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It dawned on me the other day that I received a check from The State of Iowa in the Seventies for my 13 month tour in Vietnam. I was a resident of Iowa when I entered the service in 1969. I thought it was around $300, but it must have been $227.50 based on the information below.

Iowa offers a Vietnam Conflict Veterans Bonus for Vets that serveded at least 120 days between July 1, 1973, and May 31, 1975.
Payment of $17.50 per month for service in the Vietnam service area.
Payment of $12.50 per month for service outside of the Vietnam service area.
Maximum payment of $500.

Iowa residents who served on active duty for at least 120 days between July 1, 1973 and May 31, 1975 are eligible for this bonus program. Veterans who served in Vietnam will receive $17.50 for each month served. Veterans that served outside of Vietnam during this time will receive $12.50 for each month of service. The maximum bonus amount is $500 for veterans who served in Vietnam and $300 for those who were not in country.

Quite a few states are giving some sort of rebate to veterans. In nearly all cases, the service member must have been a resident of the state when they entered the service, and be a resident of the state at the time of application.

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12 responses to “State Veterans Bonuses

  1. dennis junger

    Not only did I not get a bonus, I had to pay state tax for the time I spent in the military. Including Vietnam. When I bitched they said It was because I retained my Wisconsin drivers license.

  2. usastruck

    Dennis, that sounds really bogus. Maybe you should have your congressman research that for you…Rob

  3. I was from Youngstown, Ohio and I don’t recall where I lived when I applied but I received $500 from the Great State of Ohio for spending 12 Months in RVN. IT was prorated for less months.
    I now live in Maryland, and not only did it not give its RVN veterans a bonus but came after those in RVN who did not pay state income tax! (I was a finance clerk).
    Of course federally speaking we were exempt for Fed taxes during each month in RVN . that helped in Post t rvn years as the federal taxes had a feature called Tax averaging , the only tax we paid was Social Security. I think in RVN my gross pay including foreign duty $8.00 and Hostile Fire, $65, totalled. $268 whopping dollars of which I netted $248.00 per month.

  4. I am going out to my first reunion for the 31st combat Eng. Phouch Vinh 1969-1970 delta company. The reunion is next week in Las Vegas 10/3/2013. To 10/06/2013 at the palace station Casino. I was told by my Lt. Their were two soldiers-who are coming my Lt and another guy from Delta company . I want to thank all of you for making me a proud member of this special group of warriors. I love the hand signals from the 1st and ninth 11 B these guys were the heroes, many of them gave their all for the rest of us.

  5. Henry Akin

    I was in the 31st from 70 -71 as a photographer. If you were there then you will remember the nights July 6th and August 8th 0f 1970.

  6. Jeff "Fuzzy" Fozard

    I was a PA resident and when I got home finally, PA was offering $25/mo up to $650 total. I was an air traffic controller and strap hanger as a door gunner. Flew with units from Soc Trang, Can Tho, Bear Cat and Phu Hiep. Mar 68-Sep 71

  7. Mac McCarroll

    I received a $250.00 Bonus from the State of Louisiana for my service in Viet Nam 1966-1967.
    It came from the office of the Governor John McKeithen.

  8. Tom

    I got shit from Wisconsin when I got back. Not much has changed!!!

  9. John Fetrow

    how do i claim the vietnam bonus

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