Vietnam Nose Art

Legacy of Valor

Not to be confused with official markings or insignia, nose art personalizes an aircraft for its crew, because it is the crew members who name the aircraft and create the art, imbuing it with an identity of its own. ‘Nose Art’ is important as an historical and societal indicator over time, an example of folk art or popular expression, and a record of the past. Charlie Troop 1/9th Lift bird Cobra gunship Scout bird Bravo Troop 1/9th Lift bird Bravo Troop Cobra gunship The original Pink Panther nose art was designed by 1st LT Joe Waters (Weapons Platoon) C Troop 1/9th, 1st Cavalry Division

Mike Thompson (crew chief) 228th Assault Support Helicopter Battalion, 1st Cavalry Division, 1970-71 This and the following thirteen nose art photos were taken by Mike and provided to me by Mike’s brother-in-law Specialist 5 Jordan Green (Maintenance Platoon) Charlie Troop 1/9th, 1969-70


 W.O.1 Matthew Lawless with A Troop gunship


Image courtesy of Michael Dwyer, Sp 4, Victor call sign “Blivet” 227th Assault Helicopter Battalion Gladiator Huey CH-47 Chinook, South Vietnam Photo by David Parsley UH-1D Dolphin 605 “Ruptured Duck” with WO1 Boyd Mitchell and CPT Bill McCurry. Photo by Captain Bill McCurry, 1966-1967 CH 47 Nose Art Photo by John Lippert Sr. Song Be Province, Vietnam Photo by Dave Simmons Photo by Jerry Walker


Photo by John M. DeCillo


Photo by Joe Schwarzer


Col. Thomas E. Colvin, USAF (Ret.), Danang Air Base, Vietnam, 1969-70


‘Mr Groovy’ of the 11th ACR out of Blackhorse.
Photo by Lloyd Goldston III


Flew in from Bien Hoa to FSB Buttons December 1970
Photo by Joe Saad


Puff the Magic Dragon (Spooky) AC-47 gunship


Vietnam – weather girl


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20 responses to “Vietnam Nose Art

  1. tony molina

    I was in phouc vinh 67/68…I remember the 162nd and the Big Red One and I forget the artillery unit there???? with the 155’s and the 175’s.

    Infact looking for the BRO sgt e5 who climbed our radio tower to call in-in coming mortar fire……..txs-tony molina…

    • usastruck

      I don’t know what artillery unit that was, but I do recall the sound of their big guns going off while I was on perimeter guard duty. They were directly behind us.
      Welcome Home Tony…

  2. Terry

    Nose Art. Great stuff. keep it going.

  3. usastruck

    Thanks Terry…

  4. John Brennan

    Wow, great collection of colorful helicopter names and art. I’m so glad you shared these with us all. Opens up a fresh new chapter in aviation history completed four decades ago. Myself, served in the Delta, helo company, 70-71.

    • usastruck

      Thanks and Welcome Home John…
      Isn’t “U.S. ARMY HELICOPTER NAMES IN VIETNAM” your book?

      • John Brennan

        Yes, I plead guilty, my bloodhound tendency for tracking down “new” undocumented helo names and art of the VN War keeps me looking & searching even after publishing the book. I figure there’s another 500 helo names out there, and the discovery of six “new” ones on your site proves my theory most clearly. A treasure trove indeed!

    • SeakingPilot

      Hello John,

      My flight instructor served in Vietnam as a Chinook pilot with the 228th “Longhorns”. I was wondering if there is any information about him in your book. Reason for asking is because I’m building a chinook model for him. Please email me so I can give you his name and additional information. Thank you very much in advance.



      • John Brennan

        Niek, thanks for the reply. My email address is:

      • Scott McClain

        Who was your flight instructor? My Dad was an FE, B Co. 228th AHSB “Longhorns”. I regularly attend the VHCMA reunions every June with him and there are several Longhorn pilots that attend. Just curious. Thanks!

      • SeakingPilot

        Hello Scott,

        My instructor is mr. M.L. Nutt (Lyle).

        Thank you.


      • Scott McClain

        I had the pleasure of meeting Lyle and his wife at the 2010 reunion in Atlanta. Hope to see him next month in Reno.

  5. John Brennan

    In my photos files there is a pic of “War Wagon”, B Co 228 ASHB that has “FE McClain” stenciled on the fuselage. My names book has William McClain assigned to this aircraft as the Flight Engineer in 1967-68. The aircraft serial # was 66-00069. Forward me your email address and I’ll send you a scan of the photo.

  6. finally I have found HOME, I served with 1st AIR CAV. 1ST /9TH CAV, I was a “BLUE”, 1965-66, I left from the 82nd AIR BORNE ,1ST 508. OUR TRANSPORT, HEADHUNTERS, I Would like to receive any info,pic, or web site ,where I can purchase ,t-shirts, caps, related to my unit,( recon) thanks. cvetster

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