Daisy Cutter Bomb

Used to Blast Helicopter Landing Zones


Blues are waiting for lift birds to be extracted. The mission was to secure the area for combat engineers to clear the trees and underbrush for future grunt company LZ.

During the Vietnam War, the USAF used 10,000-lb. M121 bombs left over from World War II, to blast Helicopter Landing Zones (HLZ) in the dense undergrowth.


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3 responses to “Daisy Cutter Bomb


    Do you have any idea when this picture was taken? I keep reading that Daisy Cutters weren’t used until Dec. 1968 or in 1969, but I know they were used for Delta Trp, 1/9th before we moved south from Camp Evans at the end of Oct. 1968.


    I was a loadmaster on aC130B model we dropped the first daisy cutter in early 1970 had a 15 ft prong on the front went off @ treetop level it was in the A Shau valley the blast goes down instead of up like a regular explosion, we dropped three more that year To get LARPS patrols out of dense jungle.

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