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Combat Maintenance

Essential Part of the Team

I connected with another Charlie Trooper over the weekend. Specialist 5 Jordan Green was a Cobra mechanic with Charlie Troop 1/9th (September 1969-70) and now resides in Yakima, WA. He made a two hour trip east to my home in Kennewick where we traded stories of different events while stationed in Phuoc Vinh. He also shared his photos which I am using in this blog entry.

Thanks Jordan!

The Maintenance platoon’s main job was to keep Charlie Troop’s aircraft running in tip-top condition, which was critical for the success of our missions.

Quite often a helicopter mechanic would ride with the pilot on a test flight. Jordan recalled one particular time he flew front seat on a Cobra on one such flight. He said the pilot was short and had a mustache. We both agreed it could have been Randy Zahn (“Snake Pilot“) who after gaining altitude, shut the engine down…

Spec 5 Jordan Green working on AH-1G ‘Cobra’

Spec 5 Dennis Junger

Dennis Junger

Photo by Terry A. Moon

Dennis Junger

Dennis Junger

‘Snake’ ready for flight


Photo courtesy of Dennis Junger

Back side of maintenance hanger


Photo courtesy of Dennis Junger

‘Short Timer’ in this Group

CH-47 Chinook

HQ’s Troop bird that experienced sudden blade stoppage when the pilot was hovering out of a revetment at Phouc Vinh.

Brought in by the ‘Blues’

Can anyone name this Charlie Trooper?

Jordan Green puts himself to sleep by reading the Cobra Maintenance Manual.

Newly built Charlie Troop hooches before sandbags


Photo courtesy of Dennis Junger

Look who did the sandbags


Photo courtesy of Dennis Junger

Light Observation Helicopter (LOH)

Weapons from an enemy cache.

Steve Halverson, Frank Archdeacon & Jordan Green


Jordan Green

Photo courtesy of Dennis Junger

Photo courtesy of Dennis Junger


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