Hardware Left Behind In Vietnam

Fuel tanks jettisoned by U.S. fighter jets


Tactical jet planes heavily rely on the JP-4 fuel loaded on the external fuel tanks. However, the auxiliary fuel tanks represent an additional weight, additional drag, and they will reduce the aircraft maneuverability.

In real combat, external fuel tanks are jettisoned when empty or as soon as the aircraft needs to get rid of them to accelerate and maneuver against an enemy fighter plane or to evade a surface to air missile.

Several thousand drop tanks were jettisoned over Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War.



And here you can see what happened to some of those that were recovered.




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5 responses to “Hardware Left Behind In Vietnam

  1. Too bad they didn’t use a torch to cut the tanks open.

  2. Jet fuel was called JP-4.

  3. Had a bunch of photos from up north at Long Tieng and the Plain des Jarres but we had to turn them all in when we went through out-processing at the US Embassy in Vientiane. However, they did let us send things home in the diplomatic pouch. Check this out.

  4. The Smiling Knight

    Great website . The Vietnamese were always great at using any and all of our leftover supplies and garbage .

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