The Bienemans

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Pat and Carol Bieneman

Rebecca and I attended the Charlie Troop 1/9th Blues reunion held at St George Island, FL. in October. It was my first reunion since returning from Vietnam 43 years ago.

The three day event hosted by Pat and Carol was filled with fun, laughter and tears. They started planning the event at least one year in advance and what a great job they did…

photo-3 copy

Bieneman CP on Apalachicola Bay for the event-PERFECT!


Pat & Carol’s wheels

photo-3 copy 12

Back porch where many memories were shared.


Apalachicola Bay


Famous Island Landmark

photo-3 copy 21

Many of the reunion attendees stayed here.


Charlie Troopers attending the reunion


Charlie Troop Blues 1965-70


The wives attendance speaks for itself.

photo-3 copy 16

Pete Guthrie (Blue) Jerry Duckworth (Blue India) 1968


Pete Guthrie (Blue) Pat Bieneman (Blue India) 1968-69


Rob Struck (Blue India) Mike LaChance (Blue) 1970

securedownload copy

PRC-25 Radio

photo-3 copy 22

Pete Guthrie, Don Coshey, Jerry Duckworth

photo-3 copy 10

Claude Singletary, Crae Carpenter, Phil Merritt, Pete Guthrie

photo-3 copy 6

Gordon Jones, Gene Smith


Claude Singletary, Pete Guthrie


Jerry Duckworth and Phil Merritt sharing memories

photo-3 copy 15

Walt “Titch” Titchenell, Don Coshey, Crae Carpenter


Carol Bieneman, Jerry Duckworth, Pat Bieneman


Pat updating his blog and posting reunion photos on Facebook. Sitting next to Pat is Wallace “Tich” Tichenell, Spc5 Red CE Gunner1965-66

photo-3 copy 4

Indoor activity

photo-3 copy 20

1st Squadron 9th Cavalry Landing on the Beach at Qui Nho , Souh Vietnam September 13th 1965
Wallace “Tich” Tichenell, Spc5 Red CE Gunner1965-66 is in this photo

photo-3 copy 9

Outdoor activity


Final adjustments

photo-3 copy 11

Titch scouting the waters


If the decibel level on the porch friday night was any indication of a good time, I’d say the women had a “GREAT TIME!”

photo-3 copy 13

Walt “Titch” and Mary Alice Titchenell at the Saturday night Buffet Dinner outside at Harry A’s

photo-3 copy 5

Larry Banks (Delta Troop) displaying his pins


Pat reading the names of the Killed In Action from October 1970 to April 1971


KIA Table


Three Soldiers Monument – Apalachicola, Florida


Visit Pat Bieneman’s blog for more photos of this event.


Icing on the Cake!

I sat next to 2010 Hall of Fame inductee, Andre Dawson “The Hawk” Chicago Cubs, 1987-92. We talked baseball on our flight from Tallahassee to Miami.


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10 responses to “The Bienemans

  1. Joey Willis

    Thank you to you and all those who were with you in Vietnam. What an amazing group of photos! God Bless each and everyone of you and again, thank you for your service and in protecting our country!

  2. Thank you for those kind words Joey!
    That was many years ago and in a distant land. Our cause then was to stop Communism from spreading into South Vietnam. That threat exists more than ever right here in our homeland…Rob

  3. mywartoo

    Welcome Home, y’all. Looks like a great time. God bless you. Stay together.

  4. Raymond Isaac

    As one who was with the !st Cav (1969) HHC 11th Avn, I often think about the people I served with and the ones that gave all. Welcome home and may the old man upstairs keep watch over you.

  5. George Iler

    Glad you attended and Thank You for your service from ans Apache Trooper.

  6. Walker Jones

    Looks like you guys and gals had a great time.  Anyone fish?  See you next time.

    Walker Jones WO Pilot, 4/70-4/71

  7. laurie27wsmith

    It looks like you all had a great time. Reunions can be a good thing, catching up with old friends or as we say here in Australia, old Mates.
    ex A Squadron 3 Cavalry Regiment, SVN 1971.

  8. Thank Ya All for your Brave, Coragous, Un-Selfish service.
    Especially in what I would say was the most Un-Appreciated time regarding the American Military and the service we performed for our country.
    Never any questions asked. Nothing to anylize.
    Just answering ‘The Call’.
    As well Ya All Standing Tall.
    God Bless Air Cav.
    Ryan Donovan/!st Marine Div/1st Force Recon/3069 4thBn Echo

  9. Rob, this is a great Post. Our reunions are only as good as the attendees. Thank you for coming and making this reunion one of the better ones we have had.

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