Article 15

So much for receiving a good conduct medal

Forty-three years ago today there was a party in our hooch which lasted into the wee hours of the night. After all, how often does a guy turn 21, and in Vietnam no less? I didn’t report for perimeter guard duty that night and it cost me an Article 15. For certain minor offenses, the military offers non judicial punishment – also known as NJP, Article 15.


PBR time in my AO…
Dave Roger, Tom Connell & Rob Struck


Charlie Troop Blues relaxing with a cold one after a hot day in the bush.
Mike Melton, Jim Debolt, Bob Porter, George Burns, Dave Parkhurst & Dave Roger

I don’t recall what my fine was, probable just a token amount of one months pay, if that. The bulk of my pay was sent home because Uncle Sam provided just about everything we needed. I remember paying $2.00 for a carton of KOOL Filters at the Phuoc Vinh PX. That’s right $2.00, which is a good indication of how cheap thing were back then. Upon landing in Vietnam, I was promoted to PFC (E-3-Private First Class). As an E-3 I drew approximately $65.00 overseas pay, $30.00 combat pay and with my basic rank pay of $200.00, my total pay came out to about $300.00 per month…


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11 responses to “Article 15


    As I was CO of HQ Company in late 1970, I may have given you the Art.15 I trust you do not hold a grudge.

    • usastruck

      No grudge here. Do you recall what the penalty may have been. I may have been demoted down a rank for a month…

  2. Walker Jones

    Holy Crap!. You were getting rich!

  3. Duane

    Hello, I stumbled upon your blog as I was searching my ancestry. My brother’s name (Marv Lundervold [Lucky Lundie]) popped up on the link to your blog. He was a door gunner. I searched for the story related to your activities together, but was unable to locate it. I would appreciate your help, if possible. I would also like to inform him of this blog. He told me his true friends were those he served with in Vietnam.
    Duane. A. Lundervold

  4. Fred L Harris

    RE; Article 15….I worked the night shift at CIF(Central Issue Facility) at the 90th in 1970. I did not get along with the CO & NOCIC. Two days before my 21st birthday (July 2, 1970) they changed the policy of having birthdays off. I didn’t show and the sparks flew, an Article 15 was threatened, but never happened. Policy was then changed back.

    • Fred L Harris

      whoops incorrect email

      • Fred L Harris

        Not good on this thing, will try again….RE Article 15……I worked the night shift at CIF (Central Issue Facility) at the 90th in 1970. It had been a long standing policy to have your birthday off, I turned 21 on July 2, 1970. Two days before my birthday, the CO & NCOIC changed the policy, I did not get along with either of them. I did not show for my shift and the sparks flew. An article 15 was threatened, but not filed, and the birthday off policy went back into effect. I entered an incorrect email address, so I don’t know if my first shot at this went through..

    • Fred, I was served an Article 15 for not showing up for perimeter guard duty on my 21st birthday.
      Welcome Home…

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