Division (Airmobile)

Camp Gorvad

The 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile) was officially activated on July 1, 1965. It was made up of resources of the 11th Air Assault Division (Test) and elements of the 2nd Infantry Division as a part of this reorganization, the 3/17th Cavalry Regiment was redesignated 1/9th.

The Squadron left with the Division for Vietnam in August, 65, wearing the Black Cavalry Stetsons to war for the first time since the Horse Soldier days. On 28 June 71, the 1/9th Cavalry (less B Troop) returned from Vietnam, the most decorated Unit of that war, and assumed the role of the Divisional Reconnaissance Squadron.

It is estimated that the 1/9th was responsible for fifty percent of all enemy soldiers killed by the 1st Cavalry Division during the war. It was for this reason the battalion earned its current nickname “The Headhunters.”

The 1/9th in Vietnam was made up of the following troops:
Headquarters Troop
Alpha Troop
Bravo Troop
Charlie Troop
Delta Troop
Echo Troop
Foxtrot Troop
LRRPs and Rangers
Dog Handlers

The 1st Squadron, 9th Cavalry troopers earned three Medals of Honor in Vietnam.

1/9th headquarters, Phuoc Vinh (Camp Gorvad)

Richard Lamb (crew chief) C Troop early August until late October 1968.
Transferred then to HQ Troop as crew chief on the Squadron check-out LOH.
That aircraft was destroyed Christmas Day in a landing mishap and he was
transferred to B Troop Scouts. Shot down Feb 9, 1969 in LOH 16069

Photo courtesy of Richard Lamb

Captured by ‘FIRST TEAM’ in A Shau Valley
Photo courtesy of Jim Delp

Photo courtesy of Jim Delp

Bob Hinote (radio dispatcher) HQ Troop 1/9th, 1969
Photo courtesy of Jim Delp

Presenting Awards

Photo courtesy of Jim Delp


1/9th Commanding Officers, 1970
Major Galen Rosher (Charlie Troop CO) front row far right


1/9th Cavalry Regiment Parade Formation at Phuoc Vinh

Jim Delp (HQ Troop 1/9th, 1969) pointing at fresh shrapnel holes in a sign he had just painted.

Jim Delp (left) must have seen a ghost…

Phuoc Vinh Santa


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  1. usastruck

    Thanks for stopping by and don’t make yourself a stranger…

    • Linda Kremer

      My husband served in this unit from Feb 1969-70. He was a truck driver and he was at Phouc Vinh. His name was Tom G. Kremer. I keep hoping someone would have known him. He was 6 ft 3 inches and thin. He was also a sniper. Thankyou for the great website.

    • Jeffery L Underwood

      I served w/9/1st A trp from 70-72 as a Crew Chef & Door Gunner. I flew a lot w WO2 Wright. He was a excellent Pilot he could land that UH1 anywhere and usually did. I also flew w/ two brothers Ron & Bernie Semeral I heard Ron got busted trying to smuggle something back. I remember flying out of Phuoc, Vihn, An Loc, Loc Nihn, Song Be. Lost two very good friends Curtis Smoot 10/March/71. I still hve and wear his POW bracelet, it never comes off. It was crazy but I meet some great guys and lost some great. When is our next reunion & where.

      • Welcome Home Jeffery…

      • raider24x

        I am not sure where the next get together would be. I am just now getting back in touch with the unit. Thank you for responding, welcome back brother.

      • Mike Langford

        Just to checking to see if anybody here served with my uncle (WO1 Charles Lawhon), he was KIA in 1966. Thank you, I look forward to hearing any stories and seeing any pictures some of you may have.

      • Billy K. Kelley

        welcome Brother .I was in all the places you were but cant remember many names.most of them had a nickname of some sort. I went from maintenance team to crew chief on the Maintenance bird .until I got short and started flying door gunner when needed. I remember Smoot . They found Mr.Houser . Idon’t remember if they found smoot or not. I can remember some of the pilots. Mr. Adams Captain Mcallister,Mr. flemings, . Mr.Knight. and one they called Animal. CRAZY!!. I also remember the brothers you mentioned. One was supposed to call the Mother and get her to flush that stuff down the toiletI also remember when MR> Fody was killed. My email address is justrux@yahoo.com. Hope to hear from You.

      • Welcome Home Billy…

      • rosamaria dominguez

        Hi Jeffery, just curious if you remember a guy by the name Joel Saavedra. He served the 1st Calvary division around 1971-1972 or a Ron Keller??
        Please let me know.
        My name is Rosa Dominguez, my email is rosamariaalfaro36@yahoo.com
        also you can find me on Facebook Rosamaria Dominguez.

        Hope to hear from you soon.
        Happy Veterans Day!!
        Thank you 🙂

      • Robert Lyons

        I flew with wright..


        my name is Jeffery Underwood (Underdog) I flew w/A Trp from 70-72 in Son Bay, An Loc, Phuc Vhin,. I was a Door Gunner & Crew Chef. I also flew w Mr Wright & Bernie & Ronn Sem

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    • Rob, We are holding a Charlie Troop reunion in Branson, MO Sept 29th,30th and Oct 1st. We have troopers from every troop attending. If any of your reader are interested they can email me at pcbnamin@verizon.net. Thanks.

    • Paul Klugh

      Sir: thanks for a great site I have found some new and old buddies from ur site. I have an army Regulation, 1STCAV. 1967- 1968 STEDSON complete with all the trimmings, from my brothers for my 68th b-day, now I need the uniform and boots to go with it, would u or any one know where to get it, fort hood is way over priced, u all can contact me at my e mail address. [paul.klugh@verison.net] thank u all!!!!

    • Dan

      Hey there. I work at a nursing home/retirement facility. One of my residents mentioned belonging to this unit. He told me to look it up. This is amazing. His name is Robert Hardin and he flew in two tours. You all and my resident are the TRUE HEROES! Do you know Mr. Hardin?

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  5. mw

    My father was an officer in the 1/9th in Vietnam, twice decorated. I’ve just been doing some reading the last couple days, since I’m always thinking about him around vet’s day (he is fortunately still with us). Thank you for this post, I love the personal pictures and info.

    • usastruck

      Molly, can you give more info about your father? Troop, time period and name, if that’s ok with you. Someone here may have served with him…

  6. mw

    Cap’n James Williams, Charlie Troop, ’70-71.

    • usastruck

      Molly, your father’s CO (Commanding Officer) while in Phuoc Vinh, remembers your dad and would like to get in touch with him.
      I need your email address so he can contact you…
      Mine is: usastruck@yahoo.com

      • My cousin was in 1/9 1st Air Cavalry Division (Airmobile) from Aug 2, 1967 – Aug 2 1968. He fought in the Tet Offensive and was stationed at camp Evans HHQ or HHT, which is between Phu Bi, Hue, DaNang from North to South. Motto was “We can, we will”. His nickname was Bulldog, or Paul Klug or Klugh. His name is Paul Klugh. He is looking for anyone who may remember him, or someone who may have served with him.
        Anyone know Stringbean, Lester Bradford, Robert Wedenback, Jerry Joiner, Thomas Coyne, Frank J. Cox, Staff Sgt. Denson, a guy with the last name Norris, CO Captain Hustus, Ron Coleman from Queens NY or Brooklyn – mechanic. Two guys, nicknamed Abbot and Costello. Michael Palmelzono from New Orleans, and the the guy who was Elvis’ next door neighbor. Favorite pastimes: Digging holes for piss tubes and burning shit. Does anyone remember Hong Kong Mountain and the Underwater Bridge? My cousin is well, after a spell of Dinky Dow. Please reply if you can help him contact anyone he may know, or if you know anyone who may know him. He is a GREAT guy, Paul KLUGH, Bronze Star. Thank you so much!
        Todd Klugh. TKlugh1@gmail.com

      • Pat Bieneman

        Molly, he may want to attend a reunion we are having in Branson, Mo Sep 29th,30th and Oct 1st. pcbnamin@verizon.net http://www.patrickbieneman.com

    • Jason

      My uncle was there Sgt Herman Jones

  7. Jim Hayden

    Hi, I was with HHT from Jan 68 – Aug 69 and was in on the moves from An Khe to Camp Evans to Phouc Vinh. I worked mainly in the TOC and was Blackhawk 65 for nearly a year. I also did crypto in the AM.
    Sgt James Hayden

  8. Daniel B. Heckstetter

    Hello to Jim Hayden
    I arrived at 1/9 Camp Evans in Jan ’68. I was the Squadron Draftsman. I worked in the GP Med tent outside the TOC with the Flight Safety Officer, Cpt Hall. Flight records clerk, Joe Silva. Joe & I had a hooch underground with a view of the flight line. We dodged a lot of 122 mm rockets. We even celebrated “Uncle HO’s birthday when they hit the ammo/fuel dump.
    Did anyone ever wonder that our call sign was Blackhawk & the next generation of UH got that name?
    Dan Heckstetter 81B20

    • usastruck

      Welcome Home Dan…

    • Roger Wells

      R. Wells, “Lurch” from B troop Mar. ’69. Ammo/fuel dump. The “big bangs”. Amazing

      • Rodger:
        My brother Sgt. John (Randy) Spear was WIA on 2/23/69 at Quan Loi.
        do you know what happened that day…was it a mortar attack.

      • Roger Wells

        I pulled KP that day, but he went on a mission, and was shot with a fifty caliber as he left the chopper. I think Don Roumagoux was with him. Don lives in Ontario Oregon.

      • Hi Roger:
        The mission you’re referring to was April 23. That was when he was KIA trying to recover Jim Dunn and his crew. My brother was also WIA on 2/23/69…I think during an attack at Quan Loi. It was a neck wound..
        Thanks for the Info Roger, it’s appreciated very much.
        Larry Spear

      • Thomas Carr

        Hi lurch , My name is Tom Carr I was in B troop 1/9from 10-68 till 10-69 I was a cook in the unit, My phone # is 360 500 1269, I live in ocean shores WA. give me a call we can shoot the breeze . maybe wee can meet some where and talk about old times, where do you live in OR.

      • Roger Wells AKA Lurch

        albany; 541 905-1834

    • Wendy Keller

      Dan did you know my husband Captain Paul D Keller? Served with this unit from May 68-69?

      • Ken Lewis

        Captain Keller was my platoon leader in the Spring of ’68 while we were based at Camp Evans. We had just transitioned to the OH-6A (LOH) and were involved in the Tet Offensive around the Citadel of Hue. I was CPT Keller’s Line Chief for the Scout Platoon. I saw CPT Keller again while based in Korea, He was the CO for the 117th Aviation Company while I worked at battalion HQ in Camp Coiner. He was my favorite platoon leader in my military career.
        SGT Ken Lewis
        B Troop 1/9 Cav

      • Gary DeFries

        Capt. Keller replaced Capt. Choli in May 1968. I was his main observer who flew in the front next to pilot. He let me fly the Loach many times. One day I felt this overwhelming sense of foreboding. I was suppose to be on call to fly. I made my self unavailable and another observer went in my place. Capt. Keller hit a tree and crashed the chopper. The other guy was badly wounded and left country. That didn’t sway me from flying with him. I flew with him until I left country in Sept. 68.

      • SGT Ken Lewis

        Hey Gary, A.K.A. “Daisy”! Good to hear from your neck of the wooded area. Last I heard you were a millionaire. I talk to “Green Hornet” Bob Crowder about every week. There is a video out about Rich Martin, Bob Gervais and Mr. Warren going down in the A’Shau Valley in May ’68. They found the crash site. It was #087, OH-6A. They showed a memorial for the lost crew at Fort Rucker. I will have to make a copy and send it to you.
        My email is klewis1946@yahoo.com.

        Ken Lewis
        “Scouts Out”

      • Bill Curran

        My name is Bill Curran and I was an LOH6 pilot at that time. I was in A Troop, stationed at LZ Sharon. Thanks for sharing your experiences with me.

        Sent from my iPhone


      • Bill Curran

        I am Bill Curran. I was an LOH-6 pilot assigned to A Troop 1st of the 9th from May 68 and thereafter. During one unfortunate mission, my door gunner (Treadway) was shot an killed. Perhaps, you might have known him?

      • Tim Garrard

        Who was Mr Warren? We had a Loach shot down near LZ Tiger in the Ashau valley. The pilot was Warren Whitmire.Saber 39  Bravo Troop 1/9

      • SGT Ken Lewis

        My mistake. Mr. Whitmire was a fairly new scout pilot. Gervais and Martin were my good friends.
        Ken Lewis
        “Scouts Out!”

    • paul klugh

      The names of some of u I remember, BUT cant put faces with most, not only did I work in s-4, but I ran the 1/9, or 9/1 hht co. ammo dump, the most rarest commodies, in that whole place were “C-4 and A.R.A rocket boxes, good for building walls inside your hooch, And yes I remember our call sign, when I was sent out to,god knows were , my call sign was ” black 4 kilo” my co. Capt. Hustes was” Black Hawk 4 ” But my memory isn’t as good as it used to b, can’ recall” why” or how we had the call sign ” BLACK HAWK”, IM not sure, but i think it has to do with the First Cav, and the black hawk Indians. MY tour was aug. 67-aug 68……….Paul k. [aka] ” bulldog”..

      • Jay Norris

        Paul is this the sight you were telling Jay about where you posted pictures?

      • Robert Davison

        In reply to Bill Curruran’s question on Treadway” Was he the gent we knew as “Pops” that got hit when we were working that Free Fire zone west of Da Nang when we were TDY there? I was an observer/gunner who most knew as Dave i had a WSU sticker on the back of my flight helmet.

      • Bill Curran

        Yes, you identified the mission during which Treadway was killed. I didn’t know he was called “Pops” but it probably fit well for him.

        The reason Treadway came up this many years later is because his daughter, who was only 11 months when he was killed, tracked me down a few months ago by email and asked if I would call her so she could talk about it. I did call her which seemed to be good for her.

  9. Jeff Betz

    My uncle served with D Troop 9/70-71, would love to find more men from that unit but there does not seem to be many. I also would like to find a unit roster or orders for Nov.70. Any ideas. Jeff

    • usastruck

      Jeff, is your uncle in one of the photos in this web site?

      • Jeff Betz

        Yes that’s him, John Hamm posted it. Thanks for your site does. It has helped my and my father learn so much about an uncle and brother.

      • Jon Godfrey MSG USA (Ret.)

        Trying to locate anyone who served with my former Plt Sgt (then SPC) Nobel Steeley Door Gunner in A Troop 1/9 Cav. Please email me at ohmygodfrey@netzero.net Thanks Jon

    • ole johnson

      i was in vietnam jan 1970 to mar 1971. was with d trp 1/9 blue plt. we drove the v-100. (ducks). my name is ole johnson.

      • usastruck

        Welcome Home Ole…

      • scott mullen

        Hi Ole Johnson,
        I have a friend who restores military vehicles and he has a V-100 that was in Viet Nam, in restoration right now. While stripping the many layers of paint on the V, he found “1 CAV” and “1/9” markings on the vehicle. I’d love to put him in contact with someone who served in the V-100 in the 1/9. Can you email me please? Scott Mullen, keystone117@comcast.net

      • Jeff Betz

        Do you remember Tim Betz? He was a short skinny guy from Buffalo, NY.


        did you know louis Marciano nicknamed “rocky” would appreciate and info
        thanks so much

    • Robert Vranish (Duffer)

      I was with Delta 1/9th Blues 1970-1971. (later to be changed to Echo Troop 1/9th Blues). Nice feeling to be with the Air Mobile Brothers once again
      Bob Vranish

      • Bob Vranish

        Thanks for the welcome. I don’t remember ever receiving a welcome home or thanks in the past 42 years,
        Garry Owen

      • Ron Justice

        I was with D co 227 AHB 1st Cav, when it became E Troop 1/9 Cav. I was a crew chief on UH-1H 66-16163, until it changed back to another unit and we went north. If you go to the E troop 1/9 Cav page I am on that page. Ron Justice

      • Welcome Home Ron…

      • Jeff Betz

        Do you remeber Tim Betz? If so please try to get in touch with me or give me a way to get in touch with you.
        JEff Betz

      • Jeff Betz

        Do you remember Tim Betz? He was a short skinny guy from Buffalo, NY. Please contact me at jjb7374@gmail.com

      • Robert Vranish

        My memory is certainly failing me after all these years, as I remember only a few of the brave brothers I had the priviledge to know. My nickname was “the duffer”. Bob Vranish

        Get Outlook for Android


      • Scott Mullen

        Hi- I’m trying to find soldiers who served in D/1-9 and crewed the V-100 armored cars (aka the “Commando”) made by Cadillac Gage corporation. I have a friend who is restoring one of these armored vehicles and it had D 1-9 null markings on it. Trying to find contemporaneous photos of it.

      • Jeff Betz

        I pictures of one or two but my uncle is no longer with us, so I can’t ask him. I know many of the guys I’ve talked to hated them as they were hot, and almost all mission pics I have are all jeep and truck columns. Sorry, JB

      • Mark Keller

        I posted here at MVE a while back and trying to respond to Scott Mullen about the V-100 issue he posted Feb 9th 2019 but cannot find anyway to sign in or leave a reply. Did something change on the website?–Mark Keller B1/9

      • Scott Mullen

        Hi Mark Keller,
        I saw your message below regarding my question on V100 / M706 vehicles used by Delta 1/9. Sorry I did not put my email in the body of my message. I’d appreciate any info you can supply about their use and especially any contemporaneous photos. You can reach me at keystone117@ptd.net


    • sandy tobin

      My Husband Richard Tobin (from Boston) was in the lst and 9th in 1970 and worked in the TOC.in Phouc Vinh. He’s having a touch time trying to locate people as well.

      • Bob Vranish

        I was stationed at Phouc Vinh with D troop Blues ( later to be renamed Echo Troop) 1970-1971 until the unit deployed back to the States .

      • Jim Lewis

        I worked in the TOC from 69 to 70, in S-3 as an RTO. I can’t remember many names from back then.

    • sylvester lacroix

      i served with your uncle and considerd him my best freind..my first name is sylvester.from n.dakota.i really would like to talk to him again

      • Jeff Betz

        Sorry for the late reply, I didn’t know I got notifications back. Sylvester, I think I have a picture with you both in it, taken by John Hamm. Is there an easy way to contact you? Please email me at jjb7374@gmail.com
        Can you do that? Thanks Jeff


      My father served with D Troop 9 from 11-69 to 3-70. Philip Charles Goins. (GunJeeps)

      • Jeff Betz

        My uncles wasn’t there until September. I’m sure they were in the same areas doing the same job. I did meet two men from that group. LT Owens, and SSGT. Hamm. Is your dad still around? Thanks,

  10. tim garrard

    SABER 39

  11. John Clark

    My name is John Clark, I lost my father Bill Clark during my last tour in Iraq. I am looking for anyone who remembers him and would be willing to email me stories of pictures of him while he was in Vietnam.
    He was with the 11th Air Assault at Ft. Benning when it when the became the 1/9 C Troop, he was what I have found out to be called one of the boat people. He was a door gunner stationed at AnKhe 1965-1966.
    If anyone remembers him, has stories of him or photos, it would be an honor to hear and see them.
    Please email me.
    Thank You all not only for what you did in Vietnam, but also for paving the way for us younger vets.
    John Clark

    • usastruck

      First of all John, “Thank You for Your Service”
      Hopefully someone will come across your comment here and share with you some info about your father…

    • mitch truax

      John, my uncle Mitch Blankenburg was with the 11th AA at Benning when they were renumbered to the 1/9. He went to Vietnam at the same time at was on the door some too. Pink team as well. He was a contributing author to the book The Headhunters. Maybe that’ll have some info for you.

      • John Clark

        Thank you It was a great book referred to me by Walt Titchenell. He served with my dad and I posted here at his recommendation to find anyone else that may have known some about him during this time period. If your uncle is still alive and remembers dad I would love to hear from him.
        Again thank you for responding

    • Paul Klugh

      Mr. Clark rarely do any of us [v n vets] ever get a well job done, thank YOU PAUL KLUGH

    • ron Baynard

      i was in ankhe from march 65 to dec 65.i came from fort bragg to the 9th cav.most of the guys did not want to know you do to what was going on.they had a saying,better he then me.it took me awhile to understand what they ment.i saw a lot of guys fall in combat.i was air lifted out dec 24th with a gun shot to my right shoulder.all i could do was smile knowing i was getting out of that hell hole.over 58000 young men lost there lives for nothing



    • mike kelley

      hi john-i served with your dad bill in weapons plt,troop c, 1-9 cav 65-66.i saw him at our reunion back in 1998 with your mom.he was a very brave soldier i,ll tell you. cool under fire, steady as a rock. thank you for your service in the war on terror.make sure you get to the v.a. and sign up for your bennies. if you need help, ask the national service rep at the dav.

      • John clark

        Thank you what else can you tell me about him and what is your name please.
        And thank you I have signed up for my benefits had no choice as I came home from my last tour on a stretcher. DAV has done a lot for me. Fought my retirement and lost. Army was not prepared to allow me to make those 4 qualifying jumps a year to keep my beret after my injury’s from an IED, so was forced to medically retire.
        Would like to hear more about my daddy if you would not mind. Wally told me some need to know some more if I can find those that knew him. Might answer some things inside myself.

  12. mike hicks

    This may seem like a harsh question but since I keep hearing that the 1/9 squadron was responsible for killing half of all enemy troops slain by the division. Does anyone know the total number of enemy killed by the 1st air cav division and the number killed by just this suadron?

  13. david lawrence

    looking for info ..opperation Pegasus on April 4th 1968..relief of KSCB…who found and where , LTC Runkles c/o 1/5 Cav after shoot down (2nd Brig HQ company Huey 66-16952)….somewhere between LZ Stud ..Ca Lu and Khe Sahn

    • Bob Jenkins

      I don’t know specifics but on a patrol outside KS we passed an overturned huey shot up in a previous action. April ’68. I was RTO co B 2/5 cav. Call sign Ridge Runner 2-6 India.Marines caught hell so bad for so long they were actually glad to share their beer with us. Biggest Rats there too-ate through a C-Ration can quicker than a p-38.

      • paul klugh [aka bulldog]

        how many of u still have your P.38, the one they gave you when you were handed your 1st box of c’s, I still have mine, and I Had it gold plated, and but in my shadow box, along with all the reaste oh my badges, and Bronze star u can reach through my e mail [paul.kluh@verizon,net] thanks

      • Robert Lyons

        I still have my p38 on my Zippo lighter

    • david lawrence liberty,tx

      looking for specifics …that would be the Huey more likely..if it was on Route -9 couple miles south of Khe Sahn…2/7 Cav working out of LZ Thor got in a big fight on this location 4-6-68 trying to recover this chopper and crew , all 6 KIA after shoot down 4-4-68 and pushing on to KSCB

      • Paul Klugh

        Mr. LAWRENCE I remember that crash, the only thing is, it did not crash, their were ten people on that chopper, to this day it still hush hush. their was nothing wrong with that chopper at first, no one is alive any more to day who flew that mission, the reason I know this, and this is not easy for me, why did the pilot set down in the first place, they took only a few rounds, not enough to bring them down 2nd there were no machinical break downs ! and why did 5 walk out of the jungle, when there eta was 6-min flight time to EVEANS to re fuel refit and unload very sensitive equipment, the other five were orderd to stay behind, and were armed to the teeth, and why did they split up? My friend [good friend] was on that chopper just hitching a ride to eveans, he was also a chopper [ grease monkey ], by the time those five clowns were finished scratching their a—, at the de breafing, and coming up with a bull s…story. it was 2 days before any one went on that search party,. and by that time, all 5 were kia, or mia STEPHEN HEIGHTMAN was never found, all other bodies were!!!!!!! I was getting short by this time, and I had joined the “country club, so to speak”early and I over heard that conversation, that pilot should have been drilled untile he came clean. and ur right there was one hell of a battle [OVER THE SENITIVE stuff ] on that chopper, and why 10 bodies? This has been one my night-maier’s for 47 yrs, and still cant get answers. I went on that search mission, I had to beg and pull every string to go. THANK YOU

  14. Felix DiPaolo

    Looking for anyone who knew SPC4 Paul Paramatto, nick name “winky” 1st squadron 9th cav D troop white platoon KIA 5/20/68

  15. Herb DeTienne

    Felix, I saw your post dated 12/27/12
    asking if anyone knew Paul Paramatto. I was with D/Troop 1/9th from 4/67 to 4/68. And yes, I knew Paul. I think I have a picture of him, I’ll have to go through my pictures. Please send me your E-mail a

    • Felix DiPaolo

      Herb, Thank you for answering my post, Paul was my cousin, we are working on trying to get the street he grew up on named after hime and also trying to upgrade his silver star to a higher decoration. His sister and I along with his childhood friend are working with a local congressman. Any information or persons you can let us know about who was with him when he was KIA on 5/20/68 would be deeply appreciated, also would love to see an photos you have. My email is fdipaolo1@ verizon .net We got some imformation from Tom Hoover but lost contact with him, he was Paul’s platoon leader just before Paule was KIA. Thanks again and Happy New Year.

      • Rober Flattery 205 No. Dewey St. Monticello, IN 47960

        Hello Felix: My brother 1st Lt. Richard Flattery was killed the same day 5/20/68 apparently on return to camp Evans.

    • Felix DiPaolo

      Herb, Did you ever get a chance to look for pictures of Paul.
      Regards, Felix

    • Charles Armenta (Chuck)

      My name is Charles Armenta I was with D/Troop 1/9th, I walked point 1967-1968. I was with the scouts and I’ve been trying to get hold of some of the guys that were there. Thanks!
      My email address is cbarmenta@insightbb.com

  16. Randy Thornton

    I’m looking for any info on Kenneth Walls who served in Atroop and was KIA in May 70. He went down with I believe the pilot was Everest. Kenny was 19 and died on his birthday after only being there less than 3 months.

    • usastruck

      This is a good place to continue your search.
      Welcome home Randy…


      Yes , I was there when he was killed. We were flying in teams of 2 during that 2nd day in Cambodia. I just saw your post. If I can be of any help let me know.

      Roger G. Paulmeno, B.S. Team Leader
      Department of Veterans Affairs
      Readjustment Counseling Service
      Vet Center (10RCS-1A-0123)
      300 Hamilton Avenue Suite C 1st Fl
      White Plains, NY 10601
      (914) 682-6250


      Sorry Randy, May 2en was the first Team we lost. Kenneth was KIA on 14 May 1970. I knew him just for w week when he was killed. I’ll try to answer any questions you may have. Sorry for your loss.

    • Bruce Lemay

      My name is Bruce Lemay.
      I am probably the only person alive who knows the complete story beginning to end of what happened to Kenny. He slept two doors down from me in the same hooch.
      I only discovered your inquiry recently.
      You may contact me via email at BELemay@comcast.net

  17. Billy Kelley

    Hello and WELCOME HOME! I was in A troop 1fst./9th. in May of 70 to June of 71. I am trying to find anyone that can remember me. My name is Billy Kelley. I was on a maintenance team for while and then a crew chief on the maintenance bird (HUEY) until I came back to the real world. None of my photos or things never made it back.

  18. Ed Evans

    My name is Ed Evans. I was a cook with “C” Troop from October 66 – September 67. I was the guy that played all the hot tunes on my boom box in the mess tent. (Gary, Indiana)

    • usastruck

      Welcome Home Ed…

    • Brenda Brown

      I am trying to gather some information on my father, I think he was in your unit in 66-67, his name was Carl Turner.do you remember anyone by that name? He is passed away, and I teach history and we will be discussing the Vietnam War and I am unable to ask him any questions, so I wanted to find out more about the unit he was in. My Mom said he was with the 1st of the 9th.

      • Ed Evans

        My name is Ed Evans and I was with “C” troop 1/9 from October 66 – September 67. I have made MN my home for the last 40 years.

      • Brenda Brown

        Mr. Evans if you do remember my father could you please contact me at dbrown9845@cox.net. I would love to get some information from you. Thanks so much. He was with “c” troop 1/9 from October 66 to October 67. His friend James Rickerson was killed in May of 67. I am also trying to locate a man named Frank Elo. Thanks so much!

  19. David and Damien

    THANK YOU ALL and keep us posted if you are ever in Kansas City- From me and my 10 year young Son Damien-Webelos Scout-future of West Point.

  20. Roger Wells

    Roger Wells, AKA “Lurch”, Blues, Bravo Troop. carried Sweet Ginger & The Bad Banana, (M-60’s), March ’68- May’69.

    • usastruck

      Welcome Home Roger…



      • Roger Wells

        Thanks for the response. What platoon were you in? I remember faces very well, but I’m poor on names. We seemed to use nick names a lot anyway. I was at Evans, Redcatcher, and Quan Loi. If you can would you send an E-mail of the picture, and maybe one of you in the day.



    • Ken Lewis

      I remember you. You and Hutt had a ’60. Crowder used to go out on missions with you guys and take flicks. I only knew you as “Lurch”.

      I was the line chief with White Platoon, OH-13’s and LOH’s, Aug ’67 until Feb ’69.

      Scouts Out!

    • Wayne Phipps

      I remember Lurch and the M-60’s. Best gunner a troop could have. Call me some time at 937-243-3770 and we’ll talk about B troop. 937-243-3770.

      Wayne Phipps, B troop 1967-1970

    • larry mastrela

      lurch. y name is larry mastrella. I was a squad leader from june to june 68-69.You were unforgettable soldier and person. Hard core. great machine gunner big set. I have pictures of you and the boys in the field and drinking beer. You could open a can with your teeth. From Montana? I think. First and only person I knew from the great state. I was from and still am from Rochester new York. best of luck

    • zachary franks

      Mr. Wells, my dad remembers you and talks about you often. Door gunner/observer Floyd Franks B Trp 1/9, Dec 68-Jan 70. I would love to put you guys in contact, hes not one for email but he does have facebook. ha. Or contact me at zrfranks@gmail.com

      • Roger Wells

        In regards to your inquirey, I do email, but not face book. I live in Albany Oregon. Phone 541 905 1834. I would need more info in order to remember your father, as most of used nick names, “Lurch”, or just last names. It would be good to talk or just correspond with him. R Wells AKA lurch

        zachary franks commented on 1st Squadron 9th Cavalry, 1st Air Cavalry Division (Airmobile). in response to Roger Wells: Roger Wells, AKA “Lurch”, Blues, Bravo Troop. carried Sweet Ginger & The Bad Banana, (M-60’s), March ’68- May’69.

        Mr. Wells, my dad remembers you and talks about you often. Door gunner/observer Floyd Franks B Trp 1/9, Dec 68-Jan 70. I would love to put you guys in contact, hes not one for email but he does have facebook. ha. Or contact me at zrfranks@gmail.com

        Reply Comments

    • paul klugh [aka bulldog]

      Mr. LURCH, YOU arrived 2 mounts be for I was rotated, I understand u are from the Rochster buffalo area, I am from Binghamton ny

      • Roger Wells AKA Lurch

        Actually, I’m from Montana, now residing in Oregon. Being infantry and a PFC, I had little contact with anybody,with any rank.

      • Paul my name is Larry Mastrella I served with lurch in the blues first of the ninth . I was blue 3/3 or third squad leader. Lunch was a loyal and a great machine gunner the best he would cover your ass. He could also open a beer can with his teeth. Roger aka lurch was from Montana but lives in Oregon now. I was born and live in Rochester New York I am familiar with Binghamton I play golf there once a year. Welcome home my friend



  22. Michael Langford

    I am looking for information about my uncle, WO1 Charles R. Lawhon. He was with B/1/9 CAV. He was KIA on May 6, 1966. According to airarmycrew.com, “A/C was on final inserting a search and destroy team, picked up heavy fire. A/C crash landed in LZ. CP got out and was shot immediately.” My uncle was the CP.
    Any other info would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you.




    • usastruck

      Welcome Home John…

    • Arthur Jarman

      Hey John I remember you! You are from New York and went to Woodstock! My name is Art Jarman, we had some great times there! Glad you made it home, in one piece I hope! Peace, out.

      • Jeff betz

        Art or John do you remember Tim Betz? I think he was red platoon?? But I may be wrong. He was there September 70-71. He served with John Hamm and LT Owens. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Jeff Betz

  25. Mark Johnson

    Enjoyed reading the various posts. My uncle (only uncle) was HG Giddens JR. (Junior), he flew in the 1/9 from 67 to 68. He was KIA on 2/1/68 (Tet). I located one of his friends several years ago and learned a great deal about his time in country. If anyone else remembers him I would appreciate any contacts.

    • Mark, here is a reply from our Charlie Troop message board…Rob

      I was Jr. Giddens CE from mid September 1967 until the day before he was KIA at Dong Ha. I considered him a good friend and a great pilot. We flew many missions together in my B model gunship #051 while at Two Bits Bong Son and after moving to Dong Ha. I have always wished I’d been on 051 that day and maybe my experience would have made a difference.

      Mike Askew 67-68

  26. Mark Johnson

    Mike, Thank you for the kind words. You shouldn’t carry any sense of ability to change what happened that day. It was probably best you weren’t there. From my conversation with Jr’s friend, a new CO may have made a mistake concerning the events around Jr.’s death.

    I am curious about something you may know, Jr was awarded the DFC, do you know anything about the incident that led to his award?

  27. Bill Curran

    I am Bill Curran and was a Scout pilot with A Troup from May, 1968 to May 1969. My call sign was Apache 12. My door gunner, Treadway, was killed during a mission in the Arizona Area south of Da Nang on August 12, 1968. I also lost another door gunner about a month later as a result of a grenade accident but I don’t recall his name. Apache 16 (White), was Bill Dunavant at the time. I would like to know that door gunners name.

    • Wayne Phipps

      I can’t remember the gunners name either. Smith comes to mind, if he was the one trying to make a bunker buster and used the wrong fuse. I was with the 28 bird my last year with the troop. Flew right door for Gary Thomas and Duane Truman.

    • sir do you remember my father CW2 geerders? I don’t know his call sign but I’d like more info of the events of Aug 12 1968 I’d possible (he was wounded that day) thank you. ginnymdaniel [at] Gmail [dot] com

      • curran.bill1945@gmail.com

        I will get back to you on this.

        Sent from my iPhone


      • Bill Curran

        Hi Ginny,

        I don’t remember that name. Was he assigned to A Troup of the 1st of the 9 th? In any event, our unit was stationed at LZ Sharon during that time. We had, from time to time, been tasked to support the Marines; their 5th Division along the DMZ and the 1st Division south of Da Nang. (I might have the divisions reversed with regard to location). A few days before the August 12 mission, a Marine CH-46 with a full unit of Marines aboard was shot down with a loss of all on board.

        Our unit was called to relocate to that location with the purpose of finding the NVA unit that caused this. The 1st of the 9th had special capabilities that the Marines did not have, thus our support. We were basically a search and destroy unit and as history shows, we, and all of our support, Air Force and Navy, did a good job at this. On August 12th, we were tasked to recon what they were calling “The Arizona Area” which was an area formed by the splitting of a river (don’t remember the name). We in fact did find the NVA Unit that was responsible for shooting down the Marine helicopter and, after air strikes etc, pretty much destroyed that area entirely.

        Perhaps your father was flying for another 1st of the 9th unit, not A Troup on that day and in another area. If you can provide me with any additional information, I might be able to provide more light on this.

        Thanks for responding to my initial posting,

        Bill Curran

    • Jon Godfrey

      Mr Curran, did you know SPC Noble Steeley, Door Gunner A Troop 1/9? He was awarded the DSC for actions on 20 Aug 68 Went into heavy fire to rescue 3 soldier, 2 were still alive. He got the first to the ship and it had to leave under heavy fire. He stayed and fought killing 6 NVA and directing airstrikes for 45 min until ground forces reached him. Would like to find anyone who remembers him or possibbly the 2 soldiers he saved. Please contact me at email: ohmygodfrey@netzero.net

      • Randy Hembree

        Looking for anyone who knew a James V Hembree 1966-67. 1st Air Cav 9th Infantry Bravo Blues.

  28. tommy weaver

    my name is tommy weaver I was with red platoon d troop for most of 1968 until my dad passed away on Christmas day would like to hear from anyone there during this time

  29. Larry Spear

    Looking for anyone that was at camp evens from may of 68 to november 68. My brother, SGT. John R. Spear (Randy) was with Co. E 52 Inf (LRRP} before transferring to B troop 1/9 airmobile (blues) He was KIA on april 23,1969. His last mission was to go in and bring out Jim Dunn and his crew that were shot down in the Tay Ninh province. I have long missed my brother and am looking for anyone that my have known him. My email is davspear@outlook.com. Thank you for your service to out country! Sincerely, Larry Spear ( Brother)

  30. Gary West

    My name is Gary West. I was the Troop Clerk for B Troop, 1st Squadron, 9th Calvary, 1st Calvary Division (Airmobile). I am looking to touch base with anyone that remembers me ! I served April 67 thru April 68. I would love to hear from all and especially Bill Smith, 1SG Paul Terrell, MAJ George Burrows, MAJ Weeks. Email me ! Thanks, Gary West

  31. Isabel Rusnak LaForge

    Anyone remember my husband Cpt. George B. Rusnak? He was killed on 22 March 1967. I would love to hear from you.

    Isabel Rusnak LaForge, idlaforge@gmail.com

  32. Jim Hayden

    Is there a HHT 1/9 message board?

    • Dear Jim Hayden, I’m looking for the same thing for my cousin. Maybe this will trigger some memories.. My cousin was in 1/9 1st Air Cavalry Division (Airmobile) from Aug 2, 1967 – Aug 2 1968. He fought in the Tet Offensive and was stationed at camp Evans HHQ or HHT, which is between Phu Bi, Hue, DaNang from North to South. Motto was “We can, we will”. His nickname was Bulldog, or Paul Klug or Klugh. His name is Paul Klugh. He is looking for anyone who may remember him, or someone who may have served with him.
      Anyone know Stringbean, Lester Bradford, Robert Wedenback, Jerry Joiner, Thomas Coyne, Frank J. Cox, Staff Sgt. Denson, a guy with the last name Norris, CO Captain Hustus, Ron Coleman from Queens NY or Brooklyn – mechanic. Two guys, nicknamed Abbot and Costello. Michael Palmelzono from New Orleans, and the the guy who was Elvis’ next door neighbor. Favorite pastimes: Digging holes for piss tubes and burning shit. Does anyone remember Hong Kong Mountain and the Underwater Bridge? My cousin is well, after a spell of Dinky Dow. Please reply if you can help him contact anyone he may know, or if you know anyone who may know him. He is a GREAT guy, Paul KLUGH, Bronze Star. Thank you so much!
      Todd Klugh. TKlugh1@gmail.com

    • paul k

      DEAR Jim, I my know u, if u live in mt. sterling Kentucky, then I was your replasment, I only knew u for a short time, and I sent much of your stuff home , to u, it was all in a tramp steamer trunk. paul klugh, Binghamton ny

      • Jim Hayden

        Paul, no that wasn’t me. I left RVN in Aug 69 and, at the time, lived in Illinois– I am now in California, for the last 46+ years.

  33. Terry W King

    I’m looking for information about my father, ssgt James L King. Three tours in nam, two with the First Air Calvary. He passed away last year and I am looking for some contact info with those that might have served with him. My name is Terry King, email address is tking5464@sbcglobal.net

  34. JIM lewis

    I’M Jim Lewis, served with HHT, 1/9th Cav from Oct. ’69 to Oct. ’70 in the TOC S-3. I’m trying to locate a Richard Griffin, both of us were Air traffic controller but transisioned to RTO once at HHT.

  35. mikefield@hawaii.rr.com

    Anyone remember Captain Mike Field 1/9th Cav KIA Oct 67?

  36. Ralph Bell

    Was on Camp Evans in 1968 with the 1/9 when charlie tried to kill us all , better luck next time charlie !!!!

  37. Wayne Mutza

    I’d like to hear from anyone with photos and information about OH-6As in Vietnam. Check out two books I’ve done on them, available on Amazon.com and other booksellers. “Aeroscouts” by Squadron/Signal Publishing and “Loach” by Schiffer Publishing.
    Wayne Mutza

    • Tim Beebe

      Tim Beebe here, HHT 12/66-12/67. I have photos of the first ever Loach mission with 1/9 Cav out of Two Bits, Bong Son, around 8/67, 9/67 or so. The CO, LtCol Nevins, plus the gunship I was on behind them, flew up they the valley on sort of a milk run so the Old Man could see the maneuverability of the OH-6A for the first time in a combat situation. Quite an upgrade from the OH-13’s. Anyway, I took pictures of that and could sent them to you (they are slides at present). I was one of the avionics guys.

  38. Ron Justice

    Would like to get in touch with anyone who was with E Troop 1/9 Cav in Vietnam at Lie Kay in 1970. You can see me on the E troop 1/9 Cav front page.

    • Bob Vranish

      I was stationed with D 1/9th Blues at Phouc Vinh 1970-1971.
      I spent a couple of months with B Troop T Quan Loi during the Cambodia
      Insertion. Later D troop was incorporated into E Troop Blues for a time.
      I recall spending some time at Lie Kay, however we were inserted into the field mostly from Phouc Vinh. All seems like yesterday.
      Nice talking to you brother.

    • Jeff Betz

      did you know a Tim Betz? Were you a WO? I may have a pic with you in it.

  39. Jason Tutterow

    Trying to locate any information on my uncle, Thomas C. Treadway -A TRP, 1ST SQDN, 9TH CAVALRY, 1ST CAV DIV, USARV. KIA 08/12/1968 Quang Nam Province, South Vietnam. Thanks,


  40. Jeff Betz

    I am looking for anyone who served with a Sp4 Tim Betz from Buffalo, NY in D and E Troops 1/9 between 9/70-9/71. Please email me or post, jb7374@hotmail.com
    Thanks, Jeff Betz

  41. David bernhard

    Hello my name is David Bernhard I served in the 1-9 at Ankhe 65-66 in HHT supply . Anybody else out there?

    • Rober Flattery 205 No. Dewey St. Monticello, IN 47960

      Hello David, Thanks for your reply, I am trying to find out if anyone knew my brother, he was killed on May 20, 1968. Thanks Bob

    • John Clark

      Mr. Bernhard, hope you don’t mind me asking but my father also served with 1/9 C as a door gunner at Ankhe 65-66 I am curious if you would remember him he would have been a specialist at that time his name was Bill Clark, he served with Wally Titchnell (Titch). If you happen to remember him I would love to hear from you. My email is jclark0320@yahoo.com

      • Elizabeth dresel

        I just sent a few days at a reunion at Fort Benning in Columbus GA with “Titch” he’s like a dad to me!!! My dad died in Dec 2013 he was in Vietnam 65-67 my dad was in “A” troop.

    • Elizabeth dresel

      My Father Larry Wright was there in 65-67 as well. He was 1/9 “A” troop he was a crew chief/ door gunner. He passed December 9, 2013. Did you know him?

      • Robert L Andrew

        I was with A trp 1/9 from May 66 to May 67. I was Larry Wright replacement. I was a crew chief and door gunner for the CO the same as Larry. The CO was Col. George W Mcllwain. I now live in Fl. I had talked with Larry and the CO on a conference call in the 90’s. Sorry he has passed. My email is Robertl andrews1@yahoo.com. if you need more info.

      • Welcome Home Robert…

    • Paul Klugh

      HELLO David, my name is Paul Klugh, I arrived in Nam in 8/68 at ANKHE, and was assigned to s/4 [supply], do u remember your! BBO’S name? when I got there, they were putting the finishing touches on the [ BARRACS ] and thought, [if this is a war zone] man this is [ OK ] boy was I wet behind the ears, I had not “joined the country club yet”.

      • Jay Norris

        Paul, still trying to get pictures of some of the guys that was in the same unit, maybe it will help my memory to put names with faces. Spec 5 Jay Norris, 1st/9th HHQ 67-69 They listed me as MIA for awhile, lol. Company thief, door gunner, flew Medivac and worked the flightline. C’mon guys help me remember!

    • paul d klugh

      Mr. Bernhard; hello, and welcome home, my name is paul klugh [clue] I was in nam in 67-68, and at ANKHE I also was assigned to s4, I don’t remember my BPO’S first name, only by Mr. [B] my email is below.

    • John Clark

      Mr. Bernard, do you remember a door gunner by the name of Spc. Bill Clark I believe that his huey hog gun ship had the pink panther on the front of it. He was with the 1/9 Charlie Co. ’65 – ’66 at An Khe. He would have served with Wally Tichnell (Tich). If you do remember him please email me at jclark0320@yahoo.com.

    • Paul D Klugh

      Mr. Bernhard! my name paul klugh [clue ] yes, I was at Ankhe in 8/67 to 8/68, but before we moved to EVENS, I was in s-4 in hht but cant remember my P.B.O DID OR DO U HAVE ANY RELATIOH IN BINGHAMTON NY? HERE IS MY EMAIL ADRESS [ paul.klugh@verizon.net drop me a —————– some time .



      • Welcome Home Jeffery…

  42. David bernhard

    Sorry my friend but I rotated back to the states and was discharged in march of 66! So sorry for your lost !

  43. l

    Hi Rob, Larry Pruett here, would love to talk about your story you wrote on what happened on may 23 1970 cell# 704-307-3887

  44. Jay Norris

    My husband Jay Norris served as a door gunner with Headquarters company, 1st/9th 67-69 and is looking for anyone that served with him. Email Norris95336@aol.com

    • Tim Beebe

      I was an avionics guy then with HHT 1/9, mostly with Charlie Troop at Two Bits. Rotated home 12/67 just before the unit moved north.

    • paul k

      Well, well, well, Norris u sob all i had to do was take a look at this sit, and I would have found u, sooner instead of serching many, many yrs, for u and mr palomasano, and lester Bradford, by the way I have not been able to contact fronze, or “chief” Friday, fronze finial did paint a “fling tiger jaws on some of those beautifull cobra’s. what a great sit.

  45. Larry Robinson

    I was in HHT 1st of the Ninth 1966 to August 1967.

  46. Tom Hemmelgarn

    Tom Hemmelgarn C-Troop 1/9 Cav 65&66

  47. Larry mastrella

    Gentlemen. I served proudly with b 1/9th from June 68 to June 69. I was a squad leader at that time. I served with John spears a great man and soldier. I have pictures of him drinking beer etc. I also beleive it is accurate that he was shot rescuing a down pilot. With don romaguoe. I also remember wells ” lurch” how could you not. Tough soldier from Montana I think. Have pictures of all. Many great memories some good some bad. Kia lt. Robert Paxton. Medal of Honor winner battle in June 69. Brave man. Real Heros that day.

    • Larry:
      Firsr, let me thank you for your servic! My brother was John Spear. I always called him Randy by his middle name. Did you know him at evens when he was with company E 52ed inf.(LRRP) You said that you have some pictures of him. If you could email me some, i”d appreciate that very much. Do you know how I could get in touch with Don Romaguoe? you can email me at davspear@outlook.com. It’s good to know my brother was well thought of . I think about him every day!

  48. Elizabeth dresel

    My father was in 1/9 “A” troop 65-67 his name was Larry Wright. He was a crew chief/door gunner.

  49. Larry mastrrlla

    I was in nam from 68-69. Just missed your dad. He was prop ably in camp Evans. Based on his job description he was a very brave and corageous man. I was in the infantry . I hope your dad is well? I have two wonderful sons age 40 and 44. God bless you and your dad. Larry

    • Elizabeth dresel

      I’m not real where my dad was in Vietnam, only the time frame of 65-67. He extended just a few months after his year tour was up. He was shot I. The head when he was a Crew Chief and prior to being a Door Gunner. Unfortunatly dad died December 9, 2014 at the age of 67. He was diagnosed with Lou Gherigs disease and passed away 6 months later. I am very proud of him and I know go to his reunions to honor him. The men that served their country like you and my dad will always be Heros to me. My father was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross and I have read the citation a hundred times and still get goosebumps. Thank you for your
      service and welcome home.

      • Elizabeth:
        I am sorry for your loss of your father. My brother Sergeant John R Spear served with B troop (blues) at Quan Loi. He was KIA on 4/23/69 with only 4 weeks before DEROS. I have always found strength in the words of General Patton …” It is hard not to mourn our fallen heroes But we should thank God that such men lived” when I get to heaven I want to shake all their hands and hug my brother again

      • Jeff McArdle


        They were both decorated for Valor on October 2 1966 flying together in the same helicopter here is a link to his citation I think you will find it interesting

    • Liz

      My dad was also named Larry


  50. was in D troop blues V100 was with them may 1970 to Dec 197o I think my call was Gravellgate blue 32

  51. Ole Johnson

    I drove the v-100 for many months with blue platoon. Sorry I don’t remember Jeff or Bill. I drove # 34. I was with blue plt from Jan 1970 to March 1971.

  52. TO Roger Wells: Diamond here! I remember you for the silver star that you got.You”ll remember me as the guy who stabbed a 12 inch centipeed on a bunker one night. God , you can move fast!

  53. TO Larry Mastrella: I have a picture of you on the mountain ( Nui Ba Ra}.Contact me at diamondfour@verizon.net and I will send it to you.It’s nice to reminence after 46 years.

  54. I am posting this in behalf of Paul Klugh

    My name is paul klugh, [clue], I have been searching for 44 yrs for gi’s I served with in viet nam, from aug 67 to aug 68, in the 1st cav. I was in hht/hht of the I/9,or 9/1 [as was] written on the choppers, with crossed sabors,. …….I worked in S-4, burned shit, dug holes for piss tubs, flew on support missions, I was even a [gunga din for awhile] all before we moved to evens, then things got a little tuffer , and had to live in an under ground [hooch], which wasn’t to bad until it rained!! …….My cuss. Tood is better at the computer than I am, and we get along real good, and asked me about my life over their, some times I could talk about, it,  and sometimes I can’t  [P.T.S.D].     …I…Would like to try to reach some of these guys, some may be dead and some just don’t wan to be found, so! if it is possible, can u post it on your web, ” any from hht/hht of the 1/9,67,68″ maybe I can get a hit or two.    [ email  paul .klugh@Verizon.net ]  ”  my nick name was [BULL DOG]  long story.   thank u.

    • george allen mccoy

      allen McCoy 1/9 hht june67 to june68 crew chief huey allenmccoy47@yahoo.com

      • Paul Klugh

        ALLE: If you needed [A.R.A ] boxes, or rockets, for that matter, I was the guy u had to see, I ran the ammo. dump. [ in between other duties.
        As soon as that bird landed u were of that skid quicker than charily could slide in his tunnel When u had some [down ] time, u would walk down ,just to bust my …. and u always gave me a hand, to bust open A.R.A boxes ,and snap on the war heads ( which were a bit heavy ) I rote these words on every rocket [EAT MY SHORTS CHARLY THIS BUD’S FOR YOU ] I now live in up state , N.Y. south of Syracuse, west of ALBANY, and East of BUFFALO welcome home. Paul Klugh sgt ret.

    • Jim Hayden

      Paul, I don’t know why we never ran into each other or possibly we did and age has taken it’s toll and don’t remember. I was in HHT from 1/68 to 8/69 with a little stint with A troop at Tay Ninh in spring of 69. I mainly worked in commo section until I transferred to TOC. Did a lot of the digging and burning you talk about. hated when you got downwind of the “Latrine Burn”!

  55. Jeannette

    My husband, Sal (Salvador) Silva served with 1st of the 9th, Troop D
    1969-1970. He came home to me safe and sound, but lost his battle against Lou Gehrigh’s disease a few years ago. Is there anyone who may have known him. I am finally re-reading his letters to me after 47 years.
    Tears on my pillow every night.
    Thank you and your families for your ultimate sacrifice.

    • paul klugh

      Dear: I am truly sorry for the loss of ur hubby, to serve proudly in a war, the likes of know one has ever seen before in American history, and to come home wounded in some way shape or form, was tuff e nough, and then to lose a battle do to a disease, or to kiss a train, like so many have, it just isn’t fair, but then the good [ LORD ] has his reasons. May[GOD ] be with u always. Sgt Paul Klugh [CLUE] Ret. P. S. It has also been 47 yrs for me.

  56. I am requesting that this message be delivered to Dirk Kretschman: Dirk, if you are the person I am thinking of, we served together at LZ Two Bits in Bong Song in ’67. I was medevac’d from The Song Re Valley on 9 August ’67 when Bo Thompson, Al Roachkis, Jim Moran and Dave Fidel were KIA. If you are who I think you are, you were the master at telling a joke, do you remember the long drawn out story of the “Poor Conductor” cable car driver?
    God Bless Brothert
    Chuck Iannuzzi
    Raider 24X

  57. Odette Grimes

    Thank you for your great website. I learnt about the 1st of the 9th watching my favourite movie and fav scene for the hundredth time in Apocalypse Now! I just wish some of the old guys who sent you brave men went to battle there too.
    My dad was in WW II later in Germany as occupation and translation later MI6 in mid east in communication and not that much of a fan after the desert.

  58. george allen mccoy

    allen McCoy 1/9 hht june 67 to june 68 crew chief huey welcome home

    • paul klugh

      Hello: George! we may have bumped into each other from time to time, and ur name does ring a bell, but im sorry I cant place ur face, I ran the co. ammo dump at eveans, [nicke nam BULLDOG] . here is my email address paul.klugh@verizon.net, drop me a ———————— ant maby we cand out who we know thanks, paul klugh [clue]

  59. paul klugh

    May [GOD] bless us who came home, and my ” GOD ” be with those who did not make it back!!! SGT. PAUL KLUGH RET.

    • Jim Orate

      Welcome home Paul I was with 1/9 delta troop red platoon 67-68 I was the RTO for our platoon.
      My name is Jim Orate from Southern California.
      And to add God has been blessing me.

      To God and country

      • paul klugh

        HELLO JIM! I was with hht of the 1/9, its good to here from other [ GI’S ] I may have served with, here is my email address paul.klugh@verizon.net drop a _____________________ when u can, my mind has sliped a bit, what is [RTO], commo? and or a PRC 25 operator? I live in the Binghamton ny area, e of Albany, west of buffalo, and south of Syracuse, ny. may GOD be with you!!

  60. Mike Field

    Anyone remember Captain Mike Field 1/9 KIA Oct 1967? would greatly appreciate some stories-

    thank you
    Mike Field Jr
    kailua, Kona Hawaii

  61. My name is Mark Johnson, my uncle was HG Giddens Jr. (Junior) from Andalusia AL. He was KIA on 2/2/68 and flew for 1/9. I was blessed to have the chance to meet Bill Gibson from his tent on a couple of occasions. I would be honored to speak to any of you about your time with my uncle. I travel the country a good bit for business and would welcome any opportunity to say hello. Also if you have a reunion I would enjoy the chance to attend and meet. majgonoles@me.com

  62. paul klugh

    I could use a little help to close a chapter that has been haunting me for 47 yrs, My buddy was sent out on a mission in place of me, I had come down with a mild case of malaria and was given a 4 day profile, the night he left he told me he had [THAT DREAM], and if he didn’t make it back, to please relay a message to his wife, assuming I mad it home. When he left it was in sept, maybe. oct of 67. Then we were shipped n, to eveans, and about mar 14, I got the bad news now what the bad part, of this NIGHTMARE, is I should have out there, I wasnt married, but he was. Now their were 10 people on that chopper, and steve was just hitching a ride to eveans, frome what I was able to piece together, there was [ NO] mechanicial, or shot up to bring that chopper down ; 5 walk out of that jungle, and the other 5 were told to remain behind, [ to guard that chopper] why? ; there eta was 3 min. Now these guyies were armed to the teeth, and yet all five were killed in a matter of 4 hours. The other 5 ,after they were finished scratching their a…s, and come up with some laime brain reason, why that happened, not evean the pilot ,could not give an adiquit reason. ………………………….SO if their is any one who might know any thing pleas send me an e mail, and if any one know’s sgt STEVEAN WANE HEIGHtMEN from indianapplase Indiana, or his address, I would like to try and close a haunting chapter. Oh! he is still MIA,[ his body] was never found, email paul.klugh@verizon.net THANK U PAUL KLUGH

  63. First time I have written on a Cav. blog. Name is Gary Barbaro. Served with A Troop 1/9th Cav. Blue Platoon July 67 to June 68. Was on LZ Sharon, LZ Dog, LZ English and then up to Dong Ha. Have retired from a long career as a Police Officer in Southern California and moved to Colorado Springs Co. Just wondering if anybody I served with is still out there.

  64. Robert Marshall

    I’ve helped connect my dad, Robert Marshall, with many guys he served with in B1/9, from August ’68 August ’69. I’m always looking for more guys he served with, and flew the Huey Gunships, Cobras and Huey Lift Ships with him. He became the platoon leader for the Lift Ships from February ’69 – August ’69. He was also Saber Blue after 1st Lieutenant, Robert L. Poxon was KIA on 2 June 1969. His email is saberblue.ram@gmail.com.

  65. Michelle Sorenson-Czerwinski

    My father was a Headhunter and served in 1/9 Cav. Bill (Wilbert) Sorenson. I would love to connect with anyone that knew him!! Thank you, Michelle

  66. Joe

    Trying to find info on James “Butch” Rhodes, HHT 1/9. cherrymelton@centurylink.net. Thanks for your time.

  67. Randy Hembree

    My Brother was in 1st Cavalry 9th Infantry Bravo Blues and was killed in 1967. He was a radioman. I was very young at the time and nobody talks about it much. His name was James V. Hembree (Jim). From a small town in Southern Indiana. Anyone have any info it would be greatly appreciated. hembreerg@gmail.com

    • paul klugh

      Randy, do u know what month, A ND the date he was killed, I had a frIend from INDianaples, if I spelled it right!: He was killed around mar/ Aprial 67 there may be a connection some were.

  68. George Carter

    My name is George Carter ,I served in the 1st9th recon in 1966-1967 I was on our 1st Ambush ,big kill ! No casualities on our in. If anyone knew our machine gunner he carried a M-60 ,His name was Moody ? I can be reached at cvetster@aol.com Thank You and God Bless Us All.

    • Roger Wells

      I believe Moody was still there in ’68. At least there was a Moody with the blue lift helicopters, when I was there in’68. Didn’t know well, just one of the guys. I carried a 60 in the blues, and often did door gunner duty along with another blue, Gary Quinn.

      • Tim Garrard

        Where can I find Gary Quinn

      • Roger Wells

        Tim, the last I heard, he was in atlanta georgia. He left a grabbled message about 10 years ago. He was originally from vermont I believe.

      • Tim Garrard

        He was from Ware, Mass. If you find him, let me know. Maybe we can meet up with him somewhere. I know how to get ahold of Abe Ohama. He was crewchief on Saber 38.

      • Randy Hembree

        Did anyone know of James V Hembree (Jim)? He was a radio man I believe and was there 67 timeframe.

  69. tom

    does anyone remember louis Marciano 1 Cav Div Airmobile vietnam kia 2/23/1969

  70. Liam Moloney

    I know this is probably a shot in the dark but I’m wondering if anyone here might have known my father. His name is John Moloney, from Boston/Massachusetts, and he would’ve had red hair back then, he was with 1/9 at An Khe and Phuoc Vinh. He would have been in country between 68 and 69, Ranger qualified, and was a LRRP, except when he served briefly as a door gunner after being wounded.

    I don’t know too much else about his time in Vietnam, other than that he was a Sergeant when he got out.

    Feel free to email me: lmoloney91@gmail.com, if anyone does have pictures or info, I know he’d love to have some pictures, he had some when I was younger but has lost them over the years.


  71. Robert Lyons

    It’s been a long time since I seen my old unit…had some good times and lost some really good friend’s I’m finally getting the balls up to go to DC to visit the wall…

    • paul klugh

      Mr,.Lyons its about time you are to start the healing prosses , but does help,, cry an morn , and don’t let ,a vist to the wall will tear you a new ass hole, at first, I have been their my self bout 3 times my self, [u should not go alone, some people aer just people who to dc to see the monuents, thes people don’t [UNDERSTANF] the energy, you get when u bot your hand oN THAt [ WALL WOW ] paul

  72. Robert Lyons

    It’s been a long time since I seen my old unit…had some good times and lost some really good friend’s I’m finally getting the balls up to go to DC to visit the wall…71 to 72 involuntarily extended and shipped over to the 2nd of the 8th I was a door gunner

  73. George Carter

    George Carter ,1st 9th cav recon ,Head Hunter , We were “Blues” 1965-66 ,I arrived in country after the la-drane valley (spell ?) Lookn for Bros. M-60 man Name Moody, our Medic was Doc.(KIA) any info of unit , appreciated

    • Roger Wells

      I was in Blues march ’68 -’69. There was a crew chief on a slick name Moody. He may have reupped from your time into the blues. I ran the machine guns “Sweet Ginger”, and the “Bad Bannana” for the blues. Clean one, hunt with one. Lurch I was.

      • George Carter

        Moody was a guy that was beefed up , top heavy! Worked out before the army about 5’10 ,I left before he did. Thanks for your reply

    • John Clark

      MR. Carter do you happen to remember a door gunner with 1/9 charlie named Bill Clark? He would of been either a SPC 4 or a Sgt. I think he flew with Col. Stockton.

      • Robert Lyons

        I was with one nine Bravo I was a door gunner I flew with Captain bill Sosa he may have rotated back to the world when I was there January 15th 71

  74. Roger Wells

    Have to change last comment, The guy I new was named Monday.

  75. Thomas Harper

    I am attempting to contact George Burrows. Anyone in contact with him?

  76. Robert Lyons

    I’m finally going down to the wall after 40 years this weekend hope to see some of my buddies down there my nickname was country

  77. Maureen Peters

    God bless each person who served our country so valiantly. We are a grateful people and nation, and we honor you and your memory., We will be thanking you forever. May the Peach of Christ Reign in every Heart, filled with Gratitude and love.

  78. paul klugh [aka bulldog]

    HOW MANY of uall have boycotted the N.F..L FOR DIegradding the very FLAG of witch we all GAVE, AND MANY ,MANY more [ GAVE ALL?]

    • Robert Flattery

      I won’t watch another game.

      • Gary Barbaro

        I agree and have done the same. Those high paid “jerks”. Less than 1 percent have been in the military and even less have seen combat. They slide through college on sports scholarships and most have to be tutored to pass classes only to be thought of as “icons”. As a Vietnam vet and a lifetime in law enforcement it turns my stomach to see the disrespect to country and community.

  79. George Carter

    My name is George Carter ,served 1st 9t. 1966. Arrived after the battle. In the valley, looking to. Find Moody. M60 man , and. Shores. Our hipe cv

  80. Szilvia Kalmár

    Hi! Dear writer,
    My uncle Stephen J Szijjarto served in this unit in 1966. D TRP, 1ST SQDN, 9TH CAVALRY, 1ST CAV DIV, USARV
    I am looking for his buddies, superiors for collecting stories and photos about him. If you have any information please get in touch with me.
    E-mail: kalmarszilvi@hotmail.com
    Thank you very much.
    Best regards,
    from Budapest, Hungary

  81. Devin Martin

    Does anyone remember my father, Sgt John Moulthrop? He was in the 1st Squadron, 9th Cavalry in 1969. I have an article that says he was in Phuoc Vinh in April 1969. Would appreciate any memories/info as I don’t know much about his time there. My email is devinmartin1@yahoo.com

  82. Robert Lyons

    Do you no when he was there and did he fly with the blues

  83. Mark Keller

    I was flying Scouts with B Trp 1/19th and in only my second month was shot twice 24 NOV 1969 (I contributed that story in the “Headhunters” book Matt Brennan organized) in a fight we instigated right outside of Bu Dop. WO1 Dana Keeney was pilot, SSGJackson was on the -60 in the back, I was left front seat observer. The LOH was nicknamed “Wild Thing”. I bled pretty bad and a buddy later told me (on my 2nd tour with B Co 229th outta Dau Tieng) I left about a gallon of it spattered down the outside of it. But we nailed a hell of a lot of those bad guys that day. Got nailed again in Cambodia May 22 , 1970 doorgunning with B 229th. Made it back a 3rd time, and back to B Trp 1/9 Blues for a while and then went into the Rangers across the street in Bearcat.
    Each unit has a special place in my heart and always very proud to have been with B 1/9.

      • Mark Keller

        Thanks, Larry. You too.
        You know,I have never been concerned with this PTSD thing. I cherish every moment, yeah, even the bad ones, because it was the most intense time in my life and I value it. I also value every moment because of the other guys and their own experiences and and at times tremendous sacrifices they gave..To me, whining about it, saying you just can’t deal with life is almost a traitorous act towards them. This “let it go” or “forget about it” thing some shrinks would have you do is ridiculous. If I do that I am turning my back on my fellow soldiers. I WILL remember and I will not let them pass into nothing as far as I am concerned. The months I spent in the hospital getting over my own woundings between tours showed me some guys that I will definitely say have damn good reason for PTSD issues. But below that level, its self indulgent.and too often I hear of it from guys who were not actual combat troops. I don’t want to hear about how scared someone was because they had 122 hit 50 yards away. Or maybe that’s just me.
        Ah, heck, sorry for the rant, Larry.
        Very best regards to you and yours and everybody else.

      • Mark! its ok mark, we all have a boogyman or two hidden away, somewhere, we were all kids killing other kids, But we all under stand, TALKING ABOUT IT HELPS EVERONE TO GRASP AHOLD OF THIER FEALING’S ] and chase away that booigy man. But u know something, ” WE ARE VIET NAM VETS, AND DAM PROUD OF IT ” at least I am.

  84. Larry mastrella

    Thank you for his service. I was also in b troop from June 1968-June 1969. I did not serve in country with him . That out fit was the first in last out in any mission through my career. I was fortunate to be an infantry squad leader of blue3/3. I served with some brave and honorable men . Lurch from Montana Romago from Washington rebel from w Virginia , evans from w Virginia , Romero from Cali. John spears from Cali … Kia many others plus officer PAXON from Michigan … Kia …. awarded the Congreational Medal of Honor. For bravery in June 1968. These men and many others were men above men who fought and protected each other with no fear for your life to help each with no prejudices at all. The lessons we learned from each other shaped the way we lived forever. It was and honor to serve with these men from this outfit and all others from the first cav. I wear my first cav hat when I travel and you can’t imagine how many people will thank me and all of us for sacrifice we made and to hear the words” the cav is in the house” echo through different airports brought tears of joy to my eyes. May the lord bless all my brothers in arms. Larry blue33

    • Larry Spear

      Larry, My name is Larry Spear the younger brother of Sergeant John R Spear. It appears from your post that you served with B troop 1/9 blues at Quan Loi at the time my brother was KIA, 4/23/69. B Troop lost 4 brave men that day… Dunn, Reynolds, Martin and my brother. I was going through basic training at Fort Ord at the time. My brother arrived in Vietnam in mid May 1968 and volunteered to serve with company E 52nd infantry (LRRP).. After six months he did a 1049 to B Troop 1/9 blues when the Cav moved South. You were all truly men above men, willing to give that last full measure of devotion for each other in battle. There is not a day that goes by that I do not think about my brother and the war. My older son carries his Uncles name proudly. Welcome home Larry! God bless you and your family. John 15:13. Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

      • Larry mastrella

        Larry . Sorry for your loss. That was 50 years ago and we always remember all the guys that served with you. Your brother was obviously a great soldier and a better man to sacrifice his short life. He was as the say now a “cool dude” I have a couple of great pictures in my chest some where. Just chilling and having a beer. Send me your email and I will try to forward them to you and your family. My email is lawrencemastrella@gmail.com. It might take me a week or so. God bless you and of course John.

  85. Mark Keller

    oops, sorry,, meant to address my comment to usastruck! But saying hello to you too Larry! 🙂

  86. Alan Smith

    My name is Alan Smith, I served with the Apache Troop Blue Team Recon, and quick Reactionary Force for downed aircraft in 1969 at Phoc Vinh. Staff Sargent Burrows was killed on patrol at that time. If anyone remembers him we need to talk. Still Looking !

    • Larry mastrella

      Alan I served with the 1/9 blue infantry squad leader . Served from 1968-1969. We were all on alert for down planes. Do not remember that particular mission or the soldier killed in action . He was a brave soldier who gave his life for our country. Shame on the people who do not stand for the flag or salute🇺🇸 . Senator Dole recently showed the true spirit of what we all did. God blessed the souls that have giventheir blood and souls for all. Larry mastrella🇺🇸


    did anyone know or served with louis Marciano nicknamed “rocky” he wasin d troop 1st squadron 9th calvary 1st calvary division killed in action feb 23, 1968

    • Gordon Hood

      I remember Rocky very well. He was always smiling and friendly. I used to kid him about his New York accent. I left Viet Nam two weeks before he was Kia. I was totally shocked by his passing.He was a wonderful guy and a good friend.

      • thomas MANNINO, mannino

        thanks so much for responding to my inquiry. I knew louie before he left for vietnam, he was a great guy . friends here in the Bronx(he was from little Italy section of the Bronx) home of dion and the belmonts and chaz palmentieri, (that was our neighborhood) any stories or photos you have would be greatly appreciated. we are trying to compile stories about his life so we can write a story about him in our local neighborhood paper. info like what base was stationed in and any remembrances you may have. I greatty appreciate it and sure all of his friends here feel the same–thanks so much . if you ever want to contact me my number is 914-512-1618 or e mail me thanks so much tom

    • Gordon Hood

      Tom! Richard MacCleod was with Rocky when they were ambushed out side of Phouc Vinh and where Rocky was Kia. He said he would be happy to talk to you. His e-mail address is armedsavage@aol.com. Gordon Hood


        Gordon thank you so much for giving me contact with Richard. it’s greatly appreciated thank you so much tom


        hi Gordon just got notified that e mail address for Richard macleod is
        not in operation. was notified of this when I sent him an e mail and received it back as undelivered. would appreciate it if you have any other contact info thanks tom

      • Gordon Hood

        Sorry Tom it is armedsavage@ yahoo.com


    thanks again gordon

  89. Gene Lassiter

    If Mike Langford is still watching this site, please e-mail me at genelass@yahoo.com. I flew with your uncle.
    Gene Lassiter

  90. Jack Mack

    Which unit was called “the blues”? They were Recon and Shock Troops. Where can I get a book about them?

  91. George T Gagnon Sr.

    I was surprised of no mention of HHT troop. I was Gen. Putnums Crew chief and mostly did LRRP insertions. I was flight platton leader and went home in June 1971. Flew with LT kupugi, LT highnote, WO Wick, and WO Short. 700 hours flying. Woul love to attend a reunion one day. I’ll be in St Augustine this Veterans day to observe the moving Vietnam Wall and give out Vietnam War 50th anniversry lapel pins. (Space X launch Monday morning 0930). Look up.

  92. Jim Green

    The link below is a photo of the V-100 Scott mentioned above. It was taken at the 2019 Veterans Day parade in Syracuse. This V was shipped to VN in Aug 1969. After the war the Army considered converting it to diesel power. That was canceled, I assume because he Army bought new V150’s instead. It was stripped and sent to the White Sands Missile Range for use as a target. In the 80’s it was sold for scrap. The new owner rented it to Universal Studios for use as a movie prop. It got hosed with a flamethrower in an episode of Superforce (TV) and rammed into another vehicle in the film Freejack (no driveline, it was towed up to speed and released). After that it sat idle, deteriorating, for 15 years. I got it in 2006 and spent the next 13 years slowly restoring it to 1969 trim. I found 1/9 CAV 1 markings under the paint (nose). In 2019 it was finally back on the street, 1,100 miles looking for trouble of a different sort, a tribute to you and all that served (I did not). jim13027-at-gmail.com


    I was assigned to HHT 1 st Sqdn 9h Cav may of 70, first as a door gunner on he Bell UH-1C, or the “Charlie” model, after a couple of months i was promoted to crew chief and also an upgraded model of the Huey. Towards the end of my tour our company was moved to Lai khe airstrip.

    • Welcome Home Roderick…

    • George T Gagnon Sr

      Wigginton, did we go through AIT at Rucker together? I did not arrive at Phouc Vinh until August 1970 and became flight platoon Sgt after Bill Smoak went home(january1971) I have not heard from or seen any posts from anyone from HHT 1/9 on this web page nor in the 15,000 VVO facebook page. Welcome home and thanks for your service. Did you get your Vietnam was commemorative Lapel pin? regards, George

      • rick wigginton

        Hi George:
        It’s possible we were assigned to fort Rucker in the same period, can’t place the name though, I do remember Smoak he was from Virginia i think. Thanks for the message. Welcome home.

      • Rick, I believe you may be right. We were at Rucker for training. If it truly is you, I recall an accident where you cut a piece of safety wire and it went into your eye. Does that sound familiar? Welcome home brother, look forward to hearing from you.

  94. Michael Kelley

    This is a great website. Lots of good stories and memories. Speaking of which, I had a book published about my tour with Charlie Troop in 1965 & 1966. Book title:”The Gunner and the Grunt”. If you want to buy a copy, contact me at my e-mail: michaelkelley67@yahoo.com

  95. Mike field

    Anyone flew with Mike Field 1/9 ?

  96. Marc D. Jones

    My father, William T. Jones (Bill) was a Lt. with D Trp 1/9th in 1967-1968. Thank you for all the wonderful information. He would later attend flight school after his 1st tour and assignment in Germany w/ 2nd ACR. He would return to Vietnam as XO of C Trp 7/17th in 1971 before being shot down and wounded. He was sent home where he continued his career in the Army. Final station was as a Major S3 w/ Hqt Trp 3rd ACR in El Paso. He passed away from brain cancer in 1982.

  97. Karen Poxon Beckwith

    My brother 1st Lt Robert L Poxon was a B Troop platoon leader and one of the three Medal of Honor Recipients. He was KIA 6-2-69. It will be 52 years on Wednesday that he was killed and it still feels like yesterday. The men of the 1/9 that I have met over the years are my brother’s from another mother and I am grateful for their stories about Vietnam, about Bob if they served with him and am very proud to be a little sister to such a fine group of men. God bless them all 🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸

    • I agree , The Brothers of the 1st 9th were 4 Reel ,no joke!!! We were Head Hunters , I was recon the Eyes & Ears of the 1st Air Cav 1965-66 I shall never forget Because I CAN’t!!!!!!!

    • Lawrence mastrella

      Carol I also served with Robert in the cac1/9 b troop. I served with him for about 4 months. I was a short timer at the time of his death. I was an infantry squad leader and fortunately for me I did not go on that mission when Robert lost his life. I’ve told the story about my fortune of life and what would have happened if I did go on that mission.. I think of your brother often and what a great leader of men and it was my honor to serve with him. Rest In Peace Robert. Larry Mastrella… Rochester New York🇱🇷

  98. CWO Lawrence J. Babyak was in “B” troop, 1st of the 9th, Airmobile, and died in a helicopter crash on November 29, 1969, not far from his base in Quan Loi. His hootch mate was Jim Davidson, other mates were Paul Armstrong and Jeff Gardner. Jeff went down on November 9 and was still in a coma when Larry died. I’m interested in finding these men (and others) for comments about Larry for an article I’m writing, and/or comments about what ultimately happened to Jeff Gardner.

  99. Robert Swain

    My name is Robert Swain
    I was a platoon leader (Captain) starting in September 0f 1966 when Captain Bill Laidlaw returned home. He had named the platoon “Headhunters” and we kept the name. Sometime after I left in May of 67 the entire Squadron adopted the name. But it was A troop lift that were the original HEADHUNTERS!

  100. AJ Dale

    My name is AJ Dale
    I am the Grandson of General David Allen who served with the 1st 9th A Troop from 1965-1966 (Captian At The Time). David passed away in 2018 and I was wondering if anyone served with him in Vietnam during 1965-1966. If you know anything about him please let me know and contact me.


    Thank you

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