Vietnam War Documentary Films

At a total cost of more than 3.1 million lives, the Vietnam conflict was America’s longest and most controversial war. It also marked the first time TV journalists ventured out to the frontlines to bring the spectacle of combat into American living rooms.

Galen Rosher, Brian Holcomb & Randy Zahn standing on the runway at FSB Buttons with Nui Ba Ra behind them on day two of their 2005 return trip to Vietnam. The trip was taken to film “Goin’ Back: Vietnam” a documentary for the Discovery Channel. The men served with Charlie Troop 1/9th, 1st Air Cavalry between 1969 & 71.

WO Brian S. Holcomb ‘Cavalier 34H’ was transfered into C Troop 1/9th in 1970.

MAJ Galen Rosher ‘Cavalier 6′ was C Troop 1/9th Commanding Officer 12/10/69- 06/24/70.

WO Randy Zahn ‘Cavalier 24′ was a Cobra Pilot with C Troop 1/9th 1970-71.


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6 responses to “Vietnam War Documentary Films

  1. Richard Menton

    It’s always interesting to learn details of others who went through similar experiences. Hardcharger 77. 68-69

  2. Good Post. I stole your picture of Galen because I didn’t have one for the DVD.

  3. Gerry Couch ( was Gerry Ackley)

    So how do we get to see this documentary on your trip back to Fire Base Button? How has area changed? Is airfield still there?

    • usastruck

      Gerry, “Goin’ Back: Vietnam” aired on the Military Channel last weekend. The Military Channel is owned by Discovery Communications and the only way this documentary can be viewed at this time is on their TV program. You just need to keep an eye on their program scheduling. I did manage to record it on my DVR, but I can’t legally copy it and put it in my blog…

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