Hooch Maids

Did various chores for GIs

Hooch maids were paid by the GIs on a monthly basis to do a number of chores. These included doing laundry, making beds, sewing patches on uniforms, cleaning hooches (our sleeping quarters) and a number of odds and ends. The maids could earn as much as a captain in the South Vietnamese Army, although it was often less. Most were paid was about $10.00 per month.

The military generally allowed most officers and non-commissioned men to have hooch maids, whenever these men wanted and requested their services. Some maids reportedly had sex with soldiers to earn extra income…

Photo courtesy of Dennis Junger


Photo courtesy of Dennis Junger


Photo courtesy of Richard Lamb


Photo courtesy of Chris Bussells


Hooch maid in front Blues hooch




Phuoc Vinh village


Working girl of Phuoc Vinh
Photo courtesy of Dennis Junger


‘Asian Girls gone Wild’
Photo courtesy of Dennis Junger


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19 responses to “Hooch Maids

  1. Steve Nance

    Nice. True or not re sex, hope the guys visible in the photos aren’t recognized by their wives. Probably not a detail necessary to the story, fact or not.

  2. glen garris

    We had a few in our hooch on LZ Buttons.Use to pay them with bars of soap,and MPC’s Date: Sat, 23 Mar 2013 14:28:18 +0000 To: glen971@msn.com


    Fairly good looking hooch girls pictured. The hooch girls on our side of the runway never really brought sex to mind. EWWWH

    • usastruck

      Maybe that was a good thing…

    • sam smith

      My Mama son was really old but a good worker. I didn’t get to pay her for her last month of work, my helicopter crashed and I was evacuated back to the states. Hope she made it out of Pleiku in 1975 she was a nice old lady.

    • sam smith

      Funny story: There were 2 spec 5’s who found wood and made a separate room for the two of them, went down town Pleiku and hired a whore as a mama son and thought they could have there way when they weren’t flying. Big surprise when she got the job as mama son the job as hooker was at an end. They fired her and another guy picked her up at which point he fell in love with her and she started giving it away to him.

  4. Denny Eister


    In response to Hooch Maids, we hired ours away from the officers club in Phuoc Vinh for more money and she followed us to Quan Loi, when we moved.  Bravo Co., 1st Bn, 2nd Inf, 1st Infantry Division.  Will send pictures soon.


  5. For Us Hooch maids were an on The The Run Thing at best. We Just out there Pooping and Snooping, Here and There.
    For sure Sex with Hooch Maids was not a recommended practice as Itchy – Crawlies, UN seen and known to Humans seemingly at times came into play.
    Great Blog. Keep Up The Great work.
    Echo Co. Marine Corps 1st Force Recon. 2nd Recon Bn. 4th Plt. 3069

  6. David Diser, finance clerk, 90th Repln

    Being assigned to the 90th REPLN I saw many guys being held over a week or as they could not leave RVN until they could not pass physical clearanced due to STD’s of various types. I resolved that when I was told I could leave nothing was going to stop me. Thus, while it was very tough I abstained from sex for my year, and when I was told I could leave, i was gone!

    I would write that it took many cold showers but 90% of our showers where cold water anyway, Our beer was warm!


      Diser, I fully appreciate your abstaining for the year…too many didn’t and now there are half Vietnamese here ruining family after family. Our family will never be the same after one showed up on our doorstep. No love story..for a couple of dollars or a warm beer your life can change forever.

  7. Bill

    Absolutely true, except the sex. Believe me, nobody wanted to have sex with our group of girls. I think we paid our $8.00 a month each. So she earned $48, good money on their economy.
    Duties included sweeping, making bunks, laundry….rotating basis, one man a day. Replenishing potable water and polishing boots.

  8. One of our geniuses at Củ Chi whose name I shall withhold “borrowed” a 3/4 ton from the Motor Pool and brought 6 lovely young ladies back from the village and opened up for business in an empty hootch. He directed traffic … $5 … $4 for him … $1 for the girl … and lined up about half the 25th Infantry Division outside the door … directly across from my hootch! So for the next few days … a week … two … the evening entertainment was smoke pot and watch the line pass by. Finally Top caught on and made him stop … but he didn’t yell at him for having the whorehouse … he yelled because they were being paid in MPC instead of dong. Go figure … but it kept the 12th Evac busy stocking penicillin!


      that would have been hard to resist. I did not partake on the local economy even though on sundays I took The bosses laundry to Ben Hoa and got it cleaned and the jeep washed. and could have had sex while I waited. BUt, at the 90th I saw toooooooo many guys get held up on departure for 7 days while they were getting penicillin. also unless I was drunk, which I was a lot the Vietnam women were not pretty except for their underage offspring with French blood. . When I was told I could go home, nothing was going to hold me a minute longer. Identical to my comment on 1/18/14.

  9. ACCommander

    Too many soldiers didn’t keep their pants up with the available animal life running around and, subsequently, many of the animals got pregnant. Why, if there were so many “opportunities” made available to the soldiers there weren’t any condoms issued to the men with warnings?? Anyone calling the soldiers “unfeeling fathers who left their offspring in Vietnam behind” were not considering the fact that the majority didn’t even know about a pregnancy, didn’t plan on a pregnancy….were offered sex for money or whatever and left Vietnam with no information about a child. Not fair……why would these “children” who are now in their 40’s or so track down these men and bust into their lives expecting everything to end up all rosy and loving when, in most cases, it causes marriages to break up….it causes hurt and angry feelings. These Vietnamese people need to leave the Americans alone. If an American believes he may have fathered a child, let him look if he wants to acknowledge that child. If not…..leave him and his family alone!

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