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Stars and Stripes sold for a nickel in Europe and most of Asia. About 61,000 free copies went to Vietnam daily and were distributed in the field. In addition to the government-authorized Stars and Stripes, an estimated 2 million copies of U.S. newspapers flow into Vietnam each month along with 400,000 paperbacks and 150,000 magazines. (Newsweek’s circulation in Vietnam: 15,000).

Stars and Stripes got its start as a newspaper for Union troops during the Civil War. After a decades-long hiatus, publication resumed during World War I and then had a second renaissance in World War II.

Stars and Stripes newspaper has been published continuously since 1942 in Europe and 1945 in the Pacific. Stripes reporters have been in the field with American soldiers, Marines, sailors and airmen throughout World War II, Korea, the Cold War, Vietnam, the Gulf War, Bosnia and Kosovo and the current global war on terror.

Although the newspaper is authorized by the U.S. Department of Defense, it is editorially independent. Stars and Stripes operates as any First Amendment media organization in America; all editorial decisions are made within its own independent chain of command, free of any censorship and control. Its publisher and most of its employees today are civilians.


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34 responses to “Stars and Stripes Newspaper

  1. Glen Garris

    I use to read that paper whenever I could get a copy of it.Loved it

    • I was a soldier reporter in Vietnam. I was sent there from Germany for three months to train reporters. I returned to Germany to conclude my tour of duty and kissed the ground when I landed at Weisbaden. Vietnam was a waste of U.S. soldiers. Civilians? Who gives a damn about third world country scumbags? Who gives a damn abut U.S. liberals who protested the war. The best movie made about Vietnam was ‘Full Metal Jacket.’

      • Walt, maybe you can help me track down PFC Scott Long. He was an Army reporter on our chopper as we went in on a down bird in Cambodia May 6, 1970.
        Hot link at the bottom of this post of his 8-min audio report.

        Welcome Home!

      • Don Smith

        Never heard of anyone who “trained reporters” and don’t believe you did either. Every war since WWII was a waste of soldiers. I appreciated those who protested against Vietnam. Every soldier I was with in Vietnam hated the “war.” Don’t call anyone that believes what you don’t “liberals.” Platoon was the only movie I ever saw that depicted the Vietnam I was in.

  2. John Mosman

    Remember fondly in Vietnam and Europe.

  3. Walker

    I rarely saw a copy. Even SABER was iffy at PV in 70, then nada at Tay Ninh

    • usastruck

      Walker, you don’t suppose the fact that I was Charlie Troop mail clerk the final months of my tour had anything to do with that, do you?

      • I had two R&R’s to japan. On the top of the Stars & Stripes building was a employee cafeteria during the day and for NCO’s “the Sands club” club at NIght. Girls lined up at the gate to be escortered inside. Once inside they were free to do whatever with whom ever.

  4. Cleveland Johnson

    I was in Saigon from March 69-Jun 69. Was then assigned to the delta at Bin Thuy for the rest of my tour or 9 months. I was in the Air Force but can’t remember the last names of the guys that were stationed with me. Anyone served there during that time? Please get in touch..

    • Welcome Home Cleveland…


      i am not sure how the stars and strip relates to Clevelands post but remember the restaurant in the Stars and Stripes by Building in Toyko became a NCO Club at Night. Girls lined up at the gate to be escorted in, once in side they where on their own/

      This is a repeat of a past post of mine. sorry “bout that”

  5. Stars and Stripes has a special report going on from now for the next few years on Vietnam at 50.

  6. Don Smith

    I was a reporter for Stars & Stripes, Vietnam in 1970. I have some great photos and a copy of the Sunday Magazine that printed my interview with Miss America, Pamela Eldred.

    • Bob Mantell

      I was a reporter for the Stripes on loan from the Cav from around July to Dec 1970, with Seth Lipsky, Jack Fuller, Charlie Self. When I left Steve Kroft took place. I’m trying to recall you.

  7. david diser

    was the sands club, restaurant in Stars & stripes club an em club after 5 when you were in Tokyo. It was in 67′ durning my R&Rs. Girls lined up at the gate to be escorted in but then where free to go their own way. Not free otherwise. Gi’s required to waer civilian clothes. Girls had health cards.


    Looking for article aboutThis happened in Vietnam soldier who had bullet go thru New Testament and stop at John 3:16.

  9. Sterling dodson

    I’m looking for issues between april 1967 and March 1968. The years of my tour. How do I research this time?

    • Welcome Home Sterling…



    • Henry Little

      Sterling Dodson,

      My name is Henry Little, and you may remember me as we went through OCS together and crossed paths briefly in Saigon in late 1967. I’ve often wondered if you made it back from Vietnam, and if so how your life unfolded subsequently. I live in San Francisco. I recall you grew in Lompoc, CA. If you get this message, please send me an e-mail at:, or call me at 415-264-7827. It was 51 years ago we last saw one another, and it would be enjoyable to catch up.

      Regards, Henry

  10. Cleveland Johnson

    Any of you guys stationed at Tan Son Nhut AB Saigon from Apr 69, to Jul 69 and or Bhin Thuy from Jul 69 – Apr 70? I was in the Air Force but was stationed with many Army guys.

    • DAVID R DISER, sp4, 90th Repln

      The Stars and Stripes Bldg in Tokyo had a restaurant for employees on the top floor,, after 5 pm or so it became an NCO club. Business girls lined up by the gate to be escorted into it,. one inside the girls were free to wander, not tied to the guy who brought her in. oops i wrote a similar response a long time ago. at least I am consistent.

  11. Cleveland Johnson

    LOL, yea, I do remember that David.

  12. Lee Simmons

    Trying to find article of Xuan Loc MP’s helping pull a water buffalo out of a well with a support crew. There was a photo of the save in S&S around Christmas of 1970 I think. I no it’s a long shot, but hey!!!! LOL!

  13. Willie DeLoach

    I use to read the papers when I was stationed in Okinawa from 1970-1973. How can I get copies of old newspapers during this time period?

  14. Looking for any stories about the 591st Engr. Co. stationed in Nam during 67-71

  15. James Smith

    I wrote an article for 7th Air Force News while in Vietnam (1969-1970) and it was published by Stars and Stripes. Can I still get a copy?
    Thanks sgt James G Smith

  16. Richard Barton

    My fiance Karen Wightman was on your cover I’m told in January 1970. I’ve never seen the picture or article. She was the beauty green for the VFW in my hometown then Connecticut and finally the US final. We did marry years later and I know her family well.
    Is there anyway I could see it?

  17. I would like to purchase an old copy of an edition of Stars and Stripes. I can’t remember the date. However maybe with my unit & description, you might help me?
    1971 PHU CAT AB.,RVN 12TH Security Police Squadron. A1C Snow firing. an M-60 from a bunker while performing parameter guard duty.

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